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C Titles

A cancao do nosso amor 75748    
A chazzandl oyf shabos (a cantor for the Sabbath) H24073 ? CF H 557
A cholem (a dream) H24038 ? CF H 557
C. C. Rider 17379 Willis, Chuck cf1077, fb3
C.B. Savage 108758    
C.C. rider 58953    
C.C. rider 53827    
C.C. rider H15665(fb)    
C.C. rider 48457(fb)    
C.C. rider 57746    
C.C. rider H12938(fb)    
C.C. rider H4217    
C.C. waterback H28631 Haggard, Merle CF H 811
C.O.D. Tennessee 116682    
Ca ca geschmanset 54941    
Ca, ca geschmauset 30403 traditional cf86
Ca, C'est l'Amour 15645 Porter, Cole cf1074
Ca, cest l'amour 89258    
Ca, cest l'amour 115562    
Ca, cest l'amour 89441    
Ca, c'est l'amour (from Les girls) H6306(fb)    
Cab driver 101928    
Cab driver 38219 Parks, Carson s
Cab driver 16894 Parks, Carson cf1076, fb2
Cab driver H9918    
Cab driver 40088 Parks, Carson cf321
Cab song, The (The clip-clop song) 25034 Xanroff cf172
Cab song, The (the clip-clop song) 25034    
Cabalero, El 47356(a)    
Cabaletta 99420(s)(m)    
Cabaletta 18075 Lack, Theodore cf1088
Cabaret 91777    
Cabaret 36703 Kander, John cf282, fb12
Cabaret 67135    
Cabaret 89322    
Cabaret H3693?    
Cabaret 53308    
Cabaret 26275 Kander, John s
Cabaret 81295    
Cabaret 72455    
Cabaret 76786    
Cabaret (from Cabaret) H6307(fb)    
Cabaret (from Cabaret) H28926 Kander, John CF H 835
Cabaret (spl.arr.) 89064    
Cabaret music 105932    
Cabellera blanca 113870    
Cabellera negra 88821    
Cabellera negra 115416    
Cabeza arriba! (heads up) 76350    
Cabeza arriba! (heads up) 74083    
Cabin in the cotton 93662    
Cabin in the cotton 115114    
Cabin in the cotton 98164    
Cabin in the sky 86168    
Cabin in the sky 26129 Latouche, John cf189
Cabin in the sky H36837(fb)    
Cabin in the sky 88428    
Cabin in the sky 102853(s)    
Cabin in the sky 28107   cf220, fb10
Cabin in the sky 54717    
Cabin in the sky 76787    
Cabin in the sky 83867    
Cabin in the sky 116773    
Cabin in the sky 73816    
Cabin in the sky 96357(s)    
Cabin in the sky 94237    
Cabin that's waiting there, A 111250    
Cabo wabo H36445   CF H1295
Cache cache H23642 Townshend, Pete CF H 540
Cachita 88742    
Cachuca, La (Spanish) 97280    
Cachuca, La (Spanish) 105694    
Ca-chum-bam-be 115396    
Cackling hen H9509(sqd)    
Cactus Flower (Fleur de Cactus) 14567 Soeur Sourire cf143
Cactus tree 75716    
Cades county (theme) 56899    
Cades county (theme) 60026    
Cadet march 47451    
Cadets on parade 18429 Rolfe, Walter cf1099
Cadillac car (from Dreamgirls) H26016 Krieger, Henry CF H 648
Cadillac ranch H22746    
Cadiz 44045    
Cae cae H36838(fb)    
Cae cae 88411    
Cafe au lait 49513    
Cafe de chinitas (guitar) 74309(g)    
Cafe Francis (from The madwoman of Chaillot) 60269    
Cage the songbird H26494 John, Elton [et al] CF H 680
Cage, The 76072    
Cagliostro 118490    
Cagney & Lacey theme (from Cagney & Lacey) H23152 Conti, Bill CF H 515
Cairo town (when the sun goes down in) 95562(s)    
Caisson s go rolling along, The 41803 Gruber, Edmund L. cf345
Caisson song 48450(fb)    
Caisson song 44358?    
Caisson song 116840    
Caisson song 99747    
Caisson song 85903    
Caisson song 24351   cf170
Caisson song 72985    
Caisson song 52760    
Caisson song 105813    
Caisson song 45833    
Caisson song 117180    
Caisson song 100316(s)    
Caisson song 14410(s)    
Caisson song 15421   cf166
Caisson song 44451(p)?    
Caisson song 90252(bn)    
Caisson song 17837   cf1083
Caisson song, The H15666(fb)    
Caisson song, The H12939(fb)    
Caisson song, The (U.S. Military Academy (West Point)) H9614(ov)    
Caissons go rolling alone (U.S. Artillery) H7467    
Caissons go rolling along 19963   cf120, fb4
Caissons go rolling along, The H36839(fb)    
Caissons go rolling along, The 43711 Gruber, Edmund L. cf382
Caissons go rolling along, The 22197 Gruber, E. L. cf88, fb6
Caissons go rolling along, The 43415 Gruber, Edmund L. cf390
Caissons go rolling along, The (simplified) H5618    
Caissons go rolling along, The (three in one (medley)) 40284    
Cajun baby 91550    
Cajun girl H35456 Payne, Bill & Kibbee, Martin CF H1218
Cajun love song H36135   CF H1275
Cajun moon H18119    
Cajun Queen 24851 Walker, W. cf219, fb8
Cakewalk Your Lady 15646 Arlen, Harold cf1074
Calandria, La H30689 Castillo, Nicandro CF H 944
Calcutta H9813    
Calcutta H5104(fb)    
Calcutta 14756 Pockriss, Lee cf141
Calcutta H9223    
Calcutta 41388 Pockriss, Lee cf232
Calcutta 38929 Pockriss, Lee cf304
Calcutta H24708 Gaze, Heino CF H 587
Calcutta 17470 Pockriss, Lee cf1077, fb3
Calcutta 76402    
Calcutta 14602 Pockriss, Lee cf146
Calcutta 28127   cf220, fb10
Calcutta (music) 107392(s)    
Calcutta blues 26163 Brubeck, Dave cf207
Caldonia 23171.6   cf119, fb7
Caldonia 21094   cf129, fb5
Caldonia (what makes your big head so hard) 37923 Moore, Fleecie cf293
Caldonia (what makes your big head so hard?) 41389 Moore, Fleccie cf232
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) 42621 Moore, Fleccie cf240
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) 37384 Moore, Fleecie cf289
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) 57100    
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) 74390    
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) H5105(fb)    
Caldonia (what makes your head so hard) 76403    
Calen o custore me H12940(fb)    
Calen o custore me 72986    
Calendar girl 38467 Greenfield, Howard cf296
Calendar song 116975    
California 24511   cf219, fb8
California H27918 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
California 114645    
California H13877    
California (Arthur Kay) 95806    
California (foxtrot) 118077    
California (from If I ever see you again) H5046(s)    
California (here I come) 19964   cf120, fb4
California (Here I Come) 16276   cf1075, fb1
California (here I come) 22198 Jolson cf88, fb6
California (if ever I see you again) 107014    
California (if ever I see you again) 110688    
California and you H16353(s)    
California ball 87510    
California blue H35864   CF H1253
California dreamin' 73641    
California dreamin' 73817    
California dreamin' 73708    
California dreamin' 59157    
California dreamin' 74351    
California dreamin' 41390 Phillips, John cf232
California dreamin' 107424    
California dreamin' H14092    
California dreamin' 59536    
California dreamin' H36840(fb)    
California dreamin' 68389    
California dreamin' 43203 Phillips, John cf354
California dreamin' 74488    
California dreamin' H5106(fb)    
California dreamin' 37584 Phillips, John cf291
California dreamin' 43608 Phillips, John cf391
California dreamin' 72456    
California dreamin' 72556    
California dreamin' H2987(fb)    
California dreamin' 44631    
California dreamin' 67787    
California dreamin' H17426    
California dreamin' 67463    
California earthquakes 100306(s)    
California girl 46714    
California girl 104556    
California girls H24516 Wilson, Brian CF H 582
California here I come 54265    
California here I come 90126    
California here I come 46685    
California here I come 93149    
California here I come 114895(p)    
California here I come 40268 Jolson, Al cf325
California here I come 14459 Jolson, Al s
California here I come 49741    
California here I come 109028    
California here I come 27935 Jolson, Al cf181
California hornpipe 117649    
California kid and reemo 98463    
California lullaby 49505(u)    
California my way 107379(s)    
California my way 102943(s)    
California my way 37585 Hutchison, Willie cf291
California polka 15062 Elsnic, Joseph P. arr. cf134
California revisted H11612(fb)    
California rose (from Son of paleface) H6308(fb)    
California song 42882 Friend, Cliff s
California soul H17755    
California soul 45576    
California stage, The 72987    
California stage, The H12941(fb)    
California Sun 38053 Glover, Henry cf294
California sun (The Rivieras) H22600    
California sunset H32248 Young, Neil CF H1044
California sunshine H26811 Howard, Harlan CF H 700
California sunshine 118013(p)    
California zephyr 91551    
California, here I come H4872    
California, here I come H11611(fb)    
California, my homeland 95807    
California, my western home 105271(s)    
Calinerie, op.86 (Henry Ravina: Flattery) 114026(p)    
Call for Philip Morris 104146    
Call from the Vatican, A (from Nine) H29817 Yeston, Maury CF H 885
Call her back and kiss her 29858 Minasi, C. cf86
Call her back and kiss her 116219    
Call it a loan H18067    
Call it what you want to (it's still love) H26651 Palmer, Keith CF H 690
Call John 112950    
Call me 28521   cf221, fb11
Call me H28539 Cox, Peter & Drummie, Richard CF H 805
Call me (come back home) 53683    
Call me (come back home) 72557    
Call me (come back home) 55199    
Call me (come back home) 80154    
Call me (come back home) 68390    
Call me (come back home) (sheet music) 72684(s)    
Call me and I'll come to you 36613 Penn, Arthur A. s
Call me back (from Lovely ladies, kind gentlemen) H27695 Freeman, Stan & Underwood, F CF H 747
Call me back, pal o' mine 96123(s)    
Call me back, pal o' mine 89783(s)    
Call me darling 87058    
Call me darling 22199 Reisfeld cf88, fb6
Call me darling 37700   cf292
Call me darling 19965   cf120, fb4
Call me darling 73818    
Call Me Darling 17319 Reisfeld, Bert cf1077, fb3
Call me darling 70986    
Call me home 24853 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Call me irresponsible 36704 Van Heusen, James cf282, fb12
Call me irresponsible 71799    
Call me irresponsible 37924 Cahn, Sammy cf293
Call me irresponsible 67136    
Call me irresponsible H5302(fb)    
Call me irresponsible 108996    
Call me irresponsible H9814    
Call me irresponsible 37385 Cahn, Sammy cf289
Call me irresponsible 43609 Cahn, Sammy cf391
Call me irresponsible 81296    
Call me irresponsible 43497 Cahn, Sammy cf329
Call me irresponsible 116569    
Call me irresponsible 28153   cf220, fb10
Call me irresponsible 24430 Van Heusen, Jimmy s
Call me irresponsible 32645 Van Heusen, James cf239
Call me irresponsible 42039 Cahn, Sammy cf343
Call me irresponsible 38369 Cahn, Sammy cf295
Call me irresponsible 38571 Carn, Sammy cf297
Call me irresponsible 74094    
Call me irresponsible H4214    
Call me irresponsible (from Papa's delicate condition) H24921 Van Heusen, James CF H 595
Call me irresponsible (from Papa's delicate condition) H33637 Cahn, Sammy & Van Heusen, J CF H1123
Call me irresponsible (from Papa's delicate condition) H6309(fb)    
Call me madam 23160(fb)    
Call me mister (South America, take it away) 103429    
Call me the breeze H18120    
Call me the breeze H29128 Cale, John CF H 846
Call me thine own 97281    
Call me thine own 117369    
Call me tonight H25146 Carrack, Paul & Spenner, Alan CF H 603
Call me tonight (from Just for you) H6311(fb)    
Call me up (the phone is in the cradle) H20690    
Call me up in dreamland H28020 Van Morrison CF H 767
Call me up in dreamland H28002 Van Morrison CF H 766
Call my name, I'll be there H11613(fb)    
Call Nationwide, 'cause Nationwide is on your side (Nationwide Insurance) H19925    
Call of a friend, The 105332(s)    
Call of the far-away hills, The (from Shane) H6310(fb)    
Call of the road 111554    
Call of the rockies 95808A(s)    
Call of the rockies 95808(s)    
Call of the sea, The (from No, no, Nanette) 56151!    
Call of the sea, The (from No, no, Nanette) 102360(ov)!    
Call of the wild H28144 Blackmore [et al] CF H 777
Call off the wedding 56208    
Call on me 83488    
Call on me 80115    
Call on me H27005 Mizell, Fonce & Mizell, Larry CF H 711
Call on me H166    
Call on me 75816    
Call the doctor H18121    
Call to battle 111370    
Call yourself a man 109587    
Call, The 104356    
Call, The H2747(fb)    
Call, The 99664    
Call, The 102119(fb)    
Calla no llores (quiet, don't cry, my heart) 54803    
Caller herrin' 26512   cf212
Caller herrin' 105695    
Caller herrin' H12942(fb)    
Caller herrin' 72988    
Callest thou thus, oh, master! 84589(s)    
Callin' Atlanta H4331    
Calling all girls H21640    
Calling all girls H30501 Taylor, Roger CF H 929
Calling me home H6084(p)    
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft 104496    
Calling on you H31198 Sweet, Michael CF H 982
Calling romance 445a Brown, Sam s
Calling romance 445 Brown, Sam s
Calling you 91552    
Calling you 107583    
Callirhoe 18532 Chaminade, C. cf1102
Calm as the night 18275 B, Carl cf1095
Calm as the night 17710 Bohm, Carl s
Calm as the night (Still wie die Nacht) 54420    
Calm as the night (Still wie die Nacht) 92073    
Calm as the night (Still wie die Nacht) 85027    
Calm as the night (Still wie die Nacht) 56751    
Calm at sea 106094!    
Calm be thy sleep 45676(s)    
Calm before the storm H36062   CF H1268
Calm before the storm H26111 Neil, Christopher & Vale,Peter CF H 654
Calm is the night 111555    
Calm on the listening ear of night 84663    
Calm on the listening ear of night 94150    
Calm on the list'ning ear of night 28893 Dykes, John B. cf115
Calm on the water H28177 Parton, Dolly CF H 780
Calton Weaver 103917    
Calton weaver, The H11168    
Calton weaver, The H11193    
Calvary 29651 Rodney, Paul cf115
Calvary 80837    
Calvary 92074    
Calvary road 108144    
Calypso H18535    
Calypso 15647 Porter, Cole cf1074
Calypso H36471   CF H1297
Calypso breakdown (from Saturday night fever) H3515    
Calypso Joe 27400 O'neale, Marge cf217, fb9
Cambric shirt 103918    
Came a riding 116197    
Camel train, The 17727 Baines, William s
Camelia H21854    
Camelot 108933    
Camelot 91779    
Camelot 72272    
Camelot 36648 Loewe, Frederick cf280
Camelot 106059(cho    
Camelot 76789    
Camelot 15648 Loewe, Frederick cf1074
Camelot 28048   cf220, fb10
Camelot 103406    
Camelot 86345    
Camelot 83518    
Camelot 17056 Loewe, Frederick cf1076, fb2
Camelot (from Camelot) H6312(fb)    
Camelot march 86344    
Camera eye, The H22205    
Camera eye, The H22262    
Camila, La 118641    
Caminito (little road) 54752    
Caminito (little road) H4989    
Caminos de ayer 70799(2c)    
Camp Runamuck 37925 Greenfield, Howard cf293
Camp Runamuck 42622 Greenfield, Howard cf240
Campaigner, The H24210 Young, Neil CF H 559
Campanella, La 55374    
Campanitas de cristal 88743    
Campanitas de mi tierra 115424    
Campbells are comin', The H12943(fb)    
Campbells are coming, The 87673    
Campbells are coming, The H10714    
Campbells are coming, The 92075    
Campbells are coming, The 48264(fb)    
Campbells are coming, The 105696    
Campbells are coming, The 72989    
Campbells are coming, The 14979   cf142
Campbells are coming, The 52683    
Campbells are coming, The 47399    
Campbells are coming, The 108184    
Campbells are coming, The 46928    
Campbells are coming, The 111371    
Campbells are coming, The H15667(fb)    
Campbells are coming, the 30267 traditional cf86
Campbells are coming, The 15422   cf166
Campbells are coming, The 117285    
Campbells are coming, The 54071    
Campbells are coming, The 87905(p)    
Campbells are coming, The 45845    
Campbells are coming, The 38749   cf301
Camphor H28395 Curnin, Cyril [et al] CF H 796
Camping out 18233 Herfuth, C. Paul cf1092
Camptown races H15441    
Camptown races 15423   cf166
Camptown races 39216 Foster, Stephen s
Camptown races 101993    
Camptown races 48451(fb)    
Camptown races 92499    
Camptown races 32523 Foster, Stephen cf227
Camptown races 106854    
Camptown races H12944(fb)    
Camptown races 85076    
Camptown races 47112(a)    
Camptown races 24361 Foster, Stephen cf170
Camptown races 94089    
Camptown races 90253(s)    
Camptown races 98638    
Camptown races 72990    
Camptown races 89119    
Camptown races H36841(fb)    
Camptown races 56664    
Camptown races 45846    
Camptown races 30259 Foster, Stephen cf86
Camptown races 88724    
Camptown races 87511    
Camptown races 60655    
Camptown races, The H15668(fb)    
Can a little child like me? 28894 Basswood, W. K. cf115
Can anyone explain H9815    
Can anyone explain 104915(s)    
Can anyone explain H3694?    
Can anyone explain? (no! no! no!) 32646 Weiss, George cf239
Can anyone explain? (no! no! no!) 24181 Benjamin, Bennie s
Can can 23151(fb)    
Can can (Offenbach) 45074    
Can can (Offenbach) 59050    
Can can (Offenbach) 49158    
Can can cafe (from Darling Lili) 49215    
Can can polka 90254    
Can can polka 48452(fb)    
Can can polka 107333(s)    
Can can reprise H19621j    
Can do H19822    
Can I change my mind 85421(ov)    
Can I change my mind 85421    
Can I Forget You 185 Kern, Jerome s
Can I forget you 26201 Kern, Jerome cf182
Can I forget you 19968 Kern, J. cf120, fb4
Can I forget you 22202 Kern, J. cf88, fb6
Can I forget you (high wide & handsome) 96116(s)    
Can I get a witness H26468 Holland, Brian [et al] CF H 679
Can I get a witness 67464    
Can I go with you? H4500    
Can I leave off wearin' my shoes? 27401 Arlen, Harold cf217, fb9
Can I leave off wearin' my shoes? (from House of flowers) H6313(fb)    
Can I sleep in your arms 71988    
Can I sleep in your arms H25289 Cochran, Hank CF H 613
Can I sleep in your barn tonight? 47660    
Can I sleep in your barn tonight? 115328    
Can I sleep in your barn tonight? 54072    
Can I steal a little love? 92792    
Can I trust you (Io ti daro di piu) 32630 Remigi, M. s
Can I trust you (Io ti daro di piu) 42590 Remigi, M. cf356
Can it be possible 60249    
Can it be possible? 27402 Lawrence, Jack cf217, fb9
Can it be possible? (from I had a ball) H6314(fb)    
Can this be heaven? 95904    
Can this be love? 19969 Swift, K. cf120, fb4
Can this be love? 93045    
Can this be love? 22204 Swift, K. cf88, fb6
Can this be love? 90127    
Can this be love? (from Fine and dandy) H11616(fb)    
Can this be real H14205    
Can this be real? 73451    
Can ye sew cushions 26611   cf212
Can ye sew cushions 72991    
Can ye sew cushions? H12945(fb)    
Can you ask more H12701(s)    
Can you do it 103502    
Can you find it in your heart 92876    
Can you find it in your heart 104270(s)    
Can You Find It in Your Heart? 17395 Allen, Robert cf1077, fb3
Can you forget 96251(s)    
Can you handle it 108830    
Can you hear the music H22020    
Can you read my mind (love theme from Superman) H32020 Williams, John CF H1030
Can you read my mind (Love theme from Superman) H34592 Williams, John CF H1179
Can you read my mind? (from Superman) H19164    
Can You read my mind? (love theme from Superman) H32312 William, John CF H1050
Can you read my mind? (love theme from Superman) H23819 Williams, John CF H 549
Can you read my mind? (love theme from Superman) H16737    
Can You read my mind? (love theme from Superman) H26248 Williams, John CF H 664
Can you really be mine 113546    
Can you see me 106928    
Can you take it H35631 Mellencamp, John CF H1233
Can you take it H25549 Mellencamp, John Cougar CF H 621
Canaan's happy land 24906 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Canadian boat song H10715    
Canadian boat song 24875 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Canadian boat song H12946(fb)    
Canadian boat song 111866    
Canadian capers 86754    
Canadian capers 19966 White cf120, fb4
Canadian capers 15391 Chandler, Gus cf165
Canadian capers 92455    
Canadian capers 22200 White cf88, fb6
Canadian capers 93700(p)    
Canadian capers 107305(s)(p)    
Canadian capers 94187    
Canadian capers 71072    
Canadian capers H4721    
Canadian capers H11614(fb)    
Canadian national hymn 87674    
Canadian railroad trilogy H11615(fb)    
Canadian railroad trilogy H35403 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Canadian sunset 102413(o)    
Canadian Sunset 27999   cf220, fb10
Canadian Sunset 17406   cf1077, fb3
Canadian sunset H16409    
Canadian sunset 68128    
Canadian sunset 54590    
Canadian sunset H10078(p)    
Canadian sunset 67191    
Canadian sunset 24107 Gimble, Norman cf171
Canadian sunset 47874(p)    
Canal boat song, The 89120    
Canary 100033(s)(p)    
Canary cottage 96662(s)    
Canary in a coalmine H30365 Sting CF H 921
Canary in a coalmine H21264    
Canary in a coalmine H21204    
Canary Schottische 118402    
Can-can 42040 Offenbach, Jacques cf343
Can-can (from Can-can) H6315(fb)    
Cancan conga 68980    
Can-can polka H15669(fb)    
Cancao do estio 111708    
Cancer H26984 Jackson, Joe CF H 708
Cancion Cubana 114951    
Cancion de gracias 107946    
Cancion de Juan 114954    
Cancion de mayo 107933    
Cancion del alma 89066    
Cancion mixteca (wondering) 54788    
Cancion mixteca (wondering) 54753    
Candida H16664    
Candida 16904   cf1076, fb2
Candida 73819    
Candida 53409    
Candida 76023    
Candida 74489    
Candida 68041    
Candido H4990(p)    
Candle in the wind H27121 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 718
Candle in the wind H14320    
Candle in the wind H35091 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H1205
Candle of life H29444 Lodge, John CF H 865
Candle on the water H3934(s)    
Candle on the water (from Pete's dragon) H36641 Kasha, Al & Hirschhorn, Joel CF H1309
Candle on the water (from Pete's dragon) 104582    
Candlelighter man (from Fanny) 109555    
Candy 22201 David cf88, fb6
Candy 16453   cf1075, fb1
Candy 19967   cf120, fb4
Candy H33544 Copeland, Greg & Stocker, W CF H1115
Candy (featured by Ted Martin/M.David et al) 96474(s)    
Candy (Manhattan transfer songbook/M.David et al) H20418    
Candy by the pound H28818 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 826
Candy dance 48453(fb)    
Candy dance, The (from The nutcracker suite) H15670(fb)    
Candy kid 96927    
Candy Kisses 17404 Morgan, George cf1077, fb3
Candy kisses 28522 Morgan, George cf221, fb11
Candy kisses 93320    
Candy kisses 36705 Morgan, George cf282, fb12
Candy kisses 38188 Morgan, George s
Candy kisses 86585    
Candy man H30233 Ross, Beverly & Neil,Frederick CF H 901
Candy man blues 107743    
Candy man, The 74490    
Candy man, The 57863    
Candy man, The 57612    
Candy man, The 73556    
Candy man, The H15671(fb)    
Candy man, The 74246    
Candy man, The 68391    
Candy man, The 108347    
Candy man, The 72558    
Candy man, The 73763    
Candy man, The H3900    
Candy man, The 59537    
Candy man, The H36842(fb)    
Candy man, The 80736    
Candy man, The 85616    
Candy man, The 89562    
Candy man, The 67651    
Candy man, The 72051    
Candy man, The 103619    
Candy man, The H13878    
Candy man, The 72457    
Candy Man, The 17227 Bricusse, Leslie cf1076, fb2
Candy man, The 67788    
Candy man, The 67335    
Candy man, The 76932(fb)    
Candy man, The 86169    
Candy man, The 110689    
Candy-o H33739 Ocasek, Ric CF H1125
Candy's room H22769    
Cane bottom chair H5066(s)    
Cane bottom chair H29301 Marks, Johnny & Robinson, W CF H 855
Canned ham 102386    
Canned ham 80195    
Cannibalee 30067 Taylor, M. A. cf86
Cannonball H31238 Davies, Rick CF H 985
Cannonball 100093    
Cannonball blues H20839(p)    
Cannonball, The H12558    
Canny miner lad, The H7380(fb)    
Canoe song 111556    
Can't be too long 109588    
Can't Begin to Tell You 16377 Monaco, James V. cf1075, fb1
Can't believe your lyin' H36590   CF H1304
Can't buy me love 38930 Lennon, John cf304
Can't buy me love 17531 Lennon, John cf1079
Can't buy me love H14206    
Can't buy me love 42188 Lennon, John cf341
Can't buy me love 73452    
Can't buy me love H17795    
Can't buy me love 96783    
Can't buy me love 85731    
Can't buy me love H5303(fb)    
Can't buy me love 74017    
Can't buy me love 71800    
Can't buy me love 68311    
Can't buy me love 28464 Lennon, John cf220, fb10
Can't feel at home 46346    
Can't fight this feeling H30634 Cronin, Kevin CF H 939
Can't find love H27039 Chaquico, Craig CF H 714
Can't finish H28394 Curnin, Cyril [et al] CF H 796
Can't forget about you H24353 Gentry, Teddy CF H 571
Can't get enough H30806 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 954
Can't get enough of it 101956    
Can't get enough of your love, babe H19496    
Can't get Indiana off my mind H25009 Carmichael, Hoagy CF H 598
Can't get Indiana off my mind 37701   cf292
Can't get Indiana off my mind 19970   cf120, fb4
Can't get it out of my head H28296 Lynne, Jeff CF H 790
Can't get out of this mood 44390    
Can't get out of this mood 28523 McHugh, Jimmy cf221, fb11
Can't get out of this mood 19971   cf120, fb4
Can't get over (the bossa nova) 42661 Lawrence, Steve cf241
Can't get you out of my head 40188 Anka, Paul s
Can't get you out of my head H52(s)    
Can't get you out of my head H16824    
Can't get you out of my heart H30629 Cronin, Kevin [et al] CF H 938
Can't give you anything (but my love) H2748(fb)    
Can't give you anything (but my love) 102120(fb)    
Can't give you anything (but my love) 89662    
Can't happen here H33297 Blackmore, Ritchie & Glover CF H1103
Can't help falling in love H2988(fb)    
Can't help falling in love H21378    
Can't help falling in love H36843(fb)    
Can't help falling in love 28019   cf220, fb10
Can't help falling in love 36706   cf282, fb12
Can't help lovin' dat man 16580   cf1075, fb1
Can't help lovin' dat man 19972   cf120, fb4
Can't help lovin' dat man 22203 Kern, J. cf88, fb6
Can't help loving dat man 26202 Kern, Jerome cf182
Can't help loving dat man (Show boat) 76858    
Can't hide love H34398 Scarborough, Skip CF H1165
Can't hold on much longer 53684    
Can't I 98755    
Can't it wait until tomorrow 56935    
Can't keep a good man down H32444 Corbin, Bob CF H1059
Can't keep a good man down H32426 Corbin, B. CF H1057
Can't keep it in 76572    
Can't keep it in H22937 Stevens, Cat CF H 502
Can't keep it in 107075    
Can't let go H36698 Carey, Mariah & Afanasieff, W CF H1312
Can't let go H26069 White, Maurice [et al] CF H 653
Can't live without you H30812 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 955
Can't live without you H30801 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 954
Can't measure the cost of a woman lost 75803    
Can't put a price on love H20078    
Can't put out this fire H34560 Frey, Glenn & Tempchin, Jack CF H1176
Can't reach you H23643 Townshend, Pete CF H 540
Can't slow down H21945    
Can't smile without you H20453    
Can't smile without you H4141(s)    
Can't smile without you 108660    
Can't smile without you H23818 Arnold, Chris [et al] CF H 549
Can't smile without you H33170 Arnold, Chris [et al] CF H1098
Can't smile without you H25073 Arnold, Chris [et al] CF H 600
Can't smile without you H16472    
Can't stand it any longer H31541 Paich, David [et al] CF H1000
Can't stand losing you H21205    
Can't stand losing you H30366 Sting CF H 921
Can't stand to see you go 110099    
Can't stay away from you H28311 Estefan, Gloria M. CF H 791
Can't stop (from Who's that girl) H29150 Ciccone, Madonna & Bray, Steve CF H 849
Can't stop it but I'm gonna try H18238    
Can't stop loving you 102121(fb)    
Can't stop loving you H2749(fb)    
Can't stop loving you 53762    
Can't stop loving you 16903 Bickerton, Wayne cf1076, fb2
Can't stop loving you 76933(fb)    
Can't stop rockin' H32285 Gibbons, Billy [et al] CF H1048
Can't stop the music (from Can't stop the music) H24988 Morali, Jacques CF H 596
Can't stop the wheel H35477 Vere, Marcus & Critchlow, A CF H1220
Can't stop the world H19252    
Can't take it with you H24411 Woolfson, Eric & Parsons, Alan CF H 574
Can't take my eyes off you 38236 Crewe, Bob s
Can't take my eyes off you 38044 Crewe, Bob s
Can't take my eyes off you 16890 Crewe, Bob cf1076, fb2
Can't take your memory H28832 Johnson, Don & Smith, Curly CF H 828
Can't wait 72706    
Can't wait H34780 Jones, Mick & Gramm, Lou CF H1188
Can't we be friends 19973   cf120, fb4
Can't we be friends 22205 Swift, K. cf88, fb6
Can't we be friends 90128    
Can't we be friends H30697 Swift, Kay CF H 945
Can't we be friends 115064    
Can't we be friends? (from The little show) H11617(fb)    
Can't we be sweethearts? (The Cleftones) H22601    
Can't we fall in love H34292 Donaldson, Walter CF H1160
Can't we talk it over H11618(fb)    
Can't We Talk it Over 15328 Young, Victor cf161
Can't we talk it over 23171.8   cf119, fb7
Can't we talk it over 115063    
Can't we talk it over H4827    
Can't we talk it over 71102    
Can't we talk it over 93408    
Can't we talk it over 15328(ov)    
Can't we talk it over 43658 Young, Victor cf377
Can't we talk it over? 21096   cf129, fb5
Can't we try H25235 Hirsch, Ken CF H 608
Can't win H36352   CF H1287
Can't yo' heah me callin' Caroline 49742    
Can't yo' heah me callin' Caroline H4722    
Can't yo' heah me callin' Caroline 22206 Roma, C. cf88, fb6
Can't yo heah me callin' Caroline H11619(fb)    
Can't yo' heah me callin' Caroline? 19974 Roma, C. cf120, fb4
Can't you be real H27300 King, Carole & Goffin, Gerry CF H 730
Can't you be real H19988    
Can't you dance the polka? H12947(fb)    
Can't you dance the polka? 32287   cf224
Can't you do a friend a favor 57394    
Can't you do a friend a favor 36707 Rodgers, Richard cf282, fb12
Can't you do a friend a favor 83395    
Can't you feel it H3528    
Can't you hear me calling, Caroline? 104911(3c)    
Can't you hear me calling, Caroline? H22542    
Can't you hear me knocking 86046    
Can't you hear my heartbeat? H17494    
Can't you hear my heartbeat? (Baby, Baby) 14693 Carter-Lewis cf148
Can't you just see me 44773(fb)    
Can't you just see me 83741    
Can't you just see yourself 71758    
Can't you just see yourself 106709    
Can't you just see yourself 27403 Styne, Jule cf217, fb9
Can't you just see yourself (from High button shoes) H6316(fb)    
Can't you just see yourself (from High button shoes) H33638 Styne, Jule CF H1123
Can't you just see yourself (from High button shoes) H24922 Styne, Jule CF H 595
Can't you just see yourself (from High button shoes) H35033 Styne, Jule CF H1200
Can't you just see yourself (from High button shoes) H36264 Styne, Jule CF H1283
Can't you live humble 80838    
Can't you love me 100032(s)    
Can't you read between the lines 95879    
Can't you see H731    
Can't you see H20574    
Can't you see H32445 Caldwell, Toy CF H1059
Can't you see (mandolin) 113158    
Can't you see it? 27404 Strouse, Charles cf217, fb9
Can't you see it? (from Golden boy) 69010    
Canta libre H25861 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Cantabile and trumpet blues 105352(s)    
Cantandole al mar H26966 Iglesias, Julio CF H 707
Cantar del regimento 88815    
Can'tcha say (you believe in me) (incl. Still in love) H33480 Scholz, Tom & Green, Jerry CF H1109
Cantina band (from Star wars) H32019 Williams, John CF H1030
Cantina band (from Star wars) H982(p)    
Cantina band (Star wars) 107488    
Cantina blue 74282(g)    
Cantique de noel 109650    
Cantique de noel H10456    
Cantique de noel 111557    
Cantique de noel 21095 Adam, Adolphe C. cf129, fb5
Cantique de noel 93991    
Cantique de noel 92076    
Cantique de noel 23171.7 Adam, Adolphe C. cf119, fb7
Cantique de noel 54421    
Cantique de noel 100231    
Cantique de noel 106832    
Cantique de noel (O holy night) 18276 Adam, Adolphe cf1095
Canto caribe 115397    
Canto de cuna al nino Jesus 107944    
Canto do cysne 30375 Monteiro, A. J. S. cf86
Canto karabali (jungle drums) 54754    
Canto karabali (jungle drums) 30303    
Canto karabali (jungle drums) 115398    
Canto navidad (Christmas song) 107905    
Canto sagrado (la ciudad santa; sacred city) 57622    
Canto sagrado (la ciudad santa; sacred city) 56566    
Canzone amorosa (Venetian love song) 60656    
Canzone amorosa (Venetian love song) 104904(s)    
Canzone dell'amore, La (song of love) 44518    
Canzone dell'amore, La (song of love) 58492    
Canzone dell'amore, La (song of love) 92967    
Canzonet 70060    
Canzonetta 18011 Cui, Cesar cf1087
Canzonetta 18076 Hollaender, V. cf1088
Canzonetta (Cui) 84706(p)    
Canzonetta (foxtrot) 44438(gp)    
Canzonetta (Godard) 114014(p)    
Canzonetta (Hollaender) 114041(p)    
Canzonetta (Mendelssohn) 55819(d)    
Canzonetta (Tchaikovsky) 45075(m)    
Cape Ann H12948(fb)    
Cape cod chanty 38263   cf283
Cape cod girls 53825    
Cape cod girls 72992    
Cape Cod girls H12949(fb)    
Cape Cod girls 24855 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Cape cod girls 98271    
Cape cod girls 89121    
Capinera 58478    
Capital ship 24857 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Capital ship, A 54422    
Capital ship, A 72993    
Capital ship, A 26644   cf212
Capital ship, A 30036 traditional cf86
Capital ship, A 15424   cf166
Capital ship, A 111558    
Capital ship, A 109651    
Capital ship, A 45847    
Capital ship, A 88860    
Capital ship, A H12950(fb)    
Capital ship, A 47692    
Capitan, El 30519 Sousa, John Philip cf87
Capitan, El 40242 Sousa, John Philip cf325
Capitan, El (Sousa) 45109    
Capitan, El (Sousa) 85915    
Capitan, El (Sousa) 60668    
Capitan's song, El 83443    
Capitol march 106607    
Capped teeth and caesar salad H30979 Lloyd Webber, Andrew CF H 968
Capriccio (op2 no4) 18533 Dohnanyi, E. v. cf1102
Capriccio italien (finale) H19617l    
Capriccio italien (introduction) H19617a    
Caprice 40089 Marks, Larry cf321
Caprice espagnol H15672(fb)    
Caprice espagnole 48454(fb)    
Caprice no.21 H19615j    
Caprice viennois 17722 Kreisler, Fritz s
Capt. Kennedy H24224 Young, Neil CF H 560
Captain America 104746    
Captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy H35092 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H1205
Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy H27122 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 718
Captain Hook's waltz 27405 Dtyne, Jule cf217, fb9
Captain Hook's waltz (from Peter Pan) H6317(fb)    
Captain Howdy : horror-teria (the beginning) H31666 Snider, D. CF H1009
Captain Jack H27060 Joel, Billy CF H 716
Captain Jack H19789    
Captain Jim's drunken dream H31407 Taylor, James CF H 992
Captain Jim's drunken dream H23209 Taylor, James CF H 517
Captain Jinks H12951(fb)    
Captain Jinks 14990 MacLaglan, T. cf142
Captain Jinks 26632   cf212
Captain Jinks 18277   cf1095
Captain Keeler 87982(p)    
Captain Kid H12952(fb)    
Captain Kidd 87512    
Captain Kidd 33221   cf251
Captain Kidd H11137    
Captain o captain 80839    
Captain Santa Claus 69928    
Captain says hurry 80840    
Captain sunshine H25862 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Captains of the clouds 40264 Arlen, Harold cf325
Capture of burgoyne, The 87513    
Capture of Burgoyne, The H12953(fb)    
Capture the moment 46468    
Captured angel H28436 Fogelberg, Daniel CF H 798
Capullito de aleli 88729    
Car on a hill H27919 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Car on a hill (Joni Mitchell) 114664    
Car wash (theme) H21731    
Cara cara bella bella 104918(s)    
Cara Lee 24499 Henery, Pat cf219, fb8
Cara mia 45577    
Cara mia 56397    
Cara mia 116774    
Cara mia H16630    
Cara mia 46568    
Cara mia 98856    
Cara mia 26435 Trapani, Tulio cf216
Cara mia H36844(fb)    
Cara mia H15442    
Cara mia 88392    
Cara mia 85683    
Cara mia 74491    
Cara mia 80330    
Cara mia 107787    
Cara mia 76934(fb)    
Cara mia 71689    
Cara mia 83868    
Cara mia (non ti scordero) 37114 Trapani, Tulio cf282, fb12
Cara piccina! (my dearest darling) 58487    
Caramba, El (San Guatemalteco) 112354    
Cararon, Lo 58471    
Caravan 16364 Ellington, Duke cf1075, fb1
Caravan 19975   cf120, fb4
Caravan 24123 Ellington, Duke cf175
Caravan 105543    
Caravan 116395    
Caravan 87149    
Caravan 22207 Ellington cf88, fb6
Caravan H28003 Van Morrison CF H 766
Caravan H28021 Van Morrison CF H 767
Caravan H18799    
Caraway and cheese 112451    
Car-Barlick-Acid 86755    
Carbow H15673(fb)    
Card song 32209 Bizet, Georges cf223
Cardinal is warring, The (Stanford U.) 47613    
Cardinal is warring, The (Stanford U.) 99748    
Cardinal is waving, The (Stanford University) 41272 Paul, W. G. cf231
Cardinal, The 15649 Moross, Jerome cf1074
Cardinal, The (main theme) 36708   cf282, fb12
Cardinal, The (Main theme) 28200   cf220, fb10
Career (from Career) H6318(fb)    
Carefree 57322    
Carefree H11620(fb)    
Carefree H4780    
Carefree 70181    
Carefree (copy) H53(s)(fb)    
Carefree highway H35404 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Carefree highway 75939    
Carefree highway 81588    
Carefree highway H20178    
Carefree highway H20148    
Careful man H18468    
Careful man H25595 Croce, Jim CF H 625
Careful man, the 29930 Gross, G. cf86
Carefully on tiptoe stealing 32381 Sullivan, Arthur S. cf225
Carefully on tip-toe stealing 30208 Sullivan, Arthur cf86
Carefully on tiptoe stealing (G.& S.) 56475    
Carefully on tiptoe stealing (G.& S.) 81876    
Carefully on tiptoe stealing (G.& S.) 97947    
Carefully on tiptoe stealing (G.& S.) 81960    
Careless 23171.9 Jurgens, Howard cf119, fb7
Careless 21097 Jurgens, Howard cf129, fb5
Careless 104920(s)    
Careless 104317(s)    
Careless 57256    
Careless 71071    
Careless 61466    
Careless 43915    
Careless hands 43811    
Careless hands 49286    
Careless hands 19976   cf120, fb4
Careless hands 45933    
Careless hands 91967    
Careless hands 15098 Hilliard, Bob cf151
Careless hands 47936(fb)    
Careless hands 27406 Hillard, Bob cf217, fb9
Careless heart H35865   CF H1253
Careless kisses 86586    
Careless lips (tango roulette) 53454    
Careless love 53826    
Careless love 72994    
Careless love H12954(fb)    
Careless love 48265(fb)    
Careless love H36845(fb)    
Careless love 98272    
Careless love 33222   cf251
Careless love 32231   cf224
Careless love 90255    
Careless love H15674(fb)    
Careless love 103122    
Careless love H4215    
Careless love 38264   cf283
Careless love H18990    
Careless love 24882 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Careless love 88638    
Careless love 106456    
Careless love H4089(bn)    
Careless love 99056    
Careless love 93806    
Careless memories H26035 Duran, Duran CF H 649
Careless Rhapsody 15650 Rodgers, Richard cf1074
Careless talk H27046 Joel, Billy CF H 715
Carelessly 71087    
Cares I'll try to banish 44933    
Cares of yesterday, The H7781    
Caress me (adaptation based on Accarezzarne) 48637(fb)    
Caress me (adaptation based on Accarezzarne) 48745    
Caress me baby 110100    
Caress me baby H29389 Reed, Jimmy CF H 861
Caresses 95901(s)    
Carey H27920 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Carey 114646    
Cargoes 57686    
Carib lullaby 70753    
Caribbean 41600 Torok, Mitchell cf233
Caribbean moonlight 70754    
Caribbean nights H19679    
Caribbean queen H35849   CF H1251
Caribbean sea 95545(s)    
Caribbean waltz 118576    
Carillonneur de Bruges, Le 55345    
Carino Mio 15652 Loewe, Frederick cf1074
Carioca 22208 Youmans, V. cf88, fb6
Carioca 19977   cf120, fb4
Carioca (from Flying down to Rio) H32208 Youmans, Vincent CF H1041
Carioca, The 96473(s)    
Carioca, The 67589(s)    
Carioca, The 86170    
Carissima 85037    
Carissima H4691    
Carla/etude H18820    
Carleana 118702(p)    
Carlie 85422(ov)    
Carlie 85422    
Carlotta 15653 Whiting, Richard A. cf1074
Carlotta 21098   cf129, fb5
Carlotta 23172   cf119, fb7
Carme 30344 de Curtis, G. B. cf86
Carme (Italian) 97282    
Carme (Italian) 105837    
Carmel mountain road 108525    
Carmela H10716    
Carmela 30361 traditional cf86
Carmela 105838    
Carmela mia 30346 Cannio, E. cf86
Carmela, mia 37115   cf282, fb12
Carmelita 112647    
Carmen H31552 Paich, David CF H1001
Carmen 38032 Alpert, Herb s
Carmen 49011(p)    
Carmen 55405(p)    
Carmen (8 songs--Bizet) 47814    
Carmen (bound book) 55498    
Carmen (bound book)(melodies from) 55507    
Carmen (cantabile) 55982    
Carmen (chanson d'avril) 55986    
Carmen (danse Bohemienne) 55984    
Carmen (duo) 55983    
Carmen (ending theme--Bizet) 45077    
Carmen (habanera) 55981    
Carmen (march) 44046    
Carmen (ouverture) 55980    
Carmen (pastorale) 55987    
Carmen (prelude--Bizet) 45076    
Carmen (vieille chanson) 55985    
Carmen Ohio (Ohio State U.) 49769    
Carmen, Carmela 26546   cf212
Carmen, Excerpts from H7820(p)    
Carmena 105839    
Carmencita - polka 55476    
Carmen's song & dance 32207 Bizet, Georges cf223
Carminetta, Selection from 55947    
Carminetta, Selection from 55965    
Carminetta, Selection from 55944-    
Carnaby street, (one afternoon on) 38054 Milrose, H. cf294
Carnations 24988 Estic cf219, fb8
Carnaval H22781    
Carnavals, Botschafter waltz 111861    
Carnival 70182    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 80419    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 46604    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 56433    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 76792    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 14250(s)    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 73871    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 45608    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 71721    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 44113    
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 37300 Merrill, Bob cf287
Carnival (love makes the world go 'round) 53676    
Carnival is over, The 60095    
Carnival of Venice 47143(a)    
Carnival of Venice H15675(fb)    
Carnival of Venice 52761    
Carnival of Venice 105270A(s)    
Carnival of Venice 105270(s)    
Carnival of Venice 105586(a)    
Carnival of Venice 48455(fb)    
Carnival of Venice (Benedict) H36846(fb)    
Carnival of Venice (speed) 90256    
Carnival, The (carnaval en Margarita) 70755    
Caro amigo (dear friend) 24184 Hartley, George s
Caro mio ben H7811(p)    
Caro mio ben 30342 Giordani, T. cf86
Caro mio ben (dearest believe) 104919(s)    
Caro mio ben (dearest believe) 84962    
Caro nome H15676(fb)    
Caro nome (from Rigoletto) 39221 Verdi, G. s
Caro nome (from Rigoletto) 48456(fb)    
Caro nome (from Rigoletto) 52940    
Caro nome (from Rigoletto) 59051    
Caro nome (from Rigoletto) 60657    
Caro nome (Verdi) H36847(fb)    
Carol 53685    
Carol (old) 101994    
Carol for Christmas day 69808    
Carol for Christmas eve 69809    
Carol for New Year's day 69810    
Carol Masters H32581 Gold, Marian [et al] CF H1067
Carol of the bagpipers 84664    
Carol of the bagpipers 104123    
Carol of the bells --missing, 12/2005 68188    
Carol of the birds 43876    
Carol of the birds 69930    
Carol of the birds H16157    
Carol of the birds H10457    
Carol of the children of Bethlehem 104116    
Carol of the flowers H10563    
Carol of the shepherds 112452    
Carol reef waltz 104272(s)    
Carol, children, carol H10562    
Carolina (I remember you) H18228    
Carolina coranata (S. Carolina U.) 103378    
Carolina day 58350    
Carolina in my mind H16825    
Carolina in my mind 16905 Taylor, James cf1076, fb2
Carolina in my mind H16421    
Carolina in the morning 106200    
Carolina in the Morning 16452   cf1075, fb1
Carolina in the Morning 17564 Donaldson, Walter cf1080
Carolina in the morning 57462    
Carolina in the morning 115044(p)    
Carolina in the morning 77564    
Carolina in the morning 22209 Donaldson, W. cf88, fb6
Carolina in the morning H34293 Donaldson, Walter CF H1160
Carolina in the morning H4828    
Carolina in the morning 45794    
Carolina in the morning 90129    
Carolina in the morning 93409    
Carolina in the morning 109974    
Carolina in the morning 46318    
Carolina in the morning 96193(s)    
Carolina in the morning H18869    
Carolina in the morning H11621(fb)    
Carolina in the morning 49219    
Carolina in the morning 109606(s)    
Carolina in the morning 19978   cf120, fb4
Carolina in the pines H29483 Murphey, Michael CF H 868
Carolina in the pines 89663    
Carolina mammy 115476    
Carolina mammy 71177    
Carolina mammy 45405(s)    
Carolina mine, your rolling stone--is rolling home 118289    
Carolina moon 67155    
Carolina moon 49287    
Carolina moon 22210 Burke, J. cf88, fb6
Carolina moon 91968    
Carolina moon 400 Davis, Benny s
Carolina moon H36848(fb)    
Carolina moon 98842    
Carolina moon 109348(s)    
Carolina moon 59263(ov)    
Carolina moon 47937(fb)    
Carolina moon 71272    
Carolina moon 19979   cf120, fb4
Carolina moon 109029    
Carolina moon 106026    
Carolina moon 37330 Davis, Benny cf288
Carolina moon 74391    
Carolina Moon 16334   cf1075, fb1
Carolina moon 112013    
Carolina moon 45934    
Carolina moon 57345    
Carolina moon 45999(s)    
Carolina moon H15443    
Carolina moon 68119    
Carolina moon 80579    
Carolina moon (men's voices) 98843    
Carolina moon-carry me back to my 95805(s)    
Carolina mountain dewe H24393 Owen, Randy CF H 572
Carolina on my mind H31340 Taylor, James CF H 991
Carolina pines H32106 Wolf, Kate CF H1035
Carolina song 112128    
Caroline H10717    
Caroline H28404 Buckingham, Lindsey CF H 797
Caroline sunshine 104900(s)    
Caroline sunshine 96630(s)    
Caroline sunshine H16352(s)    
Caroline, La (Bach) 70211    
Caroling we go, A 69929    
Caroling we go, A H29298 Marks, Johnny CF H 855
Carols of teh nuns of St. Mary's Chester 104084    
Carolyn 81067    
Carolyn H9641    
Carolyn H26699 Collins, Tommy CF H 693
Carolyn H26682 Collins, Tommy CF H 692
Carolyn H35232 Collins, Tommy CF H1211
Carousel 23161(fb)    
Carousel (from Carousel) 99240(p)    
Carousel (la valse a mille tempo)(Jacques Brel etc) 57976    
Carousel in the Park 15651 Romberg, Sigmund cf1074
Carousel waltz 118706    
Carousel waltz 54690    
Carousel waltz 46316(s)    
Carousel waltz (from Carousel) 99274    
Carouselambra H20122    
Carpet man H16665    
Carpet man 57029    
Carpet man 37586 Webb, Jim cf291
Carpet man 101929    
Carpet man 38693 Webb, Jim cf299
Carpetbaggers, The (love theme from) 38089 Bernstein, Elmer cf294
Carreteros, Los 88749    
Carriage for riding 116976    
Carrie H4364    
Carrie Ann H35742 DeYoung, Dennis CF H1240
Carried away H20998    
Carrier pigeon 26293 Fox, Jules cf213
Carrier Pigeon 24514 Fox, Jules cf219, fb8
Carro del sol, El (malbran) 45110    
Carroll county accident 86875    
Carroll county accident H32890 Ferguson, Bob CF H1083
Carry it on 99527    
Carry love 76597    
Carry me back 57010    
Carry me back H16666    
Carry me back H22814 Reid, Don & Reid, Harold CF H 497
Carry me back H31068 Reid, Don & Reid, Harold CF H 975
Carry me back 45641    
Carry me back 56464    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 88861    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 48266(fb)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 54423    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 47628    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 104916(s)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 72995    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 54072    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 89994    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 92500    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 46883    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 99304(p)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 47274(a)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 106749    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 116220    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 96013(s)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 109961    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 45847A    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 60613    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 110018    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 94034    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 44562(bsq)    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 52835    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 87515    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 87514    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 85904    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 112014    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 105422    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 44340    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 15425   cf166
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny) 84085    
Carry me back to old Virginia (Virginny)(speed) 90257    
Carry me back to old Virginny 24362 Bland, James cf170
Carry me back to old Virginny 17875 Bland, James A. cf1084
Carry me back to old Virginny 32250 Bland, James A. cf224
Carry me back to old Virginny H7812(p)    
Carry me back to old Virginny 17857 Bland, J. A. cf1083
Carry me back to old Virginny H12955(fb)    
Carry me back to old virginny 30235 Bland, James cf86
Carry me back to old Virginny H36849(fb)    
Carry me back to old Virginny 42449 Bland, James cf237
Carry me back to the lone prairie 21099   cf129, fb5
Carry me back to the lone prairie (4 part) 102623    
Carry me back to the lone prarie 23172.1   cf119, fb7
Carry me back to the mountains 46347    
Carry me today away back to Iowa 104917(s)    
Carry on 109197    
Carry on 68312    
Carry on 60460    
Carry on 108861    
Carry on H14207    
Carry on 73453    
Carry on 94107    
Carry on the flame H31622 Emmett, Rik [et al] CF H1006
Carry on till tomorrow 72707    
Carry on wayward son 109198    
Carry on wayward son H16826    
Carry on wayward son H14321    
Carry on wayward son 108661    
Carry on wayward son H27273 Livgren, Kerry CF H 728
Carry that weight H17899    
Carry that weight 85732    
Carry that weight 115774    
Carry that weight 96784    
Carry that weight 46262    
Carry the big fresh flavor (Wrigley Spearmint Gum) H19906    
Carry your load H19989    
Cars are cars H22530    
Cars hiss by my window H25958 Doors, The CF H 647
Carter family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas 108265    
Carter family, The 76598    
Caruli (Costa) 97284    
Carve dat possum 18278 Lucas, Sam cf1095
Casa bianca 113079    
Casa loma stomp 93774    
Casatschok (life's a dance) 102743    
Cascade H22807    
Cascade (part II) H34071 Corea, Chick CF H1144
Cascade reel, The 117658    
Cascades 83930    
Cascades 91681    
Cascades 83899    
Cascades, The (a rag) 93788    
Cascades, The (a rag) 72163(p)    
Cascades, The (a rag) 87296(p)    
Case of you, A 114642    
Case of you, A H27921 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Casey Jones 17703 Newton, Eddie s
Casey Jones 32278 Newton, Eddie cf224
Casey Jones H5394    
Casey Jones (Mississippi John Hurt) 107729    
Casey Jones (Mississippi John Hurt) 107631    
Casey Jones (the brave engineer) 116813    
Casey Jones (the brave engineer) 61587    
Casey Jones (the brave engineer) H5970    
Casey Jones (the brave engineer) 42839 Newton, Eddie cf383
Casey Jones (the brave engineer) 49067    
Casey Jr. 80782    
Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde 90018    
Casey's last ride H27375 Kristofferson, Kris CF H 732
Casey's last ride 81469    
Casey's social club 29887 Braham, David cf86
Cash for your trash (, Get some) (from Ain't misbehavin') H23569 Waller, Fats CF H 534
Cash in your face H23942 Wonder, Stevie CF H 552
Casino boogie H22021    
Casino royale 108348    
Casino royale 42237 David, Hal cf340
Casino royale 57057    
Casino royale H5879    
Casino royale 42332 Bacharach, Burt cf352
Casino royale 71801    
Casino royale 44703    
Casino royale 72052    
Casino royale 37477 David, Hal cf290
Casino royale H9919    
Casino royale 32631 Bacharach, Burt s
Casino royale 73709    
Casita, La (my dwelling) 54759    
Casita, La (my dwelling) 54776    
Casita, La (my dwelling) H4975    
Casper the friendly ghost 81297    
Cass county 107355(s)    
Cast the first stone 108071    
Cast thy burden upon the lord 29647 Mendelssohn, Felix cf115
Cast thy burden upon the Lord 111166    
Cast thy burden upon the Lord 109652    
Cast thy burden upon the Lord 111372    
Cast thy burden upon the Lord 18279   cf1095
Cast your fate to the wind 32647 Guaraldi, Vince cf239
Cast your fate to the wind H5304(fb)    
Cast your fate to the wind 37386 Guaraldi, Vince cf289
Cast your fate to the wind H5107(fb)    
Cast your fate to the wind 80697    
Cast your fate to the wind 37926 Werber, Carel cf293
Cast your fate to the wind H5880    
Cast your fate to the wind 38370 Guaraldi, Vince cf295
Cast your fate to the wind 14694 Guaraldi, Vince cf148
Cast your fate to the wind 42127 Guaraldi, Vince cf342
Cast your fate to the wind 116570    
Cast your fate to the wind 38572 Guaraldi, Vince cf297
Cast your fate to the wind 41391 Werber, Carel cf232
Cast your fate to the wind 42532 Guaraldi, Vince cf355
Cast your fate to the wind 71802    
Cast your fate to the wind 59584    
Cast your fate to the wind 42238 Werber, Carel cf340
Cast your fate to the wind 76404    
Cast your fate to the wind H4216    
Castanet song (Bizet) 45077    
Castanet song (from Carmen) (Bizet) H36850(fb)    
Castaway 111178    
Castilian blues 26112 Brubeck, Dave cf188
Casting a spell H35918   CF H1257
Castizo, El 1645.2 Arriga, A.  
Castle innovation 117889    
Castle innovation 60145    
Castle of dreams 21100 McCarthy cf129, fb5
Castle of dreams 23172.2 McCarthy cf119, fb7
Castle rock 21101   cf129, fb5
Castle rock 49883    
Castle rock 23172.3   cf119, fb7
Castlereagh river 103919    
Castles in Europe 96170(s)(p)    
Castles in the air H29337 McLean, Don CF H 856
Castles in the air 108544    
Castles in the air (I am always building) 99919(s)    
Castles in the sand 115821    
Castles made of sand 106929    
Casual look, A H17680    
Casual look, A H24517 Wells, Ed CF H 582
Cat and mouse (from Victor/Victoria) H23546 Mancini, Henry CF H 533
Cat came back, The 90019    
Cat came back, The 84086    
Cat came back, The H12286    
Cat came back, The H12956(fb)    
Cat came back, The 59158    
Cat fever (from Fanny) 109556    
Cat in the window, The 37285 Bonner, Garry cf287
Cat in the window, The (the bird in the sky) 33575 Bonner, Garry s
Cat man do H32567 Alpert, Herb & Bittan, Roy CF H1066
Cat people (putting out fire) H24790 Moroder, Giorgio CF H 588
Cat scratch fever 109199    
Cat scratch fever H29834 Nugent, Ted CF H 887
Catalina 44479    
Cataract rag 93789    
Cataract rag 91682    
Cataract rag 72141(p)    
Cataract rag 83931    
Catbird, The 97245    
Catch 22 H21816    
Catch 22 (2 steps forward, 3 steps back) (from Two of a kind) H23462 Parker, John & Kipner, Steve CF H 526
Catch a cricket 104147    
Catch a falling star 21102 Vance, Paul cf129, fb5
Catch a falling star 14142 Vance, Paul s
Catch a falling star 28146 Vance, Paul cf220, fb10
Catch a falling star H9816    
Catch a falling star 14792 Vance, Paul cf140
Catch a falling star 67590(s)    
Catch a Falling Star 17350 Vance, Paul cf1077, fb3
Catch a falling star 24108 Vance, Paul cf171
Catch a pebble H35322 Legrand, Michel CF H1213
Catch a star H27795 Hay, Colin CF H 756
Catch a wave H24518 Wilson, Brian CF H 582
Catch another butterfly H25797 Williams, Mike CF H 637
Catch me baby H4365    
Catch my fall H26856 Idol, Billy CF H 701
Catch the star beams 111169    
Catch the sunshine 84312    
Catch the wind 103469    
Catch the wind 41392 Donovan cf232
Catch the wind 81068    
Catch the wind H9642    
Catch the wind H5108(fb)    
Catch us if you can (Dave Clark five) H22602    
Catchin' up on love H17176    
Catching flies 15519 Whitefield, Bernard cf167
Catching the sun H22782    
Catching the sun H22794    
Caterina 48024(fb)    
Caterina 44160    
Caterina H5590    
Caterina H9224    
Caterina 36709 Shuman, Earl cf282, fb12
Catfish 116008    
Catfish 107623    
Cathedral H23489 Van Halen, Edward [et al] CF H 528
Cathedral chimes 105371(s)    
Cathedral in the pines 61467    
Cathedral in the pines 57214    
Cathedral in the pines 71301    
Cathedral in the Pines 66 Kenney, Charles s
Cathedral shadows 109593(s)    
Cathedral songs H36373   CF H1289
Catholic boys 87907(p)    
Cathy Moran 24527 Wells, Byron cf219, fb8
Cathy's clown H34494 Everly, Don & Everly, Phil CF H1171
Cat's eye in the window H28785 James, Tommy & King, Bob CF H 824
Cat's in the cradle H19497    
Cat's in the cradle H33837 Chapin, Harry & Chapin, Sandy CF H1129
Cat's in the cradle H16912    
Cat's in the cradle 108044    
Cat's in the cradle 108862    
Cat's love theme 81833    
Cattle call 86855    
Caught H3322(p)    
Caught up in the rapture H33021 Glenn, Garry & Quander, Dianne CF H1088
Caught up in you H23265 Barnes, Don [et al] CF H 518
Cauld blows the wind frae north to south (up early in the morning early) 38775 Hamilton, John cf301
Cause I have you 76599    
Cause you love 115822    
Causing a commotion (from Who's that girl) H29151 Ciccone, Madonna & Bray, Steve CF H 849
Cautious man H31023 Springsteen, Bruce CF H 971
Cautiva 88799    
Cavalcade (march song) 41273 Berkeley, Reginald cf231
Cavalleria rusticana (Easter hymn from Mascagni) 55450    
Cavalleria rusticana (Easter hymn from Mascagni) 70558    
Cavalleria rusticana (Easter hymn from Mascagni)(piano solo) 104901(s)    
Cavalleria rusticana (Intermezzo) 18238 Mascagni, P. cf1093
Cavalry music 105906    
Cavatina 29690 Raff, Joachim cf115
Cavatina 43356 Field, John cf389
Cavatina (by Raff) 70305    
Cavatina (by Raff) 55839    
Cavatina (by Raff) 70619(p)    
Cavatina (by Raff) 55935    
Cavatina (by Raff) 55645    
Cavatine 55407(p)    
Cavatine de leila (Les pecheurs de perles--Bizet) 55907    
Cave, The 85052    
Caves of Altimira, The H22869 Becker, Walter & Fagen, Donald CF H 499
Caviar & meths H35139 Atkins, Allan John [et al] CF H1206
Cecelia H2989(fb)    
Cecelia 19980   cf120, fb4
Cecelia 22211 Dreyer, D. cf88, fb6
Cecile waltz 96268(s)    
Cecilia 74392    
Cecilia 89563    
Cecilia 72629    
Cecilia 57215    
Cecilia 68284    
Cecilia H35727 Simon, Paul CF H1239
Cecilia 61468    
Cecilia 87481    
Cecilia 73642    
Cecilia 45406(s)    
Cecilia H22452    
Cecilia 57235    
Cecilia H22403    
Cecilia 46463(s)    
Cecilia 103620    
Cefiro, El 30362 traditional cf86
Cefiro, El (the breeze) 110890    
Celebrate H18355    
Celebrate 101957    
Celebrate 53410    
Celebrate 46469    
Celebrate me home H27581 Loggins, Kenny & James, Bob CF H 743
Celebrate youth H30996 Springfield, Rick CF H 969
Celebrated nocturne, op. 9 no. 2 (Chopin) 55646    
Celebrated nocturne, op. 9 no. 2 (Chopin) 55840    
Celebrated waltzes (Brahms) 45079    
Celebrated waltzes (Strauss) H36851(fb)    
Celebration H20101    
Celebration 109361(s)    
Celebration H27363 Bell, Ronald & Kool & the gang CF H 731
Celebration 15654 Schmidt, Harvey cf1074
Celebration of the sunrise 71751    
Celebration of the sunrise 71751A    
Celebration of the sunrise 75751    
Celesta Aida (Verdi) H36852(fb)    
Celeste 67434    
Celeste aida (Verdi) 46790    
Celeste aida (Verdi) 118963    
Celeste aida (Verdi) 45080    
Celia 105905(s)    
Cellist, The 52570(p)    
Celos (Rivarola) 45081    
Celos gitanos (Judia Gitana) 60577    
Cement mixer (put-ti, put-ti) 87150    
Cement mixer (put-ti, put-ti) 116396    
Cemetery gates H30938 Marr, Johnny CF H 964
Cemetery gates H36236   CF H1281
Cendres d'amour 55565    
Cendrillon 1639 Massenet, J. s
Centennial (theme) H21730    
Centerfield H26315 Fogerty, John C. CF H 668
Centerfold H24656 Justman, Seth CF H 586
Central park west (from East side--west side) 60202    
Central will shine 88862    
Centre of eternity H30027 Ozbourne, Ozzy CF H 902
Century polka H5426    
Cerebral man H33118 Winfield, Tully & Schiff, Don CF H1095
Ceremony, The 73939    
Ceremony, The H23385 Sherrill, Billy [et al] CF H 525
Cerro gordo march 118577    
Certain girl, A 37258 Kander, John s
Certain kind of fool H18700    
Certain kind of fool 87445    
Certain smile, A H5645(ov)    
Certain smile, A 36710 Fain, Sammy cf282, fb12
Certain smile, A 54718    
Certain smile, A H16631    
Certain Smile, A 17442 Fain, Sammy cf1077, fb3
Certain smile, A 28524 Fain, Sammy cf221, fb11
Certain smile, A 86171    
Certain smile, A H36853(fb)    
C'est fini (goodly darling, hello friend) 53456    
C'est la fille a ma tante (polka) 55479    
C'est la vie 98091(s)    
C'est la vie (Sarah Vaughan) H22603    
C'est la vie (you never can tell) H19330    
C'est le bon H31243 Davies, Rick & Hodgson, Roger CF H 986
C'est magnifique 54669    
C'est Magnifique 15655 Porter, Cole cf1074
C'est magnifique 56521    
C'est magnifique 108963    
C'est magnifique 49308    
C'est magnifique 76935(fb)    
C'est magnifique 72273    
C'est magnifique 53010(o)    
C'est magnifique 89442    
C'est magnifique 100273    
C'est magnifique 91781    
C'est magnifique 89259    
C'est magnifique (from Can-can) H6319(fb)    
C'est magnifique (single) 67591(s)    
C'est moi (from Camelot) H6320(fb)    
C'est si bon 23172.4 Seelen cf119, fb7
C'est si bon 21103 Seelen cf129, fb5
C'est si bon (it's so good) 25035    
C'est si bon (It's so good) 25035 Betti, Henri cf172
C'est si bon (it's so good) 55200    
C'est si bon (it's so good) 98763    
C'est si bon (it's so good) 96476(s)    
C'est si bon (it's so good) 39076 Betti, Henri s
C'est si bon (it's so good) 53529    
C'est ton nom (this is me) 108611    
C'est une Gamine Charmante 1623 Christine, H. s
C'est une valse musette 39194 Learsi s
C'est vous (it's you) 71249    
C'est vous (it's you) 287 Greenberg, Abner s
C'est vous (it's you) 47257(p)    
C'estla vie 28087   cf220, fb10
C'etait toi (you were the one) H27087 Joel, Billy CF H 717
Chacayalera (the cartman) 70733    
Cha-cha-cha (Rico Vacilon) 52256    
Cha-cha-cha (Rico Vacilon) 14777    
Cha-cha-cha (Rico Vacilon) 42093    
Cha-cha-cubana 103148(o)    
Chacone op. 62 52571(p)    
Chaconne (Durand) 114087    
Chacun a sa place 58500    
Chad gadyo 116330    
Chain gang 24933 Quasha, S. cf219, fb8
Chain gang 99562    
Chain gang 57902    
Chain gang 103621    
Chain gang blues 58954    
Chain gang blues H15677(fb)    
Chain gang blues 48548(fb)    
Chain gang blues H12957(fb)    
Chain lightnin' H23266 Van Zant, Donnie [et a] CF H 518
Chain lightning H22870 Becker, Walter & Fagen, Donald CF H 499
Chain of fools 60504    
Chain of fools 44774(fb)    
Chain of fools 56946    
Chain of fools 57903    
Chain reaction H27245   CF H 725
Chain, The H19023    
Chained H26469 Wilson, Frank CF H 679
Chained and bound H36034   CF H1267
Chained to a memory 43945    
Chains H25265 Thomas, Ian CF H 611
Chains H19990    
Chains 41891 Goffin, Gerry cf346
Chains H17796    
Chains 73710    
Chains 71803    
Chains 38468 Goffin, Gerry cf296
Chains 72053    
Chains H5305(fb)    
Chains H27301 King, Carole & Goffin, Gerry CF H 730
Chains and things 53623    
Chains of love H19135    
Chains of love H34446 Clarke, Vince & Bell, Andy CF H1167
Chains of love 47881(p)    
Chair song, The 27407 Moore, Billy cf217, fb9
Chair, The H31178 Cochran, Hank & Dillon, Dean CF H 980
Chairs to mend 26518   cf212
Chairs to mend (round) 43113   cf334
Chairs to mend (round) 26578   cf212
Chalet girl's sunday, The 93950    
Chalita H4991    
Challenge to youth 101995    
Champagne H25450 Confrey, Zez CF H 618
Champagne Charlie H10336    
Champagne Charlie 116221    
Champagne Charlie 92501    
Champagne rag 53196    
Champagne rag 83932    
Champagne rag 72178(p)    
Champagne rag 91683    
Champagne song 30178 Strauss, Johann cf86
Champagne waltz 81298    
Champagne waltz 99189(s)    
Champagne waltz 38372 Conrad, Con cf295
Champagne waltz 37702   cf292
Champagne waltz 42662 Conrad, Con cf241
Champagne waltz 41393 Conrad, Con cf232
Champagne waltz 76405    
Champagne waltz, The H5109(fb)    
Champagne waltz, The 14649 Conrad, Con cf147
Champagne waltz, The 19981   cf120, fb4
Champagne waltz, The 41892 Conrad, Con cf346
Champagne waltz, The H5881    
Champagne Waltz, The 142 Conrad, Con s
Champagne waltz, The 22212 Conrad cf88, fb6
Champion 87910(p)    
Champs elysees, Les H21026    
Chance H25567 Big Country CF H 623
Chance is gonna come, A 67465    
Chance of a lifetime H29103 Dean, Paul [et al] CF H 845
Chance to live in Camelot, A 42330 Arthur, Robert s
Chances H24335 Russell, Graham CF H 569
Chances H36106   CF H1273
Chances are 100213    
Chances are 28125   cf220, fb10
Chances are 94450(s)    
Chances are H17427    
Change (from Vision quest) H31728 Knight, Holly CF H1015
Change his ways H35919   CF H1257
Change in the weather H28489 Fogerty, John C. CF H 800
Change is gonna come, A 44775(fb)    
Change is gonna come, A H20575    
Change of habit H21379    
Change of heart H30135 Petty, Tom CF H 912
Change of heart H28908 Judd, Naomi CF H 834
Change of heart 102744    
Change of heart H31553 Paich, David CF H1001
Change of heart H29064 Cipollina, Mario [et al] CF H 842
Change of the guard H22871 Becker, Walter & Fagen, Donald CF H 499
Change partners H14208    
Change partners 81589    
Change Partners 161 Berlin, Irving s
Change partners 73454    
Change with the times 108863    
Change with the times H11622(fb)    
Change your way H21709    
Changeless the love of the master 89796(s)    
Changeling H25959 Doors, The CF H 647
Changes H34294 Donaldson, Walter CF H1160
Changes 49449(c)    
Changes H36618   CF H1307
Changes H14322    
Changes 106589    
Changes H27569 Messina, Jim CF H 742
Changes 68142    
Changes 23172.5   cf119, fb7
Changes H24791 Bowie, David CF H 588
Changes H18122    
Changes H20967    
Changes H23556 Donaldson, Walter CF H 534
Changes 21104   cf129, fb5
Changes comin' on H24373 Darrell, Jimmy [et al] CF H 571
Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes H33570 Buffett, Jimmy CF H1118
Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes H3150(s)    
Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes H24896 Buffett, Jimmy CF H 594
Changes IV H22938 Stevens, Cat CF H 502
Changin' luck H35457 Payne, Bill CF H1218
Changin' my mind 40090 March, Myrna cf321
Changing H25689 Ford, Nancy CF H 629
Changing colors H3695?    
Changing every day H25703 Culture Club CF H 631
Changing horses H28427 Fogelberg, Daniel CF H 798
Changing horses (from Fanny) 109557    
Changing my tune 23172.6   cf119, fb7
Changing My Tune 15656 Gershwin, George cf1074
Changing my tune 21105   cf129, fb5
Changing partners 41394 Coleman, Larry cf232
Changing partners 54187    
Changing partners 12039 Coleman, Larry s
Changing partners 38183 Coleman, Larry s
Changing partners H5882    
Changing partners H36854(fb)    
Changing partners H9920    
Changing partners 14757 Darion, Joe cf141
Changing partners H5110(fb)    
Changing partners 76406    
Changing partners 84024    
Changing partners H10129    
Changing partners 21106 Coleman cf129, fb5
Changing partners 37387 Darion, Joe cf289
Changing partners 23172.7 Coleman cf119, fb7
Changing partners 116619    
Changing skies H29657 Nelson, Willie CF H 877
Changing times, The H26070 Taylor, Beloyd CF H 653
Chanson 70062    
Chanson a danser 55333    
Chanson d'amour (song of love) 96135(s)    
Chanson d'amour (song of love) 14913 Shanklin, Wayne cf137
Chanson d'Amour (Song of Love) 17405 Shanklin, Wayne cf1077, fb3
Chanson d'amour (song of love) 85413    
Chanson d'amour (song of love) H20419    
Chanson d'amour (The ra-da-da-da-da song) 28166   cf220, fb10
Chanson d'avrie 55986    
Chanson de Jacky, La (Jackie) 57982    
Chanson de l'aieule 55559    
Chanson d'enfance (from Aspects of love) H32855 Lloyd Webber, Andrew CF H1080
Chanson des vieux amants, La 99543    
Chanson francaise 55988    
Chanson francaise H23210 Taylor, James CF H 517
Chanson francaise H31408 Taylor, James CF H 992
Chanson indone (song of India) 100333(s)    
Chanson sans paroles (Tchaikovsky) 113501    
Chanson triste 18446 Tschaikowsky, Peter cf1100
Chanson triste H15678(fb)    
Chanson triste 48459(fb)    
Chanson triste (op.40 no.2) 18136 Tchaikowsky, P. cf1089
Chanson triste (op40, no2) 18012 Tschaikowshky, P. cf1087
Chanson triste (Tchaikovsky) 84707(p)    
Chansonette 22213 Friml, R. cf88, fb6
Chansonette 19982 Friml, R. cf120, fb4
Chansonette H11623(fb)    
Chant d'amour op. 10, no. 2 (Paderewski) 114049(p)    
Chant des bruyeres, Le (the song of the heath) 43257 d'Indy, Vincent cf387
Chant des chasseurs (Leon D'ourrille) 55820    
Chant des partisans H11194    
Chant du berger, Le 118471    
Chant du Matin 114217    
Chant du Rossignol 18515 Stravinsky, Igor cf1101
Chant du soir (warblings at eve) 55486    
Chant Hindou 1602 Bember, H. s
Chant hindou 55877    
Chant of the jungle 49399(c)    
Chant of the jungle 23172.8   cf119, fb7
Chant of the jungle 21107   cf129, fb5
Chant of the jungle (chords only) 54606    
Chant provencal (Massenet) 108314    
Chantez les bas 93857    
Chantez pour moi violons (play, fiddle, play) 87196    
Chantez, chantez 107101    
Chantez, chantez 42404 Gamse, Albert cf347
Chantez, chantez 37331 Fields, Irving cf288
Chantez, chantez 28299   cf220, fb10
Chantilly lace 58172    
Chantilly lace H17428    
Chantilly lace 81658    
Chantilly lace 67466    
Chantons, bargies, noue, noue H10564    
Chants sans paroles 55467(p)    
Chants sans paroles 18447 Tschaikowsky, Peter cf1100
Chants sans paroles H15679(fb)    
Chants sans paroles 48460(fb)    
Chants sans paroles 17929 Tschaikowsky, P. cf1086
Chants sans paroles 55409(p)    
Chants sans paroles (Song without words) 18137 Tchaikowsky, P. cf1089
Chanty 43249 Bloch, Ernest cf387
Chaparrita, La 54793    
Chapel bells 96232(s)    
Chapel Bells 180 McHugh, Jimmy s
Chapel chimes H16392(s)(p)    
Chapel in the forest, The H12805(s)(p)    
Chapel in the moonlight, The 36711   cf282, fb12
Chapel in the moonlight, The 28525   cf221, fb11
Chapel in the mountains, The H12806(s)(p)    
Chapel of dreams (The dubs) H22604    
Chapel of love H24519 Spector, Phil [et al] CF H 582
Chapel of love 81659    
Chapel of love 67467    
Chapel, The 113213    
Chapelet by Nevin, Le (the rosary)(Der Rosenkranz) 55912    
Chaperons, The 118341    
Characteristique (op24, no4) 18013 Sinding, C. cf1087
Characteristique (Sinding) 84708(p)    
Charade H27831 Mancini, Henry CF H 758
Charade 14549 Mancini, Henry s
Charade H20345    
Charade 28253   cf220, fb10
Charade 36712 Mancini, Henry cf282, fb12
Charade H17047    
Charade (from Charade) H29188 Mancini, Henry CF H 852
Charade (spl.arr.) 89941    
Charbonnier mon ami (o coaly coaly dear) 103827    
Charcoal man, The 48025(fb)    
Charcoal man, The (Michael Roy) 24517 Hansen, Bill cf219, fb8
Charge of the Hussars 17930 Spindler, Fritz cf1086
Charge of the light brigade 53199    
Charge to keep I have, A 28896 Mason, Lowell cf115
Chariot race (Ben Hur march) 105269(s)    
Chariots of fire (excerpts) (from Chariots of fire) H18153    
Chariots of fire (from Chariots of fire) H26249 Vangelis CF H 664
Chariots of fire (from Chariots of fire) H29861 Vangelis CF H 888
Chariots of fire (from Chariots of fire) H32313 Vangelis CF H1050
Chariots of fire (from Chariots of fire) H34593 Vangelis CF H1179
Chariots of fire, Theme from (titles) (from Chariots of fire) H18148    
Charisse H5538    
Charity 57724    
Charity 117370    
Charity ball (from Fanny) 109558    
Charlena (from La bamba) H33028 Chavez, Manuel G. & Chaney, H CF H1089
Charles Guiteau H12958(fb)    
Charles John, our brave king 87675    
Charleston 28161   cf220, fb10
Charleston 45795    
Charleston H18968    
Charleston 15392 Mack, Cecil cf165
Charleston 401 Mack, Cecil s
Charleston 98104    
Charleston 89323    
Charleston 104485    
Charleston 46395    
Charleston 90130    
Charleston 44137    
Charleston 57303    
Charleston 15314 Mack, Cecil cf160
Charleston (from Runnin' wild) 43847    
Charleston (from Runnin' wild) H11624(fb)    
Charleston chuckles H25431 Confrey, Zez CF H 618
Charleston parisien (Ooh, baby! Ah, baby! Oh!) 25036 Moulin, Jean Pierre cf172
Charleston parisien (ooh, baby! ah, baby! oh!) 25036    
Charlestonette 106534    
Charlesville H18163    
Charley my boy 57216    
Charley my boy 45407(s)    
Charley my boy 95800(s)    
Charley my boy 61498    
Charley my boy 57257    
Charley my boy 96024(s)    
Charley my boy 104906(s)    
Charley my boy 17631 Kahn, Gus s
Charley, he's a good ol' man 100094    
Charley, my boy 22214 Kahn cf88, fb6
Charley, my boy H9317    
Charley, My Boy 16451   cf1075, fb1
Charley, my boy 19983 Kahn cf120, fb4
Charlie Bill Nelson 59748    
Charlie boy (we love you) 106005    
Charlie Brown 57747    
Charlie cadet H6036(p)    
Charlie Chaplin foxtrot 55941    
Charlie freak H22872 Becker, Walter & Fagen, Donald CF H 499
Charlie Green play that slide trombone H25596 Croce, Jim; arr. CF H 625
Charlie is my darlin' H12959(fb)    
Charlie is my darling 30278 traditional cf86
Charlie is my darling 53917    
Charlie is my darling 24848 Nairne, C. cf219, fb8
Charlie is my darling 24363 traditional cf170
Charlie is my darling 72996    
Charlie James 107690    
Charlie Knapp 101996    
Charlie Poole 107770    
Charlie Russell 110334    
Charlie, he's my darling 75596    
Charlie's angels (main title) 104072(s)    
Charlie's angels (main title) 107489    
Charlie's angels (main title) 110690    
Charlie's place H3696?    
Charlie's shoes 72355    
Charlotte the harlot H26888   CF H 704
Charlotte town 24518 Henske, Judy cf219, fb8
Charlotte's lullaby (deep in the dark) 76616    
Charlotte's web 76600?    
Charlotte's web (from Smokey and the bandit II) H22565    
Charm of you, The (from Anchors aweigh) H24923 Styne, Jule CF H 595
Charm of you, The (from Anchors aweigh) H33639 Cahn, Sammy & Styne, Jule CF H1123
Charm of you, The (from Anchor's aweigh) H36265 Styne, Jule CF H1283
Charm school H25538 Costello, Elvis CF H 619
Charm the snake H25670 Cross, Christopher & Omartian, CF H 628
Charmaine 69019(o)    
Charmaine H16632    
Charmaine 49504(u)    
Charmaine 71244    
Charmaine 21108   cf129, fb5
Charmaine 46274    
Charmaine 43530 Rapee, Erno cf70
Charmaine 86112    
Charmaine 46434    
Charmaine 42993 Rapee, Erno cf385
Charmaine H4627    
Charmaine 115205(o)    
Charmaine 49252    
Charmaine 114927(gv)    
Charmaine H36855(fb)    
Charmaine 73820    
Charmaine 100288(s)    
Charmaine 49400(c)    
Charmaine 98133    
Charmaine 26449 Rapee, Erno s
Charmaine 83845    
Charmaine H15444    
Charmaine H5514    
Charmaine 54623    
Charmaine 23172.9   cf119, fb7
Charmaine! 17580 Rapee, Erno cf1080
Charme d'amour (love's spell) 57323    
Charmer 99696    
Charmes de Paris, LE (quadrille valse) 111834    
Charming chloe H16228(s)    
Charming little faker 352 Keene-Bean s
Charming Marguerite 111559    
Charming young widow I met in the rain, the 29932 traditional cf86
Charming young widow I met on the train, The H12960(fb)    
Charmless, callous ways H26193 Watt, Ben CF H 659
Charms of nature, The 87516    
Charms of the city ain't fer me 115652    
Charolaise, La 70099    
Charreada, Le H30690 Bermejo, Felipe CF H 944
Charro, El 107941    
Charro, El H21380    
Chartless H10313    
Chase or pursuit music 105924    
Chase the fire H28396 Curnin, Cyril [et al] CF H 796
Chase the rising sun 24515 Phillips, John cf219, fb8
Chase, The/Sesame street theme (medley) (from Follow that bird) H26331 Parks, Van Dyke & Neihaus, L CF H 669
Chasin' women H12961(fb)    
Chasing shadows 19984   cf120, fb4
Chasing shadows 71153    
Chasing the blues (spl.arr.) 89921    
Chasing the crown H18830    
Chasing you into the light H33551 Browne, Jackson CF H1116
Chastity belt, The H7381(fb)    
Chatanooga shoe shine boy 23173 Stone cf119, fb7
Chate laine, La 111745    
Chatskele, chatskele H24077 ? CF H 557
Chatskele, chatskele (hey there, Chatskl) H617    
Chattanooga choo choo H36856(fb)    
Chattanooga choo choo 76936(fb)    
Chattanooga choo choo 46569    
Chattanooga choo choo 44412    
Chattanooga choo choo 56398    
Chattanooga choo choo 86173    
Chattanooga choo choo 42422 Warren, Harry cf348
Chattanooga choo choo 45578    
Chattanooga choo choo 102808    
Chattanooga choo choo 71690    
Chattanooga choo choo 49450(c)    
Chattanooga choo choo H5515    
Chattanooga choo choo 14454 Warren, Harry s
Chattanooga choo choo 83846    
Chattanooga choo choo H36482   CF H1298
Chattanooga choo choo 107788    
Chattanooga choo choo H4578    
Chattanooga choo choo H15445    
Chattanooga choo choo 106898    
Chattanooga choo choo 114928(gv)    
Chattanooga choo choo 109114    
Chattanooga shoe shine boy 21109 Stone cf129, fb5
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy 52665    
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy 99168(s)    
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy 93329    
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy 37703   cf292
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy 86856    
Chatterbox 127 Brainin, Jerome s
Chatterbox 96478(s)    
Chauffeur, The H26032 Duran, Duran CF H 649
Ch'bin a bocher a hultay (I'm a wandering fellow) H24084 ? CF H 557
Che H18297    
Che gelida manina (from La boheme)(how cold your hand is) 86037    
Che m'e'mparato a fa (why) 41757    
Che mi amigo 60146    
Che mi amigo 117890    
Che non vivo, Lo (you don't have to say you love me) 42601    
Che non vivo, Lo (you don't have to say you love me) 32625(s)    
Che que tal (how are you) 117891    
Che que tal (how are you) 60147    
Cheaper to keep her 75685    
Cheater H35140 Downing, K.K. [et al] CF H1206
Cheater, The H17625    
Cheatin' on me 19985 Pollack, L. cf120, fb4
Cheatin' on me H31276 Pollack, Lew CF H 989
Cheatin' on me 22215 Pollack, L. cf88, fb6
Cheatin' on me 86756    
Cheatin' on me H24709 Pollack, Lew CF H 587
Cheatin' was the last thing on my mind H3697?    
Cheatin' woman H27952 Holland, Steve CF H 763
Cheating game H9696    
Cheating game 102122(fb)    
Cheating game H2750(fb)    
Check it out H35632 Mellencamp, John CF H1233
Check it out H29364 Mellencamp, John Cougar CF H 859
Checkin' up on my baby 53686    
Cheek to cheek 114815(ov)    
Cheek to cheek 21110 Berlin, Irving cf129, fb5
Cheek to cheek 23177 Berlin, Irving cf119, fb7
Cheek to cheek 12 Berlin, Irving s
Cheek to cheek 71132    
Cheek to cheek 71132A    
Chee-lai (march of the volunteers) 112306    
Cheep (Selections from) 55949    
Cheer for old Amherst 103261    
Cheer Illini (Illinois U.) 103329    
Cheer up America 112850    
Cheer up Mary 93671    
Cheer up Mary 115115    
Cheer up Mary 98165    
Cheer, boys, cheer 87676    
Cheerful little earful 86757    
Cheerful little earful 19986 Warren, H. cf120, fb4
Cheerful little earful 90131    
Cheerful little earful H36483   CF H1298
Cheerful little earful H11625(fb)    
Cheerful little earful 22216 Warren, H. cf88, fb6
Cheerful little earful (from Sweet and low) H26547 Warren, Harry CF H 684
Cheerful words 97182    
Cheerie-beerie-be (from sunny Italy) 19990   cf120, fb4
Cheerio 44450    
Cheerio cherry lips H7646(p)    
Cheers, Theme from (Where everybody knows your name) (from Cheers) H23180 Portnoy, Gary & Angelo, Judy CF H 515
Cheers, Theme from (Where everybody knows your name) (from Cheers) H23143 Portnoy, Gary & Angelo, Judy CF H 514
Cheese cake H17339    
Cheese cake H17286    
Cheeseburger in paradise H24897 Buffett, Jimmy CF H 594
Cheeseburger in paradise H33571 Buffett, Jimmy CF H1118
Cheiem's neir shtieler Bulgar (Jewish) 72897    
Chella lla 41721 Taccani, S. cf235
Chelsea (, I don't want to go to) H18446    
Chelsea bridge 71804    
Chelsea bridge H5306(fb)    
Chelsea morning H14209    
Chelsea morning 68313    
Chelsea morning H27922 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Chelsea morning 53918    
Chelsea morning 73455    
Chelsea morning 108864    
Chelsea morning H3261    
Chelsea morning 53763    
Chelsea morning 75727    
Chelsea morning H16913    
Chelsea morning 104686    
Chelsea morning 16906 Mitchell, Joni cf1076, fb2
Chelsea morning H20231    
Chelsea morning 44968    
Chelsea morning 56282    
Chemistry H22276    
Chemistry H22214    
Chemistry class H18426    
Chenko (tenka-io) H30594 Toulson-Clarke, Simon CF H 936
Cherchez la temme 103503    
Cherchez la temme 99019(s)    
Cherchez la temme 107978    
Cherie 118204    
Cherie I love you H4781    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 95696A(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 95696(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 104902(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 104902B(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 104902A(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 93135    
Cherie, I love you (Cheie je taime) 46000(s)    
Cherie, I love you (Cherie je t'aime) H11626(fb)    
Cherie, I love you (Cherie je t'aime) 22217 Goodman, L. R. cf88, fb6
Cherie, I love you (Cherie, je t'aime) 19987   cf120, fb4
Cherish 59467    
Cherish 59159    
Cherish 16908   cf1076, fb2
Cherish 32648 Kirkman, Terry cf239
Cherish 57916    
Cherish 85617    
Cherish 104344    
Cherish 74492    
Cherish 80737    
Cherish 57864    
Cherish 103622    
Cherish 72054    
Cherish 74095    
Cherish 67789    
Cherish 102535(o)    
Cherish 59641    
Cherish 80331    
Cherish 67468    
Cherish 70374    
Cherish 89564    
Cherish 59984    
Cherish 99563    
Cherish 72458    
Cherish 80698    
Cherish 59538    
Cherish 81755    
Cherish 74247    
Cherish H35529 Ciccone, Madonna & Leonard, P CF H1224
Cherish 76024    
Cherish H4218    
Cherish 110691    
Cherish 57195    
Cherish 76407    
Cherish 73711    
Cherish 56860    
Cherokee 109041    
Cherokee H5971    
Cherokee 74393    
Cherokee 87420    
Cherokee 61588    
Cherokee (Indian Love Song) 16365   cf1075, fb1
Cherokee (Indian love song) H31277 Noble, Ray CF H 989
Cherokee (Indian love song) 19988   cf120, fb4
Cherokee (Indian love song) 42840 Noble, Ray cf383
Cherokee (Indian love song) H24710 Noble, Ray CF H 587
Cherokee (Indian love song) 22218 Noble, R. cf88, fb6
Cherokee bend H20149    
Cherokee fiddle H29484 Murphey, Michael CF H 868
Cherokee fiddle (from Urban cowboy) H23472 Murphey, Michael CF H 527
Cherry 16449   cf1075, fb1
Cherry 103470    
Cherry 89787(s)    
Cherry 19989   cf120, fb4
Cherry 22219 Redman, D. cf88, fb6
Cherry ball blues 107618    
Cherry bloom 101997    
Cherry bomb H29365 Mellencamp, John Cougar CF H 859
Cherry bomb H35633 Mellencamp, John CF H1233
Cherry hill park 103039    
Cherry hill park 46199    
Cherry pickers 15052 Mraz, Andy cf135
Cherry pie H30768 Adu [et al] CF H 951
Cherry pie H17429    
Cherry Pies Ought to be You 15657 Gershwin, George cf1074
Cherry pink and apple blossom 23178 David cf119, fb7
Cherry pink and apple blossom 21111 Leuiguy, David cf129, fb5
Cherry pink and apple blossom white 80435    
Cherry pink and apple blossom white 104907(s)    
Cherry pink and apple blossom white H4022(bn)    
Cherry pink and apple blossom white 98910    
Cherry pink and apple blossom white 71060    
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 15658 Louiguy cf1074
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 17332 Louiguy cf1077, fb3
Cherry pink and apple blossom white (from Underwater) H6321(fb)    
Cherry point H35001 Hefti, Neal CF H1198
Cherry ripe 72997    
Cherry ripe 116977    
Cherry ripe H12962(fb)    
Cherry tree carol, The 75597    
Cherry tree carol, The H36857(fb)    
Cherry tree carol, The H465    
Cherry tree carol, The 72998    
Cherry tree carol, The 99436    
Cherry tree carol, The H10458    
Cherry tree carol, The 69931    
Cherry tree carol, The H12963(fb)    
Cherry tree carol, The 43877    
Cherry tree carol, The 53828    
Cherry, cherry 67652    
Cherry, cherry H25863 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Cherry, cherry 72459    
Cherry, cherry 76601    
Cherry, cherry 67336    
Cherry, cherry 81756    
Cherry, cherry 81660    
Cherry, cherry 56283    
Cheryl 17033 Parker,Charlie cf1076, fb2
Chess (from Chess) H33911 Andersson, Benny [et al] CF H1133
Chester 33223   cf251
Chester 87517    
Chester H12964(fb)    
Chester H10718    
Chesterfield, twenty-one great tobaccos 104148    
Chet Atkins' hand H22815 De Witt, Lew CF H 497
Chetnik song (Sprem'te se cetnici) 112337    
Chevaliers de la table ronde (come you knights of the round table) H12452    
Chevaliers de la table ronde (come you knights of the round table) 103824    
Chewing gum H34081 Mac Manus, D.P.A. CF H1145
Chewing gum H12238    
Chewing gum (New losts city ramblers song book/American folk song) 100095    
Cheyenne 15269 Lava, William cf157
Cheyenne H4535    
Cheyenne (shy Ann) 114984    
Cheyenne (shy Ann) H4873    
Cheyenne (shy Ann) 42450 Van Alstyne, Egbert cf237
Cheyenne (shy Ann) H12965(fb)    
Cheyenne (shy Ann) 84087    
Cheyenne (shy Ann) 70876    
Chez petroushka 18516 Stravinsky, Igor cf1101
Chiapanecas 115229(o)    
Chiapanecas 44047    
Chiapanecas 22220 DeCampo, M. V. cf88, fb6
Chiapanecas 70355    
Chiapanecas 85827(g)    
Chiapanecas 115378    
Chiapanecas 54811    
Chiapanecas 60658    
Chiapanecas 107932    
Chiapanecas H4992(p)    
Chiapanecas (clap hands song) Mexican (while there's music there's romance) 54755    
Chiapanecas (clap hands song) Mexican (while there's music there's romance) 54777    
Chiapanecas (while ther's music ther's romance) H4976    
Chica chica boom chic 114963    
Chica chica boom chic H36484   CF H1298
Chica chica boom chic 42423 Warren, Harry cf348
Chicago 22221 Fisher cf88, fb6
Chicago 70857    
Chicago 106235    
Chicago 14758 Fisher, Fred cf141
Chicago H9817    
Chicago 19991   cf120, fb4
Chicago (11=new) 86286    
CHICAGO 16 H25264-274 BOOK CF H 611
CHICAGO 17 H33920-929 BOOK CF H1134
CHICAGO 18 H33930-939 BOOK CF H1135
CHICAGO 19 H33940-949 BOOK CF H1136
Chicago breakdown 91684    
Chicago breakdown 83933    
Chicago breakdown 92292    
Chicago express, The 88317    
Chicago gouge, The 93855    
Chicago quickstep 118411    
Chicago style 57446    
Chicago, Illinois (from Victor/Victoria) H23547 Mancini, Henry CF H 533
Chicha en botella (a bottle of chicha) 70738    
Chi-chat 70183    
Chicka-boom 98778    
Chickasaw county child 108498    
Chickasaw county child 58321    
Chicken out 83715    
Chicken polka 15058 Elsnic, Joseph P. arr. cf134
Chicken polka (spl.arr.) 89944    
Chicken reel H15680(fb)    
Chicken reel H7507    
Chicken reel (1910) 71073    
Chicken reel (1910) 106457    
Chicken reel (1910) 96711(s)    
Chicken reel (1910) 118225    
Chicken reel (1910) 48461(fb)    
Chicken reel (1910) 94191    
Chicken song, The (I ain't gonna take it settin' down) 53570    
Chicken soup with rice H30721 King, Carole CF H 946
Chicken soup with rice H27302 King, Carole CF H 730
Chicken step 112648    
Chicken today and feathers tomorrow (from Rudolph & Frosty) H29302 Marks, Johnny CF H 855
Chickery chick 37704   cf292
Chico and the man H14323    
Chief of staff 106610    
Chief of the mountain high (4 part) 109598(s)    
Child 59749    
Child and the star, The 116978    
Child falling asleep (Kinderscenen op. 15 no. 12) 18138 Schumann, R. cf1089
Child in time H34173 Paice [et al] CF H1151
Child is born in Bethlehem, A H36858(fb)    
Child is born in Bethlehem, A 69932    
Child is born in Bethlehem, A 104082    
Child is born, A H17373    
Child Jesus came to earth this day H10459    
Child of a king, the 28897 Sumner, John B. cf115
Child of clay 37587 Maresca, Ernie cf291
Child of God 48026(fb)    
Child of mine H19991    
Child of our times 42701 Sloan, P. F. cf242
Child of the fifties, A H31069 Reid, Don CF H 975
Child of the fifties, A H22816 Reid, Don CF H 497
Child of the king H10255    
Child of the king, A 108081    
Child of the moon 86047    
Child of the regiment 117371    
Child of the regiment 118574    
Child of the universe 44704    
Child of the wave 118575    
Child this day is born, A 69933    
Child this day is born, A 69811    
Child this day is born, A H10460    
Child without a home, A (a Kind ohn a Heim) 72922    
Childhood days 45741(s)    
Childhood's end 104747    
Childhood's end H21123    
Childhood's end (from The valley) H30194 Gilmour, David CF H 917
Children 103040    
Children H16165    
Children 109409    
Children 59160    
Children 46715    
Children could help us find the way 41893 Millrose, Vic cf346
Children go where I send thee H22543    
Children go where I send thee (R.Skaggs) 108484    
Children of paradise 46731    
Children of the damned H26889   CF H 704
Children of the grave H33269 Iommi, Frank [et al] CF H1102
Children of the grave H36619   CF H1307
Children of the heavenly king 28898 Pleye, Ignaz J. cf115
Children of the manger 105840    
Children of the moon H30060 Parsons, Alan & Woolfson, Eric CF H 906
Children of the night H31914 Coverdale, David & Sykes, John CF H1023
Children of the night H31252 Sullivan, Frankie & Peterik, J CF H 987
Children of the night H36566   CF H1301
Children of the night H31924 Coverdale, David & Sykes, John CF H1024
Children of the night H35572 Marx, Richard CF H1228
Children of the sea H33270 Dio, Ronnie James [et al} CF H1102
Children of the universe H25796 Denver, John & Henry, Joe CF H 636
Children of the world H18012    
Children on parade H27814 Hay, Colin CF H 757
Children you'll be called on 54886    
Children, happy songs are singing 116555    
Children's ballet 70063    
Children's Christmas hymn, A 110292(s)    
Children's Christmas, The 18261 Zamecnik, J. S. cf1094
Children's kingdom, The 45677(s)    
Children's play song H28344 Evans, Bill CF H 793
Child's book 112454    
Child's dream, The 18077 Richards, Brinley cf1088
Child's prayer 114218    
Child's song 56284    
Child's song 93222    
Child's wish 117372    
Childsong H25864 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Chile. Various folk songs 101981-    
Chile. Various folk songs 102095    
Chilean dance song H10719    
Chilena, La 118636    
Chili dog H31341 Taylor, James CF H 991
Chili widow, the 29890 Le Brunn Geo. cf86
Chill eastern winds, The H31126 Stewart, Andy M. CF H 977
Chill widow, The 103849    
Chilly down (from Labyrinth) H29023 Bowie, David CF H 838
Chilly scenes of winter H12453    
Chilly winds 26294 Phillips, John cf213
Chilly winds 24493 Phillips, John cf219, fb8
Chilly winds 107755    
Chilly winds 58955    
Chilly winds don't blow 108485    
Chim chim cher-ee 42128 Sherman, Richard . cf342
Chim chim cher-ee 36713 Sherman, Richard M. cf282, fb12
Chim chim cher-ee 80266    
Chim chim cher-ee H5883    
Chim chim cher-ee 28456   cf220, fb10
Chim chim cher-ee 38371 Sherman, Richard M. cf295
Chim chim cher-ee 41395 Sherman, Richard M. cf232
Chim chim cher-ee 80783    
Chim chim cher-ee 42041 Sherman, Richard M. cf343
Chim chim cher-ee H4219    
Chim chim cher-ee H36859(fb)    
Chim chim cher-ee 14566 Sherman, Richard M. s
Chim chim cher-ee 74140    
Chim chim cher-ee 81834    
Chim chim cher-ee 98464    
Chim chim cher-ee 32649 Sherman, Richard cf239
Chim chim cher-ee H15681(fb)    
Chim chim cher-ee 72235    
Chim chim cher-ee H5111(fb)    
Chim chim cher-ee 116620    
Chim chim cher-ee 76408    
Chim chim cher-ee 37927 Sherman, Richard M. cf293
Chim chim cher-ee 37388 Sherman, Richard M. cf289
Chim chim cher-ee 38573 Sherman, Richard M. cf297
Chim chim cher-ee (from Mary Poppins) H6322(fb)    
Chim chim cher-ee (strings) H9393    
Chime again, beautiful bells 116979    
Chime, happy Christmas bells, once more H3292(s)(p)    
Chimes 104790(s)(p)    
Chimes in the chapel 105337(s)    
Chimes of freedom 115614    
Chimes of freedom 59885    
Chimes of Pasadena 110295(s)    
Chimes of spring 114786    
Chin chin chinaman 30161 Jones, Sidney cf86
Chin up 76602    
Chin up, ladies! 27408 Herman, Jerry cf217, fb9
Chin up, ladies! (from Milk and honey) H6323(fb)    
China H31799 Hues, Jack & Feldman, Nick CF H1018
China boy 26187 Winfree, Dick cf199
China boy 57499    
China boy 44546    
China boy 58432    
China boy 19992   cf120, fb4
China boy 22222 Winfree cf88, fb6
China conga 112851    
China doll 52572(p)    
China doll H26625 Garcia, Jerome CF H 688
China doll parade 48746    
China girl H25550 New, Joe & Silbar, Jeff CF H 621
China girl 95653A    
China girl H24792 Bowie, David & Pop, Iggy CF H 588
China girl H35634 New, Joe & Silbar, Jeff CF H1233
China grove H11627(fb)    
China grove H14324    
China grove 109200    
China grove H16914    
China nights 115259    
China white H20191    
China, we owe a lot to you (1917) 96127(s)    
Chinatown 81979    
Chinatown H26979 Jackson, Joe CF H 708
Chinatown my Chinatown 49220    
Chinatown my Chinatown 96073(s)    
Chinatown my Chinatown 96192(s)    
Chinatown my Chinatown 99398    
Chinatown my Chinatown 110936    
Chinatown my Chinatown 96265(s)    
Chinatown my Chinatown 110537    
Chinatown, my chinatown 22223 Schwartz cf88, fb6
Chinatown, my Chinatown H10012(ov)    
Chinatown, my chinatown 19993   cf120, fb4
Chinatown, my Chinatown 92456    
Chinatown, my Chinatown H4692    
Chinatown, my Chinatown H11628(fb)    
Chinatown, my Chinatown 93699(p)    
Chines blues 93847    
Chinese cafe/Unchained melody H27909 Mitchell, Joni CF H 761
Chinese cafe/Unchained melody H27923 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Chinese dance (from Nutcracker suite) H7320(p)    
Chinese dance (from The nutcracker suite) H19617i    
Chinese doll, The 70064    
Chinese girls H31814 Hues, Jack CF H1018
Chinese lullaby 37928 Bower, Robert cf293
Chinese lullaby 21112 Bower, R. H. cf129, fb5
Chinese lullaby H9225    
Chinese lullaby 14793 Bower, Robert Hood cf140
Chinese lullaby 23179 Bower, R. H. cf119, fb7
Chinese lullaby 14603 Bower, Robert Hood cf146
Chinese lullaby 22224 Bower, R. H. cf88, fb6
Chinese music 105900    
Chinese serenade 18078 Fliege, H. cf1088
Chinese serenade (Fliege) 70620(p)    
Chinese whispers H31106 Woolfson, Eric & Parsons, Alan CF H 976
Chinese. 57659    
Chinese. Drolleries from Oriental doll's house, Chinese folk song #250 102095    
Chinese. Drolleries from Oriental doll's house, Chinese folk song #250 101981-    
Chinese. The red heart-sword song, A hipponese sword song, A * 57660    
Ching chong 24176 Roberts, Lee S. s
Ching-a-ling-ling 30109 traditional cf86
Ching-a-ring-a-ring 109653    
Chins up, America 113547    
Chip away the stone H17287    
Chip chip 56037    
Chipewgan (dream dances) 112343    
Chipmunk song, The 28526 Bagdasarian, Ross cf221, fb11
Chipmunk song, The (Christmas don't be late) 98032    
Chipmunk song, The (Christmas don't be late) 69897    
Chipmunk song, The (Christmas don't be late) 94347    
Chipmunk song, The (Christmas don't be late) 84025    
Chipmunk song, The (Christmas don't be late) 48027(fb)    
Chips on my shoulder H22581    
Chips, Theme from (from CHiPs) H23144 Parker, John Carl CF H 514
Chiquilla H26967 Iglesias, Julio CF H 707
Chiquita 111253    
Chiquita H17340    
Chiquita 19994   cf120, fb4
Chiquita H17288    
Chiquita bacana (the spirit is willing) H4993    
Chiquita banana 24183 Mackenzie, Len s
Chiquitita H24271 Andersson, Benny & Ulvaeus, B CF H 565
Chiquitita H17100    
Chiribiribee (Ciribribin) 88399    
Chiribiribee (Ciribribin) 84415    
Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep 15659 Stott, H. cf1074
Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep 57515    
Chiseled in stone H34636 Gosdin, Vern & Barnes, Max D CF H1182
Chisholm trail 75598    
Chisholm trail H36860(fb)    
Chismosas, Las 58465    
Chit chat 57658    
Chitty chitty bang bang 86174    
Chitty chitty bang bang 44184    
Chitty chitty bang bang H16606    
Chivalrous shark, The H12966(fb)    
Chloe H35093 John, Elton & Osborne, Gary CF H1205
Chloe H18821    
Chloe H27123 John, Elton & Osborne, Gary CF H 718
Chlo-e 19996   cf120, fb4
Chlo-e 22225 Moret, N. cf88, fb6
Chloe (Song of the Swamp) 17574 Moret, Neal cf1080
Chlo-E (Song of the Swamp) 16448   cf1075, fb1
Chock full o' nuts is that heavenly coffee 104149    
Choclo, El H5539    
Choclo, El H4994(p)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 44055    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 48281(fb)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 92092    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 47281(a)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 115230(o)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 106752    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 45111    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 44333    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 117893    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 99311(p)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 60149    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 60669    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 105595(a)    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) 110900    
Choclo, El (Argentine tango) (speed) 90282    
Choclo, El (Tango Argentine) (copy) H7315A(s)    
Choclo, El (Tango Argentine) (copy) H7315(s)(p)    
Choclo, El (Tango Argentino) H7288(s)(a)    
Choclo, El (tango Argentino) 43416 Villoldo, A. G. cf390
Chocolate chip 104511    
Chocolate choo choo H10042    
Choice of colors H11629(fb)    
Choice of colors 114544    
Choice of my heart, The 49582    
Chokin' kind, The 46529    
Chokin' kind, The 67838    
Chokin' kind, The H17681    
Chokin' kind, The H26812 Howard, Harlan CF H 700
Chokin' kind, The 75772    
Chokin' kind, The 102745    
Chon kina 30166 Jones, Sidney cf86
Chong 104908(s)    
Chong 104908A(s)    
Chong (he come from Hong Kong) H2640(s)    
Choo choo ch'boogie 76604    
Choo choo ch'boogie 76409    
Choo choo ch'boogie 110557    
Choo choo ch'boogie 41396 Horton, Vaughn cf232
Choo choo ch'boogie 39895 Horton, Vaughn cf319
Choo choo ch'boogie H5112(fb)    
Choo choo ch'boogie 57101    
Choo choo ch'boogie H9818    
Choo choo choo H12967(fb)    
Chooglin' 46243    
Choose 48028(fb)    
Chop sticks 17709 De Zulli s
Chopin (27 piano pieces) 84631-657    
Chopin preludes 92444    
Chopin's nocturne 90264    
Chopin's Polonaise 12033 Potter, Harold s
Chopin's polonaise (speed) 90265    
Chopin's polonaise in boogie 67263    
Chopin's waltz (op.64 no.1) 118472    
Chopo, my pony 110335    
Chopsticks 85828(g)    
Chopsticks (speed) 90258    
Choral 70065    
Choral collection (Alan Joy Lerner & Frederick Loewe-3 pt treble ssa) 106070    
Choral from St. Matthew Passion (Erken Ne Mich Mein Huter) H19616f    
Choral, from Passion Musik 111865    
Chorale H3290(s)(p)    
Chorale (Wagner) 111373    
Chorale [Schop] H999(s)(o)    
Chorale by Johann Schop-1642 (spl.arr.) 999(s)    
Chorale prelude 109654    
Chorale prelude #2 (Gelobet seist du, Jesus Christ (Praised be * 109946    
Chorale prelude #3 (Franck) 70572    
Chorale prelude (Lord God to we all to thee give praise-Pachelbel) 70573    
Chorale prelude (Turk) 70574    
Chorale prelude Wachet Auf (sleepers wake) H19616m    
Chore chura (constant rain) 103471    
Choreography 23180 Berlin, Irving cf119, fb7
Choreography 21113 Berlin, Irving cf129, fb5
Chorus 87987(p)    
Chose your eyes 36714   cf282, fb12
Chosen kalle mazeltov H15682(fb)    
Chosen kalle mazeltov 48267(fb)    
Chosen one, The H28369 Ferry, Bryan CF H 794
Chote, El 118645    
Choucoune H10720    
Choucoune H15683(fb)    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 53919    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 10720(s)    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 101998    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 89963    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 98274    
Choucoune (the mocking bird) 48462(fb)    
Chow mein 57391    
Christ arose 28900 Lowry, Robert cf115
Christ child lullaby H12503    
Christ child's lullaby, The 26677   cf212
Christ for the world we sing 28899 Bunnett, Edward cf115
Christ freu de-Christmas joy 96037(s)    
Christ has for sin atonement made 28902 Hoffman, Elisha A. cf115
Christ in Flanders 84600(s)    
Christ is a wonderful savior 71027    
Christ is born 2654(s)    
Christ is born H2654    
Christ is made the sure foundation 28906 Smart, Henry cf115
Christ Jesus lay in death 29543   cf115
Christ lay in the bonds of death (Bach) 70560    
Christ of every crisis, The H821    
Christ receiveth sinful men 28907 McGranahan, James cf115
Christ the life of all the living 29546   cf115
Christ the lord is risen again 29544   cf115
Christ the lord is risen today 29491   cf115
Christ the lord is risen today 29545   cf115
Christ the Lord is ris'n today 93917    
Christ was born 44277    
Christ was born in Bethlehem 69941    
Christ was born on Christmas day H10569    
Christ was born on Christmas day H10462    
Christ was born on christmas day 29593   cf115
Christ was born on Xmas day 69942    
Christ was born on Xmas day 18380 Neale, John M. cf1096
Christ was born on Xmas day 69812    
Christ was born on Xmas day 43878    
Christ was born on Xmas day (speed) 90260    
Christ, the Lord, is risen today 18280 Cary, Henry cf1095
Christ-child is born, The H10565    
Christian hearts in love united 28904   cf115
Christian Island (Georgian Bay) H35405 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Christian warrior, the 28905   cf115
Christian, dost thou see them 28903 Dykes, John B. cf115
Christians awake 43879    
Christians awake 69934    
Christians awake 94163    
Christians awake! H12968(fb)    
Christian's 'good-night', the 28901 Sankey, Ira D. cf115
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn 72999    
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn 48969    
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn 47669    
Christie Lee H27047 Joel, Billy CF H 715
Christmas 36502 Churchill-Grindell cf276
Christmas 76605    
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 69935    
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 86587    
Christmas - O Come All Ye Faithful 18235   cf1092
Christmas bells 98033    
Christmas bells 18079 Richards, Brinley cf1088
Christmas candles H11630(fb)    
Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis H31743 Waits, Tom CF H1016
Christmas carol H10721    
Christmas carol H2655    
Christmas carol singing 40321   cf327
Christmas carol, A 58124    
Christmas carol, A 43114 Ades, Hawley cf334
Christmas carol, A (chanson de noel-Beaumont) 114008(p)    
Christmas carol, A (from Anjou-Mozart) 70066    
Christmas carol, A (from Scrooge) 53289    
Christmas children (Scrooge) 53290    
Christmas comes again 116548    
Christmas comes anew 69936    
Christmas day 68189    
Christmas day (from Promises, promises) H35993 Bacharach, Burt CF H1264
Christmas day in the morning H16122    
Christmas dinner H11631(fb)    
Christmas dinner 103100    
Christmas don't be late (the chipmunk song) 48027(fb)    
Christmas dream 81532    
Christmas dreaming (a little early this year) 17809 Gordon, Irving s
Christmas eve H16108    
Christmas Eve (Am Weihnachtsabend) 231 Heins, Carl s
Christmas eve (by Thos.Meehan) 68462    
Christmas eve (Ferde Grofe arr.) 109016    
Christmas eve is here H10566    
Christmas eve is here H16151    
Christmas for cowboys H18536    
Christmas greeting 69937    
Christmas hymn H34809 Grant, Amy & Smith, M.W CF H1190
Christmas hymn, The 111374    
Christmas hymn, The 98728    
Christmas hymn, The H10461    
Christmas in Killarney 93410    
Christmas in Killarney H11632(fb)    
Christmas is H16283(s)(ov)    
Christmas is coming H16117    
Christmas is coming 43115 Nesbitt, E. cf334
Christmas is coming (3 part round) 98737    
Christmas is coming (round) 89122    
Christmas is coming (round) 54424    
Christmas is for children H36861(fb)    
Christmas is for children 69938    
Christmas is here 116550    
Christmas is here again H10567    
Christmas joy (Christfreude) 94146    
Christmas joy (Christfreude) 96037(s)    
Christmas land 69911    
Christmas lullaby 68190    
Christmas lullaby 39896 Lee, Peggy cf319
Christmas magic 114871(ov)    
Christmas medley 98852    
Christmas medley H130(s)(o)    
Christmas music 105931    
Christmas night 57670    
Christmas night 69813    
Christmas nightingale, The 104106    
Christmas nightingale, The H10568    
Christmas on the moon 69939    
Christmas present 39897 Robin, Sid cf319
Christmas roses H3698?    
Christmas snow 68191    
Christmas song 23181   cf119, fb7
Christmas song 30501 Grieg, Edvard cf86
Christmas song (canto navidad) 107905    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 43880    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 111560    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 68192    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 69053    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 102650    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 93077    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 80659    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 47938(fb)    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire)(German) 104108    
Christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire)(old) 85113    
Christmas song, The 27409 Torme, Mel cf217, fb9
Christmas song, The (Merry Christmas to you) 21114   cf129, fb5
Christmas stars 112456    
Christmas tree, The 48970    
Christmas tree, The 47677    
Christmas trees 108594(m)    
Christmas trees 116547(m)    
Christmas trees 116980(m)    
Christmas trees (from Love story) 103077(m)    
Christmas waltz, The 15232 Styne, Jule cf155
Christmas waltz, The H36266 Styne, Jule CF H1283
Christmas waltz, The H24924 Styne, Jule CF H 595
Christmas waltz, The H33640 Styne, Jule CF H1123
Christopher Columbo 89123    
Christopher Columbus 74394    
Christopher Columbus 27410 Berry, Leon cf217, fb9
Christopher Columbus H10079(p)    
Christopher Columbus 67192    
Christopher Columbus 87411    
Christopher Columbus 47939(fb)    
Christopher Ivanhoe H18259    
Christopher Robin 86796    
Christopher the Christmas tree 69940    
Christopher Tracy's parade H30449 Prince & Nelson, John L CF H 925
Christy Christmas 69943    
Chromatic polka 70184    
Chromatic rag 83934    
Chromatic rag 93790    
Chromatic rag 91685    
Chrome plated heart H34468 Etheridge, Melissa CF H1169
Chrysanthemum, The 85056    
Chrysanthemum, The 91686    
Chrysanthemum, The 72164(p)    
Chrysanthemum, The 87297(p)    
Chrysanthemum, The 83900    
Chrysanthemum, The 83935    
Chrysler Plymouth comin' through (Chrysler Plymouth) H19867    
Chu chin chow 55950    
Chu chin chow, Selections from 55965    
Chu chin chow, Selections from 55944-    
Chu-chi face (from Chitty chitty bang bang) 104399(o)    
Chu-chi face (from Chitty chitty bang bang) 44129    
Chu-chu-rah marching song (Holy Cross college) 103278    
Chuck E.'s in love H16738    
Chuck 'n bo 109544    
Chug all night H11633(fb)    
Chug all night H18701    
Chug all night 87446    
Chug-a-lug 44776(fb)    
Chug-a-lug 59161    
Chug-a-lug H20799    
Chug-a-lug 48029(fb)    
Chula linda, La 117909    
Chulem, A (a dream) 72923    
Chung lo 95926(s)    
Church bells 26421(s)    
Church bells are ringing for Mary 114717(pu)    
Church in the wildwood, The H15684(fb)    
Church in the wildwood, The 97246    
Church in the wildwood, The 94038    
Church is burning, A H22453    
Church is burning, A 68247    
Church music 105907    
Church of the poison mind H25705 Culture Club CF H 631
Church twice on Sunday 75862    
Church twice on Sunday 86797    
Church without a name 60077    
Church's one foundation, the 28908 Wesley, Samuel S. cf115
Church's one foundation, The 114845(o)    
Church's one foundation, The 52836    
Church's one foundation, The H15685(fb)    
Chussen kalle mazel too (groom and bride, good luck) 72924    
Chuzi mama, gwabi gwabi (from Wait a minim!) H4422    
Ciao H4090(bn)    
Ciao ciaa bambina H3356    
Ciao, ciao, bambina H36862(fb)    
Ciao, ciao, bambina 26079 Monugno, Domenico s
Ciao, ciao, bambina 37116   cf282, fb12
Ciao, ciao, bambina 27969   cf220, fb10
Ciao, ciao, bambina 76937(fb)    
Ciao, ciao, bambino 88393    
Ciao, ciao, bambino 80332    
Cicerenella (folk song) 106148    
Cid, El 70616(p)    
Cid, El (The Falcon and the Dove) 14483 Rozsa, Miklos s
Cid, Le 39192 Juel s
Cid, Love theme from El (the falcon and the dove) H5655(ov)    
Cielito Lindo 15426   cf166
Cielito lindo 85829(g)    
Cielito lindo 105420    
Cielito lindo 107937    
Cielito lindo 73000    
Cielito lindo 92930    
Cielito lindo 22226 Fernandez, C. cf88, fb6
Cielito lindo H4995    
Cielito lindo 88787    
Cielito lindo 24935   cf219, fb8
Cielito lindo H15686(fb)    
Cielito lindo 15426   cf166
Cielito lindo 105582(a)    
Cielito lindo 104909(s)    
Cielito lindo 49510(u)    
Cielito lindo 44048    
Cielito lindo 89995    
Cielito lindo 92077    
Cielito lindo 17867 Fernendez, C. cf1083
Cielito lindo 19997 Fernandez, C. cf120, fb4
Cielito lindo 24364 Fernandez, C. cf170
Cielito lindo 105816    
Cielito lindo H12969(fb)    
Cielito lindo 84451    
Cielito lindo 46446    
Cielito lindo 93961    
Cielito lindo 84491    
Cielito lindo 54074    
Cielito lindo 110889    
Cielito lindo H9798(o)    
Cielito lindo 116183    
Cielito lindo 95523(s)    
Cielito lindo 45848    
Cielito lindo 84414    
Cielito lindo 46930    
Cielito lindo 46974    
Cielito lindo H10722    
Cielito lindo (also Heavenly boxer) 109392(s)    
Cielito lindo (beautiful heaven) H6100    
Cielito lindo (Beautiful heaven) 15414   cf166
Cielito lindo (beautiful heaven) 37117 Fernandez, C. cf282, fb12
Cielito lindo (beautiful heaven) 24335 Fernandez, C. s
Cielito lindo (beautiful heaven) 39062   s
Cielito lindo (speed) 90261    
Cierro mis ojos (I close my eyes) 88767    
Cigareetes, whusky and wild, wild women 86588    
Cigarette smoke 112649    
Cigarra, La H30691 Perez y Soto, Ray CF H 944
Cigne, Le (the swan--Saint-Saens) 52734    
Cigne, Le (the swan--Saint-Saens) 45316    
Cigne, Le (the swan--Saint-Saens) 226(s)    
Cigne, Le (the swan--Saint-Saens) 55411    
Cimarron (roll on) H32047 Bond, Johnny CF H1031
Cimarron city (theme) 58335    
Cincinnati (from Puzzle girl) 113841    
Cincinnati's own march 17739 Eckerle, Carl F. s
Cinco de mayo 102553    
Cinco de mayo 74283(g)    
Cinco de mayo (strings) H9394    
Cinderelatives (from George White's scandals) H34679 Gershwin, George CF H1185
Cinderella 110388    
Cinderella 41990 Mack, David cf344
Cinderella H10151    
Cinderella 81835    
Cinderella 40407 Rossini, Gioacchino cf331
Cinderella 38931 David, Mack cf304
Cinderella 88266    
Cinderella Brown 115361    
Cinderella Brown (from International revue) 118012(p)    
Cinderella Jones 102840(s)    
Cinderella man H22224    
Cinderella man H22183    
Cinderella Rockefella 41894 Ames, Nancy cf346
Cinderella waltz 43173 Rogers, Richard cf336
Cinderella waltz 40408 Prokofieff, Serge cf331
Cinderella, darling (from How to succeed...) H27618 Loesser, Frank CF H 746
Cinderella, stay in my arms H9153    
Cinderella, stay in my arms 61527    
Cinderella, stay in my arms 19998 Kennedy cf120, fb4
Cinderella, stay in my arms 104320(s)    
Cinderella, stay in my arms 22227 Kennedy cf88, fb6
Cinderella, stay in my arms 111059    
Cinderella's wedding day 95925(s)    
Cindy H12970(fb)    
Cindy H4091(bn)    
Cindy 48463(fb)    
Cindy 73001    
Cindy 53920    
Cindy H36863(fb)    
Cindy 88639    
Cindy 88720    
Cindy H15687(fb)    
Cindy 75599    
Cindy 48030(fb)    
Cindy 24502   cf219, fb8
Cindy (speed) 90262    
Cindy (strings) H9395    
Cindy incidentally 59710    
Cindy incidentally H23001 Stewart, Rod & Wood, Ron CF H 503
Cindy incidentally H11634(fb)    
Cindy incidentally 68314    
Cindy, Cindy H21381    
Cindy, oh Cindy 26391 Barron, Bob s
Cindy's cryin' H12560    
Cinerama Holiday 15660 Gould, Harold cf1074
Cinnamon 102622    
Cinnamon 108617    
Cinnamon 67469    
Cinnamon cake 59264(ov)    
Cinnamon cake 80580    
Cinnamon girl H24148 Young, Neil CF H 558
Cinnamon girl H24243 Young, Neil CF H 562
Cinnamon girl H11635(fb)    
Cinnamon sinner 98844    
Cinquantaine, La (Air in ancient style) 18459 Marie, Gabriel cf1100
Cinquantaine, La (golden anniversary--Gabriel-Marie 52947(o)    
Cinquantaine, La (golden anniversary--Gabriel-Marie) 46870    
Cinquantaine, La (golden anniversary--Gabriel-Marie) 45187    
Cinquantaine, La (golden anniversary--Gabriel-Marie) 60659    
Cinquantaine, La (The golden wedding) 17931 Gabriel-Marie cf1086
Cinquantaine, La (The Golden Wedding) 228 Gabriel-Marie s
Cinquieme concerto 55392    
Cinquieme waltz (fifth waltz) 55447    
Circle 88043(p)    
Circle H33524 Brickell, Edie [et al] CF H1113
Circle H33838 Chapin, Harry CF H1129
Circle dance (Brazilian children's song) 70185    
Circle for a landing 101958    
Circle game, The H20232    
Circle game, The 81590    
Circle game, The 75739    
Circle game, The H27924 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Circle game, The 56285    
Circle is small, The H35406 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Circle is small, The H20150    
Circle of steel H35407 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Circle of steel 75940    
Circle song, The H12454    
Circles H26771 Harrison, George CF H 696
Circles 59985    
Circles 102336    
Circles of dawn H32273 Roth, Zeno CF H1046
Circumstances H22189    
Circus H18537    
Circus clown, The 110977    
Circus pony, The 18432 Cobb, Hazel cf1099
Circus song 108545    
Ciribirbin 19995   cf120, fb4
Ciribiribin H9783(o)    
Ciribiribin 54075    
Ciribiribin 106653    
Ciribiribin 116363    
Ciribiribin 17876 Pestalozza, A. cf1084
Ciribiribin 109655    
Ciribiribin 24365 Cole, W. Edward cf170
Ciribiribin 42409 Pestalozza, A. cf347
Ciribiribin 74395    
Ciribiribin 48464(fb)    
Ciribiribin 17868 Pestalozza, A. cf1083
Ciribiribin 52792    
Ciribiribin 92078    
Ciribiribin 56665    
Ciribiribin 44325    
Ciribiribin H4615(band)    
Ciribiribin 84415    
Ciribiribin 117312    
Ciribiribin 92931    
Ciribiribin H15688(fb)    
Ciribiribin 118964    
Ciribiribin H7813(p)    
Ciribiribin 30359 Pestalozza, A. cf86
Ciribiribin 49880    
Ciribiribin 46938    
Ciribiribin 105587(a)    
Ciribiribin 87437    
Ciribiribin 219 Pestalozza, A. s
Ciribiribin 104795(s)    
Ciribiribin H36864(fb)    
Ciribiribin (Italy) 43685 Pestalozza, A. cf380
Ciribiribin (neapolation love song) 39054 Pestalozza, A. s
Cirrus minor H21124    
Cisco kid, The 99697    
Cisco kid, The 74493    
Cisco kid, The 85684    
Cissy strut 46530    
Citadel 86048    
Cite quadrilles, La 111832    
Cities are burning, The 89690(s)    
Cities service march 17854 Bourdon, Rosario cf1083
City H20329    
C-I-T-Y H33618 Cafferty, John CF H1122
City blues, The 58956    
City boy blues H28093 Sixx, Nikki [et al] CF H 772
City called heaven 96479(s)    
City called heaven 106037    
City in the sky H3699?    
City lights H2751(fb)    
City lights 102123(fb)    
City lights H19136    
City lights (from The act) H28927 Kander, John CF H 835
City limit H34356 Dunn, Holly [et al] CF H1161
City mouse and country mouse 86124    
City Mouse, Country Mouse 15661 Hague, Albert cf1074
City of dreams 95845(s)    
City of God, how broad and far 28909 Calkin, John B. cf115
City of New Orleans H29614 Goodman, Steve CF H 876
City of New Orleans 109020    
City of New Orleans H29542 Goodman, Steve CF H 873
City of New Orleans 73380    
City of New Orleans H10152    
City of New Orleans 81826(s)    
City of New Orleans 89565    
City of New Orleans 102773    
City of the angels H19823    
City of the angels H31797 Hues, Jack CF H1018
City rat and the country rat 105697    
City's burning H19346    
Ciudad santa, La (canto sagrado; sacred city) 57622    
Ciudad santa, La (canto sagrado; sacred city) 56566    
Civil rights juba 103850    
Civilization 57477    
Civilization 27411 Hillard, Bob cf217, fb9
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 71759    
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 43812    
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 106702    
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 15099 Hilliard, Bob cf151
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 91969    
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) 47940(fb)    
Civilization (bongo, bongo, bongo) (from Angel in the wings) H6324(fb)    
Claim thou thine own 96549(s)    
Clair 58148    
Clair 57613    
Clair H4501    
Clair de lune 85823(g)    
Clair de lune 114838    
Clair de lune 70375    
Clair de lune 92932    
Clair de lune 71891    
Clair de lune 32245   cf224
Clair de lune 115278    
Clair de lune 106458    
Clair de lune 43417 Debussy, Claude cf390
Clair de lune (in bound book--Thome op.112) 55560    
Clair de lune (moonbeams)(one liner) 48031(fb)    
Clair de lune (one liner) 48465(fb)    
Clair de lune (op.46 no.2--Faure) 108299    
Clair de lune (Saint-Saens) 108319    
Claire de lune (Debussy) H36865(fb)    
Clang of the forge 109656    
Clang of the forge, the 36538 Rodney, Paul s
Clanking spurs 101999    
Clap for the wolfman 99698    
Clap hands song (Chiapanecas) 54755    
Clap hands song (clap hands! here comes Charley!) 90132    
Clap hands song (Mexican--clap pat-clap slap) 44047    
Clap hands song (while there's music there's romance) 54777    
Clap hands song (while there's music there's romance) 54811    
Clap hands song (while there's music there's romance) 73940    
Clap hands! Here comes Charley! H11636(fb)    
Clap yo' hands 26234   cf183
Clap yo' hands (from Oh Kay) 104844(s)    
Clap yo' hands (from Oh Kay) 102486    
Clap yo' hands (from Oh Kay) 102472    
Clap yo' hands (from Oh Kay) 116367    
Clap yo' hands (from Oh, Kay!) H26548 Gershwin, George CF H 684
Clap yo' hands (from Oh, Kay) H29957 Gershwin, George CF H 895
Clap yo' hands (from Oh, Kay) H34680 Gershwin, George CF H1185
Clap yo' hands (from Oh, Kay) H11637(fb)    
Clap, The H19622    
Clapping song, The (clap pat clap slap) H23308 Chase, Lincoln CF H 520
Clare 47386(a)    
Clarel Sevillano 113879    
Clarice H32602 Beckley, Gerry CF H1069
Clariner polka 28338   cf220, fb10
Clarinet concerto (2nd movt.) H19614h    
Clarinet marmalade 94238    
Clarinet polka 106459    
Clarinet polka 60660    
Clarinet polka 48269(fb)    
Clarinet Polka 209 Krachtus, John arr. s
Clarinet polka 24182   s
Clarinet polka 105588(a)    
Clarinet polka 15070 Elsnic, Joseph P. arr. cf134
Clarion call, The 94112    
Clarion now sounds to the field, The 111963    
Clasical gas 16907 Williams, Mason cf1076, fb2
Class (from Chicago) H16559    
Class (from Chicago) 96761    
Class colors 18257 Berger, Leon cf1094
Class of '57, The H22817 Reid, Don & Reid, Harold CF H 497
Class reunion H29895 Morris, Craig & Henry, Don CF H 890
Class song at parting 109657    
Classic rag (mandolin) 113165    
Classical gas 102863(s)    
Classical gas 73381    
Classical gas H4220    
Classical gas 59585    
Classical gas 98465    
Classical gas 58050    
Classical gas 89566    
Classical gas H15111    
Classical gas 42533 Williams, Mason cf355
Classical gas 40224 Williams, Mason s
Classical gas H15111A(g)    
Classical gas 104588    
Classical gas 67790    
Classical lesson, A 36660 London, Marc cf281
Claude Allen 99057    
Claudette H30234 Orbison, Roy CF H 901
Claudette H28153 Orbison, Roy CF H 778
Claudette H34495 Orbison, Roy CF H1171
Claudia H36171   CF H1277
Clay idol 60585    
Clay pipe, The 87909(p)    
Clayton's grand march 40252 Blake, Charles D. cf325
Clayton's grand march (1870) 100321(s)(p)    
Clayton's grand march (1870) 104910(s)    
Clayton's grand march (1870) 109897    
Clayton's grand march (1870)(old) 85394    
Clean cut kid H26053 Dylan, Bob CF H 652
Clean heart H36156   CF H1276
Clean money H18460    
Clean o H12239    
Clean up time H27508 Lennon, John CF H 739
Clean up woman 72055    
Clean up woman 59444    
Cleanin' women (from Working) H24000 Grant, Micki CF H 555
Cleano H28609 Guthrie, Woody CF H 809
Cleanse me 28910   cf115
Cleansing wave, the 28911 Knapp, Mrs. Joseph S. cf115
Cleanup time H27485 Lennon, John CF H 738
Clear blue skies H34127 Nash, Graham CF H1148
Clear cool pond 105698    
Clear sailing H31187 McIan, Peter [et al] CF H 981
Clear the track 26513   cf212
Clear the track H11267    
Clef club no.1 H21710    
Clef club no.2 H21712    
Cleft for me 111864    
Clementine H3949(s)    
Clementine H12971(fb)    
Clementine 24503   cf219, fb8
Clementine H36866(fb)    
Clementine 32249   cf224
Clementine (from New Orleans) 115364    
Clementine (from New Orleans) 106338    
Clementine (minstrel show)(not oh my darling) 116354    
Clementine (oh my darling) 86125    
Clementine (oh my darling) 85905    
Clementine (oh my darling) 112015    
Clementine (oh my darling) 73002    
Clementine (oh my darling) 75600    
Clementine (oh my darling) 44563(bsq)    
Clementine (oh my darling)(speed) 90263    
Cleopatra 15521 Whitefield, Bernard cf167
Cleopatra rag 91687    
Cleopatra rag 83936    
Cleopha 91688    
Cleopha 83901    
Cleopha 72157(p)    
Cleopha 83937    
Cleopha (march & two step) 87286(p)    
Click go the shears 26525   cf212
Click go the shears H12972(fb)    
Click go the shears, boys 73003    
Climate, The 54425    
Climax rag 83938    
Climax rag 93792    
Climax rag 91689    
Climb every mountain 88228    
Climb every mountain 76863    
Climb every mountain 91841    
Climb every mountain 89324    
Climb ev'ry mountain H36867(fb)    
Climb Ev'ry Mountain 14246 Rodgers, Richard s
Climb ev'ry mountain 36646 Rodgers, Richard cf279
Climb ev'ry mountain 43107 Rogers, Richard cf333
Climb ev'ry mountain 17086   cf1076, fb2
Climb ev'ry mountain 42618 Rodgers, Richard s
Climb Ev'ry Mountain 16562 Rodgers, Richard cf1074
Climb ev'ry mountain (from The sound of music) H6325(fb)    
Climb ev'ry mountian 28041 Rodgers, Richard cf220, fb10
Climb Up the Mountain 16563 Porter, Cole cf1074
Climb up, ye chillun, climb 47111(a)    
Climb up, you children 24859 Hansen, B. cf219, fb8
Climb up, you children H12973(fb)    
Climber's lullaby 103920    
Climbing one rocky mountain (G.& S.) 81961    
Climbing one rocky mountain (G.& S.) 81877    
Climbing one rocky mountain (G.& S.) 97952    
Climbing over rocky mountain 32386 Sullivan, Arthur S. cf225
Climbing up the golden stairs 30498 traditional cf86
Climbing up the golden stairs 110019    
Climbing up the golden stairs 54076    
Climbing up the golden stairs 46847    
Climbing up the golden stairs 117593(sqd)    
Climbing up the golden stairs 92079    
Cling to me 119262    
Cling-a-ling 110101    
Clinging to a thread (, Two people) H3411    
Clinging vine 73941    
Cloche, La (Saint-Saens) 108318    
Cloches de Flandre, Les 1601 Kochs, Paul s
Cloches, Les (no.2 of deux romances--Debussy) 108289    
Clochette 111720    
Clochette 87677    
Clochette 97286    
Clochettes, Les (morning bells)(Morgenglockchen) 55562    
Clock strikes ten H25244 Nielsen, Rick CF H 609
Clock, The 70186    
Clock, The 70278    
Clopin-clopant (comme ci, comme ca) 55203    
Clopin-clopant (comme ci, comme ca) 53455    
Close 15664 Porter, Cole cf1074
Close action H25568 Big Country CF H 623
Close as Pages in a Book 15665 Romberg, Sigmund cf1074
Close as pages in a book 22228 Romberg, S. cf88, fb6
Close as pages in a book 89325    
Close as pages in a book 21115   cf129, fb5
Close as Pages in a Book 16327 Romberg, Sigmund cf1075, fb1
Close as pages in a book 23182   cf119, fb7
Close as pages in a book 24177 Romberg, Sigmund s
Close dem windows 103851    
Close encounters of the third kind, Theme from H4140(s)    
Close encounters of the third kind, Theme from H14177    
Close encounters of the third kind, Theme from (from Close encounters) H32021 Williams, John CF H1030
Close enough H35635 Mellencamp, John CF H1233
Close enough H25551 Mellencamp, John Cougar CF H 621
Close enough H24855 Buchanan, Robbie CF H 591
Close enough to perfect H28988 Chambers, Carl CF H 837
Close the door 48032(fb)    
Close the door (T.Pendergrass) H22699    
Close those eyes my babe and sleep 36575 Tragman, J. Richard s
Close to Me 156 De Rose, Peter s
Close to the borderline H27088 Joel, Billy CF H 717
Close to thee 28912 Vail, Silas J. cf115
Close to you 19999 Hoffman cf120, fb4
Close to you 53387    
Close to you 102387    
Close to you H32107 Wolf, Kate CF H1035
Close to you 67137    
Close to you 22229 Hoffman cf88, fb6
Close to you 53687    
Close to you 73557    
Close to you 73821    
Close to you 67337    
Close to you 76025    
Close to you 76410    
Close to you 67659    
Close to you 67791    
Close to you 74494    
Close to you 76938(fb)    
Close to you 74248    
Close to you 56524    
Close to you 59162    
Close to you 98466    
Close to you 59539    
Close to you 15185 Hoffmanm, Al. cf155
Close to you 58051    
Close to you 57917    
Close to you 72460    
Close to you 81815    
Close to you 80699    
Close to you 53764    
Close to you 46464(s)    
Close to you 80333    
Close to you 80257    
Close to you 80177    
Close to you (, They long to be) H4191    
Close to you (, They long to be) H36868(fb)    
Close to you (, They long to be) H19498    
Close to you (, They long to be) H25074 Bacharach, Burt CF H 600
Close to you (, They long to be) 56209    
Close to you (, They long to be) H3901    
Close to you (They long to be) 17013 Bacharach, Burt cf1076, fb2
Close together 110102    
Close your eyes 94239    
Close your eyes 54719    
Close your eyes 28339   cf220, fb10
Close your eyes 44099    
Close your eyes 76606    
Close your eyes 87059    
Close your eyes 72461    
Close your eyes, Lena darling 88863    
Closer and closer and closer (from The little prince) H6326(fb)    
Closer I get to you H5047(s)    
Closer than a brother 60341    
Closer than a brother 70439    
Closer than a kiss 27412 Van Heusen, James cf217, fb9
Closer to my heart H30565 Pearcy, Stephen & Crosby, R CF H 934
Closer to the heart H22184    
Closer to the heart H22225    
Closer to the heart H36119   CF H1274
Closer to the heart H22251    
Closer to your love H19696    
Closer you get, The H24389 Pennington, James P. & Gray, M CF H 571
Closing time H33821 Cash, Rosanne CF H1128
Closing time H35520 Lovett, Lyle CF H1223
Clothes line ballet H3318(p)    
Clothes line ballet 118954(p)    
Clothes line saga 115981    
Cloud nine H34938 Harrison, George CF H1196
Cloudbusting H33607 Bush, Kate CF H1121
Clouds 72056    
Clouds 102536(o)    
Clouds 47466    
Clouds H34295 Donaldson, Walter CF H1160
Clouds H17756    
Clouds 49401(c)    
Clouds 18547   cf1102
Clouds in the west 58957    
Clouds will soon roll by, The 61557    
Clouds will soon roll by, The (from Pennies from heaven) H21068    
Cloudy H22454    
Cloudy 68264    
Cloudy summer afternoon 41601 Edmunson, Travis cf233
Clover blossom blues 115440    
Clover blossoms 46002(s)    
Clown music 105919    
Clown, The 107296(s)(p)    
Clown, The H33145 Carson, Wayne [et al] CF H1097
Clown, The H23386 Carson, Wayne [et al] CF H 525
Clown, The H33208 Carson, Wayne [et al] CF H1100
Clowning the blues away 95612    
Clowns (from Barnum--orchestra) H33081 Coleman, Cy CF H1092
Clowntime is over H18435    
Clubland H25510 Costello, Elvis CF H 619
Cluck old hen H12455    
Cluck, old hen 107753    
Clyde H18123    
Clyde H19741    
C'mon Marianne 103504    
Coal black mammy 115475    
Coal miner's child, The 38265   cf283
Coal miner's daughter H32891 Lynn, Loretta CF H1083
Coal tattoo 101718    
Coal tattoo 99516    
Coalhouse and Sarah H21705    
Coalhouse's prayer H21717    
Coal-train robberies H34090 Mac Manus, D.P.A. CF H1145
Coast artillery marching song (roarious) 47693    
Coast artillery song 43713    
Coast artillery song 47694    
Coast of California 26295 Guard, Dave cf213
Coast of Colorado, The H34519 Ewing, Skip & Barnes, Max D CF H1172
Coast of Peru 103921    
Coast to coast H34481 Tempest, Joey [et al] CF H1170
Coast to coast H30797 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 954
Coast to coast H30813 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 955
Coastin' 59750    
Coastline H24225 Young, Neil CF H 560
Coasts of high Barbary, The 32290   cf224
Coasts of high Barbary, The H516    
Coat of many colors H11438    
Coat of many colors 102124(fb)    
Coat of many colors 85138    
Coat of many colors H19272    
Coat of many colors H2752(fb)    
Coat of many colors 86917    
Coax me 90020    
Coax me 84088    
Coax me H12974(fb)    
Coax me a little bit 21116   cf129, fb5
Coax me a little bit 23183   cf119, fb7
Coaxing the piano H25417 Confrey, Zez CF H 618
Cobbler, Friend! 38719   cf300
Co-ca-che-lunk 113080    
Co-ca-che-lunk 30064 traditional cf86
Cocaine H18285    
Cocaine H33993 Cale, J.J. CF H1141
Cocaine H18124    
Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue 94348    
Cocaine blues H12344    
Cocaine Charlie H17741    
Cocaine done killed my baby 107622    
Cock o' the north 73004    
Cock of the north H12975(fb)    
Cock Robin and Jenny wren 116981    
Cock-a-doodle-doo 95927(s)    
Cock-a-doodle-doo 95927A(s)    
Cockatoo H22783    
Cockatoo H22795    
Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai, The 87151    
Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai, The 116397    
Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai, The 43934    
Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai, The 115222    
Cockeyed optimist, A 89443    
Cockeyed optimist, A 88229    
Cock-Eyed Optimist, A 15667 Rodgers, Richard cf1074
Cock-eyed optimist, A (from South pacific) H6327(fb)    
Cockles and mussels H12976(fb)    
Cockles and mussels 32218 Irish Folk Song cf224
Cockles and mussels 15427   cf166
Cockles and mussels 24512   cf219, fb8
Cockles and Mussels 30314 traditional cf86
Cockles and mussels H4092(bn)    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 115682(bsq)    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 105699    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 85906    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 93439    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 90266(s)    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 105822    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 45849(m)    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 73005    
Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone, sweet Molly Malone) 98382    
Cocktail of flowers 96536(s)    
Cocktails for two H9921    
Cocktails for two 80436    
Cocktails for two 37929 Johnston, Arthur cf293
Cocktails for two 37705   cf292
Cocktails for two 59301(ov)    
Cocktails for two 38373 Johnston, Arthur cf295
Cocktails for two 20000   cf120, fb4
Cocktails for two 80617    
Cocktails for two 76411    
Cocktails for two 116745    
Cocktails for two H5884    
Cocktails for two 81299    
Cocktails for two 41397 Johnston, Arthur cf232
Cocktails for two 22230 Johnston cf88, fb6
Cocktails for two H4221    
Cocktails for two 74096    
Cocktails for two 37588 Johnston, Arthur cf291
Cocktails for two H5113(fb)    
Cocktails for two 16574 Johnston, Arthur cf1075, fb1
Cocktails for two 14650 Johnston, Arthur cf147
Cocktails for two 71299    
Cocktails for two (spl.arr.) 92940    
Coco 15666 Previn, Andre cf1074
Coco 108934    
Coco don't H28833 Kaye, Peter & O'Byrne, Nan CF H 828
Coco loco, El (so so bad) (from Who's that girl) H29152 Mundi, Coati CF H 849
Cocoanut grove 36715   cf282, fb12
Cocoanut grove H4222    
Cocoanut grove 105389    
Cocoanut grove 28527   cf221, fb11
Cocoanut grove 42664 Owens, Harry cf241
Cocoanut grove (from Cocoanut grove) H6328(fb)    
Cocoanut sweet 27413 Arlen, Harold cf217, fb9
Cocoanut sweet (from Jamaica) H6329(fb)    
Cocoanut sweet (from Jamaica) H32773 Arlen, Harold CF H1078
Coconito (little turkey) H4978    
Coconito (little turkey) 54779    
Coconut telegraph H18107    
Coconut telegraph H24898 Buffett, Jimmy CF H 594
Cod liver oil H12287    
Code of silence H28803 Joel, Billy CF H 825
Cod'ine H12505    
Cod-liver oil H12977(fb)    
Cod-liver oil 89124    
Cod-liver oil 75601    
Cody stampede, The 56523    
Coe loyalty (Coe College) 103319    
Co-ed, The 115116    
Co-ed, The 98166    
Coffee blues 107615    
Coffee break (from How to succeed...) H27619 Loesser, Frank CF H 746
Coffee for three 113895    
Coffee in the morning and kisses in the night 71152    
Coffee song, The 21117   cf129, fb5
Coffee song, The 23184   cf119, fb7
Coffee song, The (they've got an awful lot pf coffee in Brazil 39087 Hilliard, Bob s
Coffee time 20001   cf120, fb4
Coffee time H36485   CF H1298
Coin, The 112458    
Coke is it! H25391 Redington, Ginny CF H 616
Cola miner's daughter 58173    
Cola miner's daughter 59163    
Cola miner's daughter 67839    
Cola miner's daughter 86913    
Cola owner and the pitman's wife H12504    
C-O-L-B-Y (Colby College) 47543    
Cold and lonely room, A 41602 Blair, Hal cf233
Cold and lonesome 110103    
Cold as Christmas (in the middle of the year) H27162 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 719
Cold as ice 108323    
Cold as ice H14325    
Cold as ice 109201    
Cold as ice H34790 Jones, Mick & Gramm, Lou CF H1189
Cold as ice H16915    
Cold blue steel and sweet fire 114655    
Cold cold ground H31770 Waits, Tom CF H1017
Cold cold heart 23185 Williams, Hank cf119, fb7
Cold cold heart 21118 Williams, Hank cf129, fb5
Cold dark and yesterday H26740 Oates, John CF H 694
Cold day in July H27453 Leigh, Richard CF H 736
Cold love H23107 Bellotte, Pete [et al] CF H 512
Cold on the shoulder H20151    
Cold on the shoulder H35408 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Cold stone blues 59751    
Cold turkey 59398    
Cold turkey H27510 Lennon, John CF H 739
Cold turkey 46200    
Cold turkey 46640    
Cold turkey 96785    
Cold turkey 85733    
Cold war H18657    
Cold water H12978(fb)    
Cold wind blows, A H7382(fb)    
Cold wind in August H28022 Van Morrison CF H 767
Cold wind to Valhala H36419   CF H1293
Cold, cold heart 12042A(s)    
Cold, cold heart 49238    
Cold, cold heart H23729 Williams, Hank Jr CF H 543
Cold, cold heart H987(s)    
Cold, cold heart 91553    
Cold, cold heart 86857    
Cold, cold heart 114570    
Cold, cold heart 12042 Williams, Hank s
Cold, cold heart H15122    
Coldest day H27712 McPherson, Graham [et al] CF H 748
Coldest day of my life, The 104708    
Cold-hearted H32747 Wolff, Elliot CF H1076
Coldwater morning H25865 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Coldwater morning 56286    
Cole Younger H12979(fb)    
Colgate fight song, The (Colgate U.) 99749    
Colgate fight song, The (Colgate University) 41274 Hubbard, F. M. cf231
Coliseum waltzes (Strauss) 45082    
Collector man blues 58958    
Collector, The 108349    
Colleen Bawn 30334 traditional cf86
Colleen Bawn (mandolin) 113493    
College days 30543 Frantzen, Henry cf87
College hornpipe 14999   cf142
College hornpipe (sailor's) 117594(sqd)    
College hornpipe (sailor's) 108187(o)    
College hornpipe (sailor's) 45083(m)    
College hornpipe (sailor's) 52684(o)    
College life (march) 109898    
College march 106616    
College rhythm 23186   cf119, fb7
College Rhythm 15668 Gordon, Mack cf1074
College rhythm 21119   cf129, fb5
College rhythm (from College rhythm) H6330(fb)    
College swing (from College swing) H6331(fb)    
College swing (from College swing) H25010 Carmichael, Hoagy CF H 598
College years H9619(ov)    
Collegiate 67297    
Collegiate 288 Jaffe, Moe s
Collegiate 22231 Jaffe cf88, fb6
Collegiate 24044 Jaffe cf119, fb7
Collegiate 54344    
Collegiate 117944    
Collegiate 106375    
Collegiate 21120 Jaffe-Bonx cf129, fb5
Collegiate days 111200    
Collier laddie, The 26533   cf212
Colombe, La 99530    
Colombe, La (the dove) H12472    
Colonel Bogey 28528 Alford, Kenneth J. cf221, fb11
Colonel bogey 43228 Alford, Kenneth J. s
Colonel bogey march 14146 Alford, Kenneth J. s
Color him father 104687    
Color him father 87223    
Color him father 107789    
Color him father 71691    
Color him father 102746    
Color him father 45579    
Color him father 45659    
Color my world 98467    
Color my world 58052    
Color my world H13879    
Color my world 59986    
Color my world 103623    
Color my world 110692    
Color my world 80738    
Color my world 67654    
Color my world 57178    
Color my world 58330    
Color my world 56861    
Color my world 67338    
Color my world 99564    
Color my world 55201    
Color my world 80237    
Color my world 74179    
Color my world 102127(fb)    
Color my world 76412    
Color my world 76608    
Color my world 723??    
Color my world 89567    
Color my world 72462    
Color my world 73558    
Color my world 57865    
Color my world 81757    
Color my world (Chicago) 16909 Parkow, James cf1076, fb2
Colorado 76607    
Colorado H6101    
Colorado H16160    
Colorado H16739    
Colorado 103150(o)    
Colorado 104567    
Colorado memories H8963    
Colorado Memories 92 Hill, Billy s
Colorado stars 45733    
Colorado trail 88640    
Colorado trail, The 26586   cf212
Colorado trail, The H12980(fb)    
Colorful 27414 Strouse, Charles cf217, fb9
Colorful (from Golden boy) 69008    
Colors I'm going to paint the town 110389    
Colors of my life, The (from Barnum) H33073 Coleman, Cy CF H1092
Colors of my life, The (reprise from Barnum) H33092 Coleman, Cy CF H1092
Colour my world H16280(s)(ov)    
Colour my world 76939(fb)    
Colour my world H2755(fb)    
Colour my world H4343    
Colour my world (from Chicago) (from Ballet for a girl in Buchannon) H29731 Pankow, James CF H 880
Colour of love, The H35850   CF H1251
Colours H12506    
Colt .45 15270 Hopper, Hal cf157
Colt .45 H4536    
Colt .45 114985    
Colt .45 70877    
Columbia 87518    
Columbia H12981(fb)    
Columbia (anthem) 30473 Herbert, Victor cf86
Columbia gem of the ocean H9048    
Columbia rag 53198    
Columbia the land of the brave 89909    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 88864    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 46809    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 93890    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 111561    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 54077    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 89909    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 87605    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 87679    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 36525    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 111375    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 87519    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 30470 Becket, Thomas cf86
Columbia, gem of the ocean 52793    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 41805 Shaw, David T. cf345
Columbia, gem of the ocean 84313    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 54426    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 111138    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 109658    
Columbia, gem of the ocean 56666    
Columbia, gem of the ocean (speed) 90267    
Columbia, gem of the ocean (three in one (medley)) 40283 Klarmann, Honora cf325
Columbia, God preserve the free 41804 Haydn, Joseph cf345
Columbia, God preserve thee 87678    
Columbia, the gem of the ocean H36869(fb)    
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean 18233.1 Beckert, T. A. cf1092
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean 18203.6 Becket, Thos. cf1091
Columbia, the gem of the ocean H10723    
Columbus stockade 24519 Henske, Judy cf219, fb8
Combat 42665 Rosenman, Leonard cf241
Combat 41806 Rosenman, Leonard cf345
Combination H17289    
Combination march (1896) 83939    
Combination march (1896) 91690    
Combination march (1896) 87279(p)    
Come a little bit closer 57030    
Come a long way H30851 Kerr, James [et al] CF H 958
Come after breakfast 116672    
Come again 75827    
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 103922(m)    
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 26365   cf214
Come all ye fair and tender ladies H11084(m)    
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 26567   cf212
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 24521   cf219, fb8
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 73006(m)    
Come all ye fair and tender ladies H12982(fb)    
Come all ye fair and tender ladies 48033(fb)    
Come all ye fair and tender maidens 53829    
Come all ye fair and tender maidens 99437    
Come all ye faithful (adeste fidelis) H10661    
Come all ye good fellers 49717    
Come all ye jolly shepherds (when the kye come hae) 38792 Hogg, James cf301
Come all you solemncholly folk 110336    
Come all you worthy christian men H596?    
Come all you young and handsome girls H12288    
Come all you young companions H12983(fb)    
Come along Julie 24522 Stewart, John cf219, fb8
Come Along with Me 15669 Porter, Cole cf1074
Come and cuddle me 49093    
Come and cuddle me 55879    
Come and enjoy life 93930    
Come and fill this empty house 41895 Shuman, Earl cf346
Come and get it 115775    
Come and get it 85734    
Come and get it 96786    
Come and get it 46699    
Come and get it 17532 McCartney, Paul cf1079
Come and get it (Bad finger) 16910 McCartney cf1076, fb2
Come and get it (from The idolmaker) H35051 Barry, Jeff CF H1202
Come and get me H7383(fb)    
Come and get your love 86028    
Come and get your love 73643    
Come and go with me to that land 101771    
Come and go with me to that land H11020    
Come and hold me (from Fanny) 109559    
Come and join the gay mazurka (hejze daleg do mazura) 41764 Stojowski, Sigismond cf236
Come and kiss me, says the birdie 111862    
Come and let me look into your eyes H18538    
Come and stay with me 107179    
Come and tripit (Handel) 105969    
Come a-wandering with me (from The gay life) H34760 Dietz, Howard & Schwartz, A CF H1186
Come back 25037 Fragson cf172
Come back 25037    
Come back H26514 Wolf, Peter & Justman, Seth CF H 681
Come back (when you can stay forever) H26495 Waters, Chris [et al] CF H 680
Come back as a flower H23856 Wonder, Stevie CF H 551
Come back baby 58402    
Come back baby H18164    
Come back Charleston blue H11638(fb)    
Come back home H25290 Cochran, Hank [et al] CF H 613
Come back my love 83742    
Come back Paddy Reilly 48747    
Come back Paddy Reilly 48638(fb)    
Come back to Erin H12984(fb)    
Come back to Erin 105956    
Come back to Erin 54078    
Come back to Erin 18205 Barnard, C. cf1091
Come back to Erin 15016 Claribel cf152
Come back to Erin 92080    
Come back to Erin 42042 Claribel cf343
Come back to Erin 109659    
Come back to Erin 47400    
Come back to Erin 52794    
Come back to Erin 73007    
Come back to Erin 46897    
Come back to Erin 117313    
Come back to Erin 87681    
Come back to Erin 84089    
Come back to Erin 44890    
Come back to Erin 72248    
Come back to Erin 118965    
Come back to me 30137 Williams, Alfred cf86
Come Back to Me 15670 Lane, Burton cf1074
Come back to me H28186 Parton, Dolly CF H 781
Come back to me (from On a clear day (you can see forever)) H6332(fb)    
Come back to me (from On a clear day you can see forever) H27412 Lane, Burton CF H 733
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 114676    
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 41695    
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 59164    
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 41546    
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 108935    
Come back to me (tarna a me)(look these up) 86373    
Come back to me my love 28529 Goulet, Robert cf221, fb11
Come back to me, my love 42623 Marini, Marion cf240
Come back to Sorrento 20002 de Curtis, Ernesto cf120, fb4
Come Back to Sorrento 16325   cf1075, fb1
Come back to Sorrento 17866 De Curtis cf1083
Come Back to Sorrento 14759 Hansen, Bill cf141
Come back to Sorrento H4829    
Come back to Sorrento H36870(fb)    
Come back to Sorrento H15689(fb)    
Come back to Sorrento 24366 De Curtis, Ernesto cf170
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 85907    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 48270(fb)    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) H6102    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 56667    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 60661    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 72839    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 42881 De Curtis, G. B. s
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 106654    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 52941    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 88394    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 39202 De Curtis, Ernesto s
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) 105589(a)    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Sorriento) (speed) 90268    
Come back to Sorrento (torna a Surriento) 14903 De Curtis, Ernesto s
Come back villette 109359(s)    
Come back with the same look in your eyes H30980 Lloyd Webber, Andrew CF H 968
Come birdie come 118374    
Come blow your horn 36716 Van Heusen, James cf282, fb12
Come blow your horn (from Come blow your horn) H33641 Van Heusen, James CF H1123
Come clean H28130 O'Dowd, George [et al] CF H 775
Come closer to me 110659    
Come closer to me 28440   cf220, fb10
Come closer to me 37150 Farres, Osvaldo cf282, fb12
Come closer to me 89964    
Come closer to me 22232 Farres, O. cf88, fb6
Come closer to me 20003   cf120, fb4
Come dance with me H24925 Van Heusen, James CF H 595
Come dance with me H33642 Van Heusen, James CF H1123
Come dance with me 15186 Van Heusen, James cf155
Come dance with me (Dick Liebert) 28530 Liebert, Dick cf221, fb11
Come dance with me (Jim Van Heusen) 28531 Van Heusen, James cf221, fb11
Come down 80841    
Come down easy H27303 King, Carole & Stern, Toni CF H 730
Come down in time 76073    
Come down to kew 57697    
Come down, ma evenin' star 83462    
Come down, ma evenin' star (1912) 96129(s)    
Come down, my evening star 24856 Smith, R. cf219, fb8
Come early mornin' H23696 McDill, Bob CF H 542
Come elfin maids 111777    
Come fellows (round) 94104    
Come fill up your glasses H11195    
Come fly with me 28365   cf220, fb10
Come fly with me H33643 Van Heusen, James CF H1123
Come fly with me H24711 Van Heusen, James CF H 587
Come fly with me H24926 Van Heusen, James CF H 595
Come fly with me 15187 Van Heusen, James cf155
Come fly with me 36717 Van Heusen, James cf282, fb12
Come follow H36871(fb)    
Come follow the band (drum tag from Barnum) H33088 Coleman, Cy CF H1092
Come follow the band (from Barnum) H33087 Coleman, Cy CF H1092
Come forward here, every rapscallion 87522    
Come friends who plough the sea (from The pirate movie) H21176    
Come get to this H26470 Gaye, Marvin CF H 679
Come get to this 75686    
Come gie's a sang the lady cried (Tullochgorum) 38831 Skinner, John cf301
Come go with me 81661    
Come go with me 57840    
Come go with me 76026    
Come go with me H17495    
Come go with me 57748    
Come go with me if you're ready 108837    
Come haste to the wedding 45084    
Come haste to the wedding 87904(p)    
Come here Lord 80842    
Come here my love 109506    
Come hither look 96688(s)    
Come hither, ye children 24175   s
Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire 28913 Dykes, John B. cf115
Come holy spirit 39148 Ashford, E. L. s
Come holy spirit 87682    
Come holy spirit 111376    
Come Holy Spirit, God and lord 28916   cf115
Come Holy Spirit, heavenly dove 28917 Dykes, John B. cf115
Come home (Dave Clark five/D.Clark & M.Smith) H22605    
Come home (from Allegro) H32530 Rodgers, Richard CF H1064
Come home at close of day 38245 Harline, Leigh s
Come home baby 37589 Mann, Barry cf291
Come home for the winter 108472    
Come home wild Jill 103923    
Come home with me now (father, dear father) H4874    
Come home with me now (father, dear father) H4874    
Come home, father 87523    
Come home, father 70906    
Come home, father 116222    
Come home, father H12987(fb)    
Come in 112016    
Come in from the night H33940 Gaitsch, Bruce & Champlin, B CF H1136
Come in from the rain H3700?    
Come in from the rain H29165 Sager, Carole B. &Manchester,M CF H 851
Come in from the rain 107490    
Come in out of the pain H36667 Myers, Frank J.& Perimmer, Don CF H1310
Come in, stranger 114613    
Come in, stranger 86589    
Come into my life H36535   CF H1299
Come into my life H17177    
Come into the garden Maud 30425 Balfe, Michael William cf86
Come join the band (Stanford University) 41275 Ellerbeck, Aurania cf231
Come Josephine in my flying machine 61589    
Come Josephine in my flying machine H5395    
Come kiss me love H7384(fb)    
Come landlord fill the flowing bowl 73008    
Come le rose (like April's roses) 58484    
Come let me make your love come down H32158 Wonder, Stevie CF H1036
Come let us be gay 93959    
Come let us to the bagpipes sound 54427    
Come let's sing a merry round 112951    
Come live with me H9674    
Come live with me H33874 Bryant, Boudleaux & Bryant, F CF H1131
Come live with me 104892(s)    
Come live with me H18165    
Come live with me H23387 Bryant, Boudleaux & Bryant, F CF H 525
Come live with me 38038 Previn, Andre s
Come live your life with me 70376    
Come live your life with me (from The godfather) H6333(fb)    
Come live your life with me (Godfather waltz) 74180    
Come Monday H24899 Buffett, Jimmy CF H 594
Come Monday 110693    
Come Monday H33572 Buffett, Jimmy CF H1118
Come Monday 85589    
Come my little son H11196    
Come my lovely maiden 111776    
Come now let us be merry 84665    
Come now, all ye social pow'rs H12989(fb)    
Come now, all ye social pow'rs 87524    
Come o my love H12990(fb)    
Come o'er the stream Charlie 38757 Hogg, James cf301
Come off the ice 36591 Culiar, Thomas P. s
Come on along with ABC H25392 Gari, Frank & Schroeck, Arthur CF H 616
Come on baby 71223    
Come on baby let's go downtown H24169 Young, Neil & Whitten, Danny CF H 559
Come on back to me H20618    
Come on down to my boat 57058    
Come on down to my boat 38932 Farrell, Wes cf304
Come on down to my boat (come and take a ride in my boat) 42333 Farrell, Wes cf352
Come on down to tinkle-town 104903(s)    
Come on Eileen H29862 Rowland, Kevin [et al] CF H 888
Come on Eileen H28955 Rowland, Kevin [et al] CF H 836
Come on in H28989 Clark, Michael CF H 837
Come On In 15671 Porter, Cole cf1074
Come on in H29905 Clark, Michael CF H 891
Come on in (you did the best you could do) H29896 Giles, Rick & Green, George CF H 890
Come on little angel H32655 Maresca, Ernest & Bogdani, Tom CF H1071
Come on over H20968    
Come on over to the L & N side 104150    
Come on papa H5075(s)    
Come on phone 72356    
Come on Queenie 57031    
Come on spark plug 42883 Rose, Billy s
Come on to Nashville 47907(s)    
Come on, come on H26857 Idol, Billy & Stevens, Steve CF H 701
Come on, let's go 41603 Valens, Ritchie cf233
Come on, let's go (from La bamba) H33029 Valens, Ritchie CF H1089
Come on, react 102663    
Come on, react 108618    
Come on, The 86318    
Come on, The (come on, Eph) 93802    
Come On-A My House 17484 Bagdasarian, Ross cf1077, fb3
Come on-a my house H5554    
Come on-a my house 24998 Bagdasarian, Ross cf173
Come on-a my house 53725    
Come on-a my house 68068    
Come on-a my house 55202    
Come out come out wherever you are 21121   cf129, fb5
Come out come out wherever you are 23187   cf119, fb7
Come out, come out, wherever you are (from Step lively) H36267 Styne, Jule CF H1283
Come out, come out, wherever you are (from Step lively) H33644 Styne, Jule CF H1123
Come over on the sunny side 112407    
Come pass one happy day with us 111779    
Come Play Wiz Me 15672 Sondheim, Stephen cf1074
Come porti i capelli 41722 Giardina, Salvatore cf235
Come prima 86038    
Come prima 37332 Panzeri, Mario cf288
Come prima 107102    
Come rain or come shine 93060    
Come rain or come shine H36872(fb)    
Come rain or come shine 20004 Arlen, H. cf120, fb4
Come rain or come shine H17068    
Come rain or come shine H27832 Arlen, Harold CF H 758
Come rain or come shine 89444    
Come rain or come shine 22234 Arlen, H. cf88, fb6
Come rain or come shine 81300    
Come rain or come shine H20745    
Come Rain or Come Shine 15673 Arlen, Harold cf1074
Come rain or come shine (from For the boys) H36688 Arlen, Harold CF H1311
Come rain or come shine (from St. Louis woman) H32774 Arlen, Harold CF H1078
Come rain or come shine (from St. Louis woman) H6334(fb)    
Come right in, sit right down, make yourself at home 44564(bsq)    
Come round and hear the gramophone 49078    
Come running (come running to me) H28005 Van Morrison CF H 766
Come running (come running to me) H28023 Van Morrison CF H 767
Come running back 38933 Glasser, Dick cf304
Come sail away H31225 DeYoung, Dennis CF H 984
Come Saturday morning 74161    
Come Saturday morning H15690(fb)    
Come Saturday morning 76940(fb)    
Come Saturday morning 80273    
Come Saturday morning 81301    
Come Saturday morning 72463    
Come Saturday morning 81758    
Come Saturday morning 46679    
Come Saturday morning 73559    
Come Saturday morning 104546    
Come Saturday morning 16914 Karlin, Fred cf1076, fb2
Come Saturday morning 108997    
Come Saturday morning 46201    
Come Saturday morning 103624    
Come Saturday morning 53765    
Come Saturday morning 67655    
Come Saturday morning 67339    
Come Saturday morning (from Sterile cuckoo) 57205    
Come Saturday morning (from The sterile cuckoo) H6335(fb)    
Come Saturday morning (sheet music) 45972(s)    
Come see about me H20877    
Come see about me H35770 Twitty, Conway CF H1242
Come see about me 99826    
Come September (Theme) 56076    
Come share my love H14093    
Come share my love 107015    
Come soon 102000    
Come summer 83547    
Come summer (from Come summer) H6336(fb)    
Come sundown 56613    
Come sundown 85492    
Come sundown 81470    
Come sundown 57516    
Come take our boy 111778    
Come thou almighty God 52837    
Come thou almighty God 43022 Giardini, Felice cf386
Come thou almighty God 88866    
Come thou almighty king 87683    
Come thou almighty king 97083    
Come thou almighty king 116982    
Come thou almighty king 54429    
Come thou almighty king 18281    
Come thou almighty king 109662    
Come thou long expected Jesus 29594 Prichard, Rowland H. cf115
Come Thursday 36718 Henderson, Skitch cf282, fb12
Come to baby, do! 53487    
Come to baby, do! H5555    
Come to baby, do! 53726    
Come to baby, do! 68069    
Come to baby, do! 24999 James, Inez cf173
Come to me H16740    
Come to me H35596 McFerrin, Bobby CF H1230
Come to me - bend to me 37706   cf292
Come to me, bend to me 76785    
Come to me, bend to me 37389 Leowe, Frederick cf289
Come to me, bend to me 32650 Loewe, Frederick cf239
Come to me, bend to me 48639(fb)    
Come to me, bend to me 48748    
Come to me, bend to me 23188   cf119, fb7
Come to me, bend to me 42663 Lerner, Alan Jay cf241
Come to me, bend to me (from Brigadoon) 53276    
Come to me, bend to me (strings) H9396    
Come to me-bend to me 21122   cf129, fb5
Come to me--bend to me H36873(fb)    
Come to Milton Keynes H31209 Weller, Paul CF H 983
Come to my aid H30857 Hucknall, Mick & McIntyre, F CF H 959
Come to my aid H30867 Hucknall, Mick & McIntyre, F CF H 960
Come to the fair 104895(s)    
Come to the Mardi Gras 22235 Bulhoes, M. cf88, fb6
Come to the Mardi Gras (Nao Tenho Lagrimas) 20005 Bulhoes, M. cf120, fb4
Come to the sea 26428(s)    
Come to the sea 88398    
Come to the sea H36874(fb)    
Come to the sea (vieni sul mar) H6103    
Come to the shamrock home 44298    
Come to the sunshine 37590 Parks, Van Dyke cf291
Come together 85735    
Come together H17290    
Come together H17900    
Come together H17348    
Come together 115776    
Come together 46263    
Come together 46280    
Come together 46653    
Come together 45547    
Come together 17533 Lennon, John cf1079
Come together 96787    
Come touch the sun 59586    
Come touch the sun 80196    
Come touch the sun (from Butch Cassidy & the sundance kid) 57197    
Come touch the sun (from Easy rider) 46671    
Come under my plaidie 87906(p)    
Come under my plaidie 38772 Mac Gill, John cf301
Come unto him (Gounod) 104892(s)    
Come unto him (Gounod) 111563    
Come unto him (Gounod) 85111    
Come unto me ye weary 28926 Hullah, John cf115
Come up to kool 104151    
Come upstairs H21870    
Come what may H24343 Weil, Cynthia & Snow, Tom CF H 570
Come what may 102867(s)    
Come what may 71001    
Come what may H21382    
Come where my love lies dreaming 105841    
Come where my love lies dreaming 30255 Foster, Stephen cf86
Come where my love lies dreaming 32537 Foster, Stephen cf227
Come where my love lies dreaming 98640    
Come where my love lies dreaming 116294    
Come where my love lies dreaming 85072    
Come where my love lies dreaming 18282 Foster, Stephen C. cf1095
Come where my love lies dreaming 109594(s)    
Come where my love lies dreaming 106816    
Come where the blue bells ring 104832(s)    
Come with me H19742    
Come with me my honey H3313    
Come with thy lute 84314    
Come with thy lute 88867    
Come ye disconsolate 47179(a)    
Come ye disconsolate 87684    
Come ye saints 24504   cf219, fb8
Come ye sinners 28929 Owen, Wm. cf115
Come ye thankful people 18283 Elvey, George J. cf1095
Come you, here, laddie 93898    
Come, all ye children H10463    
Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis) 18206.4 traditional cf1091
Come, all ye shepherds H10464    
Come, all ye shepherds 104131    
Come, aurora 105700    
Come, brave men 87520    
Come, Christians, join to sing 28914   cf115
Come, come ye saints H12985(fb)    
Come, come ye saints (all is well) 87497    
Come, come, come (To the land of the beautiful sunshine) 17699 McNeal, Happy s
Come, come, ye saints 28921   cf115
Come, fellow workers 32317   cf224
Come, fetch yo' baby home 118348    
Come, fill up your glass 107902    
Come, follow me H12986(fb)    
Come, follow to the greenwood tree 43116   cf334
Come, for it's June 84992    
Come, good wind H10724    
Come, hasten, ye shepherds H10570    
Come, holy ghost, creator blessed 29492   cf115
Come, Josephine in my flying machine H5972    
Come, Josephine in my flying machine 22233 Fischer, F. cf88, fb6
Come, Josephine in my flying machine (up she goes!) 42841 Fisher, Fred cf383
Come, Josephine in my flying machine (up she goes!) 43663a Fisher, Fred cf378
Come, Josephine, in my flying machine 106376    
Come, landlord fill the following bowl H12988(fb)    
Come, landlord, fill the flowing bowl 30125 traditional cf86
Come, landlord, fill the flowing bowl H10022    
Come, lasses and lads 93908    
Come, lasses and lads 105701    
Come, let's be merry 100224    
Come, listen to my story 69814    
Come, little fishes 116311    
Come, love we God H16116    
Come, my little son 107871    
Come, my soul 54428    
Come, my soul, thou must be waking 111377    
Come, my soul, thou must be waking 28918 Haydn, Franz J. cf115
Come, my soul, thou must be waking 109660    
Come, my soul, thy suit prepare 28915 Malan, Henri A. C. cf115
Come, o come thou quickening spirit 28920   cf115
Come, o thou king of kings 28919   cf115
Come, rock the cradle for him 69815    
Come, see the place where Jesus lay 29548 Isaak, Heinrich cf115
Come, shipmates! Fill your glasses 24500   cf219, fb8
Come, sound his praise 109661    
Come, sweet death (Bach) 84850    
Come, sweet death (Bach) 106119    
Come, thou almighty king H15691(fb)    
Come, thou almighty king 28923 di Giardini, Felice cf115
Come, thou fount of every blessing 28924 Wyeth, John cf115
Come, thou glorious day of promise 28925 Smyth, A. C. cf115
Come, tune your heart 69816    
Come, we that love the Lord 109663    
Come, we that love the lord 28922 Lowry, Robert cf115
Come, we who love the lord 28927 Williams, Aaron cf115
Come, ye blessed 114906(p)    
Come, ye children of the Lord 93963    
Come, ye disconsolate H15692(fb)    
Come, ye disconsolate 28928 Webbe, Samuel cf115
Come, ye faithful 29547 Sullivan, Arthur S. cf115
Come, ye faithful people 18234(p)   cf1092
Come, ye lofty 69817    
Come, ye lofty 29595 Elvey, Georg cf115
Come, ye thankful people come 29573 Elvey, George J. cf115
Come, ye thankful people, come 54431    
Come, ye thankful people, come 109664    
Come, ye thankful people, come 52838    
Come, ye thankful people, come 96997    
Comeallye and gobackagain H7385(fb)    
Comedian's galop 16150(s)    
Comedian's galop 106460    
Comedians, The H35866   CF H1253
Comedy tonight 88460    
Comedy Tonight 15674 Sondheim, Stephen cf1074
Comedy tonight 72274    
Comedy tonight 57517    
Comedy tonight (from A funny thing happened on the way to the forum) H6337(fb)    
Comedy tonight (from Funny thing happened...) H36075   CF H1270
Comes a time H24244 Young, Neil CF H 562
Comes a time H24202 Young, Neil CF H 559
Comes a time H24149 Young, Neil CF H 558
Comes and goes H28438 Fogelberg, Daniel CF H 798
Comes love 107324(s)    
Comes love 103226(s)    
Comes love 28532   cf221, fb11
Comes love (prof.copy) 96720(s)    
Comes Once in a Lifetime 15675 Sondheim, Stephen cf1074
Comes once in a lifetime (from Subways are for sleeping) H36268 Styne, Jule CF H1283
Comes the broken flower 81962    
Comes the night (Carol's theme) 38221 Goldsmith, Jerry s
Comfort you 109503    
Comfort, comfort ye, my people 29596   cf115
Comfortable life, The (Scholl's Sandals) H19929    
Comfortably numb H21168    
Comfortably numb H30195 Waters, Roger & Gilmour, David CF H 917
Comic darey music 105918    
Comic, The 46733    
Comical ditty, A 115572    
Comin' apart 56287    
Comin' apart 75817    
Comin' apart at every nail H24226 Young, Neil CF H 560
Comin' back to Texas H19593    
Comin' back to Texas H29562 Threadgill, Kenneth [et al] CF H 875
Comin' from the mountains 86095    
Comin' from the mountains (Wherever we may go) 26296 Stewart, John cf213
Comin' home H25829 Diamond, Neil CF H 640
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 56522    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 102805    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 103204(s)    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 106895    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 43714    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 44409    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer H4580    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer 56522A    
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer H894(s)    
Comin' in the back door 76324    
Comin' in the back door 74084    
Comin' on too strong 42702 Usher, Gary cf242
Comin' round the mountain 117617(sqd)    
Comin' 'round the mountian 24534   cf219, fb8
Comin' thro' the field 87985(p)    
Comin' thro the rye H12991(fb)    
Comin' thro' the rye 88075(p)    
Comin' thro' the rye 43418   cf390
Comin' thro' the rye H10725    
Comin' thro' the rye H4093(bn)    
Comin' thro' the rye 24367 traditional cf170
Comin thro' the rye 30280 traditional cf86
Comin' through the rye 24508   cf219, fb8
Comin' through the rye 46994    
Comin' thru the rye 45850    
Comin' thru the rye 117314    
Comin' thru the rye 89903    
Comin' thru the rye 105423    
Comin' thru the rye 92081    
Comin' thru the rye 53921    
Comin' thru the rye 84315    
Comin' thru the rye 46921    
Comin' thru the rye 46922    
Comin' thru the rye 93954    
Comin' thru the rye 117373    
Comin' thru the rye 117875    
Comin' thru the rye 47144(a)    
Comin' thru the rye 111379    
Comin' thru the rye 98276    
Comin' thru the rye 44329    
Comin' thru the rye 15428   cf166
Comin' thru the rye 73009    
Comin' thru the rye H7814(p)    
Comin' thru the rye 106815    
Comin' thru the rye 99305(p)    
Comin' thru the rye 88868    
Comin' thru the rye 54079    
Comin' thru the rye 111565    
Comin' thru the rye 54430    
Comin' thru the rye 47401    
Comin' thru the rye 52795    
Comin' thru the rye 38769    
Comin' thru the rye 87685    
Comin' thru the rye H4616(band)    
Comin' thru the rye 96122(s)    
Comin' thru the rye (speed) 90269    
Comin' under fire H25740 Clark, Steve [et al] CF H 634
Comin' under fire (guitar solo) H25759 Clark, Steve [et al] CF H 634
Cominciamo ad amarci 76941(fb)    
Coming around again H35285 Simon, Carly CF H1212
Coming down again H22022    
Coming for you H29935 Ocasek, Ric CF H 893
Coming from the ball H12507    
Coming from the mountians 24523 Stewart, John cf219, fb8
Coming home H30791 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 954
Coming home H16237(s)    
Coming home 84985    
Coming home H22378    
Coming home H30814 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 955
Coming home H30785 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 953
Coming in and out of your life H23076 Parker, Richard & Whiteside, B CF H 509
Coming in from the cold H20554    
Coming into Los Angeles 48836    
Coming king is at the door, the 28931 Belden, F. E. cf115
Coming of the roads, The 101694    
Coming of the roads, The 99519    
Coming soon H21656    
Coming thro' the rye 20006 traditional cf120, fb4
Coming up H20306    
Coming up you H33798 Ocasek, Ric CF H1126
Coming up you H33740 Ocasek, Ric CF H1125
Comme ci - comme ca 23189 Kramer cf119, fb7
Comme ci, comme ca 25038 Coquatrix, Bruno cf172
Comme ci, comme ca 25038    
Comme ci, comme ca (Clopin-clopant) 116398    
Comme ci, comme ca (Clopin-clopant) 53455    
Comme ci, comme ca (Clopin-clopant) 104318(s)    
Comme ci, comme ca (Clopin-clopant) 55203    
Comme ci, comme ca (Clopin-clopant) 87152    
Comme ci-comme samba 44049    
Comme ci-comme samba 53530    
Comme ci-comme-ca 21123 Kramer cf129, fb5
Comme la nuit (still as the night (Still wie die Nacht)) 55919    
Comme moi 70709    
Comme moi H21094    
Commencement day 36501 Churchill-Grindell cf276
Commencement song 111564    
Commercial affection 107212    
Commercial affection 86915    
Commeres, Les (gavotte-bourree) 112351    
Commissioner's report H11138    
Common bill 99058    
Common bill H36875(fb)    
Commonwealth of toil, The H12345    
Commotion 46244    
Commotion 103008    
Communication H30432 Palmer, Robert [et al] CF H 923
Communication breakdown 76112    
Communion H31263 Swing out sister CF H 988
Communion (Niedermeyer) 70549    
Communion song H732    
Como dos punales 88800    
Como dos punales 88813    
Como el alamo al camino H26968 Iglesias, Julio CF H 707
Compadre pedro Juan 37151   cf282, fb12
Compana de San Justo, La (copy) H16404(s)    
Companions, all sing loudly H10465    
Company H3701?    
Company (from Company) 57995    
Company (from Company) H6338(fb)    
Company (from Company) 58001    
Company man H31409 Taylor, James CF H 992
Company man H23211 Taylor, James CF H 517
Company way, The 81391    
Company way, The (from How to succeed...) H27620 Loesser, Frank CF H 746
Comparsa, La (Cuban processional) 54802    
Comparsa, La (Cuban processional) 76276    
Comparsita H4998    
Comparsita 105591(a)    
Comparsita, La 20327 Rodriguez, G cf120, fb4
Comparsita, La H37225(fb)    
Compas flamenco (guitar) 74310(g)    
Compass H34129 Crosby, David CF H1148
Complainin' 118938(p)    
Completely unique experience, A (Colt 45 Malt Liquor) H19889    
Complicated 86691    
Complicated girl H33054 Steele, Michael & White, David CF H1091
Complications H19073    
Compliments de Normandie, Les 55503    
Comprendo 467 Bowers, CH. D. s
Compromise H29988 Friedman, Allan J. &Bricusse,L CF H 898
Computer age H24233 Young, Neil CF H 561
Computer blue H30463 Prince [et al] CF H 926
Computer cowboy (aka Syscrusher) H24234 Young, Neil CF H 561
Computer game (theme from Circus) H17178    
Computer incantation for world peace H30422 Ponty, Jean-Luc CF H 922
Comrades 57346    
Comrades 116224    
Comrades 25087 McGlennon, Felix cf174
Comrades 42451 McGlennon, Felix cf237
Comrades 84090    
Comrades 15429 McGlennon, Felix cf166
Comrades 92294    
Comrades 116803    
Comrades H12992(fb)    
Comrades 85908    
Comrades 70907    
Comrades 45851    
Comrades 90021    
Comrades 47629    
Comrades 29829 McGlennon, Felix cf86
Comrades 104306(s)    
Comrades 93471    
Comrades 98435    
Comrades (ever since we were boys) H4875    
Comrades in the M.I.A. 94109    
Comrades, fill no glass for me 106853    
Comrades, fill no glass for me 32538 Foster, Stephen cf227
Comrades, fill no glass for me H12993(fb)    
Comrades, fill no glass for me 85073    
Comrades, fill no glass for me (S.Foster) 98641    
Comte de Luxembourg, Le (waltzes from The Count of Luxembourg--Lehar) 55581    
Con amore 114033(p)    
Con amore 18080 Beaumont, Paul cf1088
Con permiso 58473    
Con todo la ansiedad 58467    
Con. Dykeman's march (colonel?) 104896(s)    
Conception 42411 Shearing, George cf347
Concert etude H25445 Confrey, Zez CF H 618
Concert to the stars 446 Hall, Teddy s
Concert to the Stars 446a Hall, Teddy s
Concerto (theme) (Rachmaninoff) H11418    
Concerto (theme--Rachmaninoff) 45086    
Concerto (theme--Rachmaninoff) 45085    
Concerto (theme--Rachmaninoff) 48271(fb)    
Concerto Bb minor (love's melody--Tchaikovsky) 45087    
Concerto Bb minor (love's melody--Tchaikovsky) 110068    
Concerto for cootie 54634(p)    
Concerto for doghouse 113279(p)    
Concerto for two 24045 Tchaikovsky cf119, fb7
Concerto for two 22236 Tchaikovsky cf88, fb6
Concerto in A minor H15693(fb)    
Concerto in A minor (Grieg) 110062    
Concerto in A minor (Grieg) 48272(fb)    
Concerto in A minor (Schumann) 110067    
Concerto in A minor (Schumann) 59052    
Concerto in E minor (Chopin) 110060    
Concerto in E minor (Chopin--accordion) 104841(s)    
Concerto in F (Gershwin) 93862    
Concerto no.1 in Eb major (Liszt) 110063    
Concerto no.2 in C minor (Rachmaninoff) 110064    
Concerto no.2 in G minor (Saint-Saens) 110066    
Concerto no.4 in D minor (Rubinstein) 110065    
Concrete sea 102414(o)    
Concrete sea 76609    
Condemned to live 81471    
Condemned without trial 93731    
Condemned without trial 43946    
Condition of the heart H30441 Prince and the revolution CF H 924
Conditioned soul H26135 Lennox, A. & Stewart, D.A CF H 656
Conditioning H27202 Jones, Howard CF H 722
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 68292    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 87482    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 104533    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) H22458    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 53255    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 74340    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) 73648    
Condor pasa, El (if I could) H22404    
Coney Island polka H5461(p)    
Coney Island, U.S.A. 27415 Lawrence, Jack cf217, fb9
Coney Island, U.S.A. 60242    
Coney Island, U.S.A. (from I had a ball) H6339(fb)    
Coney Isle 100096    
Confess Jehovah 33224   cf251
Confessin' (that I love you) 106299    
Confession 44280    
Confession (from The band wagon) H11639(fb)    
Confession (from The band wagon) 57431    
Confession, La 70100    
Confidence 17932 Mendelssohn, Felix cf1086
Confidence (Mendelssohn) 45088    
Confidential 67470    
Confirmation H24876 Brown, Clifford CF H 592
Conflict, The H31475 Orzabal, Roland [et al] CF H 994
Conformate 58472    
Confusion H16667    
Conga H28312 Garcia, Enrique CF H 791
Conga del pilar, La 110081    
Conga pasa, La 68981    
Conga, conga 68979    
Conga, La 68975    
Congera, El (Longa) 112346    
Congoja 89067    
Congratulations H36406   CF H1292
Congratulations 73942    
Congratulations 86692    
Congratulations 68304    
Congratulations H35899   CF H1256
Congratulations 95907(s)    
Congratulations H22455    
Congratulations 100243(s)    
Connaught-man's rambles 87908(p)    
Connect up to me H29949 Ocasek, Ric CF H 894
Connecticut (Dept. of Coun.) 47695    
Connecticut (Dept. of Coun.) 43715    
Connection 86693    
Conquered (1895) 96658(s)    
Conquerors, The 41276 Steiner, Max cf231
Conquest 87525    
Conquistador 116089    
Conquistador 59924    
Conquistador 71941    
Conquistador 107143    
Conquistador 107244    
Conquistador 102415(o)    
Conscience 38469 Mann, Barry cf296
Consequenzen 118492    
Conserve ton amour! 55317    
Consider and hear me 57673    
Consider the lilies 114907(p)    
Consider the lilies 111860    
Consider the lillies of the field 29650 Topliff, R. cf115
Consider yourself 107103    
Consider yourself 37332 Bart, Lionel cf288
Consider yourself 93295    
Consider yourself 36719 Bart, Lionel cf282, fb12
Consider yourself 73644    
Consider yourself 28216   cf220, fb10
Consider yourself 74327    
Consideration H34868 Dorsey, Thomas A. CF H1192
Consideration 54824    
Consolation H7815(p)    
Consolation H12994(fb)    
Consolation 29692 Mendelssohn, Felix cf115
Consolation 17933 Liszt, Frans cf1086
Consolation (Mendelssohn) H36876(fb)    
Consolation (Mendelssohn) 111730    
Consolation (Mendelssohn) 70575    
Consolation (Mendelssohn) 52573(p)    
Consolation (Mendelssohn) 45089    
Consolation (no.2--Liszt) 70621(p)    
Consolation (no.2--Liszt) 45099    
Consolation (no.2--Liszt) 84710(p)    
Consolation (op.19 no.6) 18014 Leschetizky, Th. cf1087
Consolation (op.19 no.6--Leschetizky) 84709(p)    
Consolation (op.19 no.6--Leschetizky) 87526    
Consolation no.2 18015 Liszt, Franz cf1087
Constant lover, The 73010    
Constant lover, The H12995(fb)    
Constant rain, The (Chove chuva) 16911 Ben, Jorge cf1076, fb2
Constant rain, The (Chove chuva) 76275    
Constant rain, The (Chove chuva) 103471    
Constante (Brazilian children's song) 70187    
Constantinople 402 Carlton, Harry s
Constantinople 114704(p)    
Constantinople 71234    
Constantinople 20007   cf120, fb4
Constantinople 49022(p)    
Constantinople 109403(s)    
Constantly (from Road to Morocco) H6340(fb)    
Constantly abiding 114860(ov)    
Constitution and the guerriere, The 33225   cf251
Constitution and the guerriere, The 87527    
Contact H21206    
Contact H30367 Copeland, Stewart CF H 921
Contemplation 118458    
Contented 37334 Bestor, Don cf288
Contentedness (Kinderscenen op.15 no.5) 18139 Schumann, R. cf1089
Contentment 102001    
Contentment rag 83940    
Contentment rag 91691    
Contigo aprendi 76391    
Continental capers 102877(s)(a)    
Continental walk, The 14633 Berry, John cf146
Continental, The 22237 Conrad, C. cf88, fb6
Continental, The 20008 Conrad, C. cf120, fb4
Continental, The (El continental) H4996    
Continental, The (El continental) 68987    
Continental, The (El continental) 80437    
Continental, The (El continental) 114904(p)    
Continental, The (from The gay divorcee) 53147    
Continental, The (you kiss while you're dancing) H31278 Conrad, Con CF H 989
Continental, The (you kiss while you're dancing) H24712 Conrad, Con CF H 587
Continental, The (you kiss while you're dancing) (from The gay divorcee) H11640(fb)    
Continental, The (you kiss while you're dancing) (from The gay divorcee) H32314 Conrad, Con CF H1050
Continuing story of Bungalow Bill, The H17901    
Continuing story of Bungalow Bill, The 96788    
Continuing story of Bungalow Bill, The 85736    
Continuing story of Bungalow Bill, The 59399    
Contraste 88814    
Contrasts 87424    
Contredance in A (Mozart) 70068    
Contredance in G (Mozart) 70067    
Control H28763 Harris, James III & Lewis, T CF H 822
Control yourself 40091 Langdon, Dory cf321
Contusion H23857 Wonder, Stevie CF H 551
Contusion (Stevie Wonder) 114595    
Convent bells 111863    
Convent bells 73356    
Conversation while dancing 21124   cf129, fb5
Conversation while dancing 23190   cf119, fb7
Conversation with a cop (from Fanny) 109560    
Conversation, The H23760 Williams, Hank Jr [et al] CF H 544
Conversation, The H32000 Williams, Hank Jr. [et al] CF H1028
Conversion of King Klad-ty-ka (original) 84444    
Convict and the rose, The H29658 Nelson, Willie CF H 877
Convict song 80843    
Convicts' dream, The 56742    
Convoi du Rossignol, Le (in bound book) 55473(p)    
Convoy 99665    
Convoy 99699    
Convoy H13985    
Coo Coo U 26297 Wheat, David cf213
Coo coo U 24524 Wheat, David cf219, fb8
Coochy coo 72708    
Coo-coo bird, The 75602    
Coo-coo bird, The 100097    
Cook with fire H34956 Wilson, Ann [et al] CF H1197
Cook with honey 104452    
Cooks county H23682 Townshend, Pete CF H 541
Cool 14479.2 Bernstein, Leonard cf1262
Cool (from West side story) H36076   CF H1270
Cool (from West side story) 67579    
Cool an' green an' shady H18539    
Cool an' green an' shady 81591    
Cool blue H26145 Lennox, A. & Stewart, D.A CF H 657
Cool blue H35002 Hefti, Neal CF H1198
Cool cat H21641    
Cool change H16741    
Cool it, baby! 60588    
Cool magic H23290 Mallaber, Gary & Lewis, Kenny CF H 519
Cool magic H29393 Mallaber, Gary & Lewis, Kenny CF H 862
Cool magic H20716    
Cool running H36172   CF H1277
Cool shade of blue, A H29189 Mancini, Henry CF H 852
Cool shade of blue, A H20346    
Cool the engines H33474 Scholz, Tom & Delp, Brad CF H1109
Cool water 86590    
Cool water 54188    
Cool water 49239    
Cool water 87060    
Cool water 23191   cf119, fb7
Cool water 24861 Nolan, B. cf219, fb8
Cool water 105973    
Cool water H35717 Nolan, Bob CF H1238
Cool water 21125   cf129, fb5
Cool water 42043 Nolan, Bob cf343
Cool water 59365    
Cool water 96480(s)    
Cool zero H33119 Geraldo, Neil & Grombacher, M CF H1095
Cool, calm, collected 86694    
Cool, cool, considerate man (from 1776) 59346    
Coon band contest 55401(p)    
Coon coon coon 53200    
Coon up a tree 47495    
Coorie doon H12240    
Coot marseiltes blues 60435    
Copacabana (at the copa) H20464    
Copacabana (at the copa) 109115    
Copacabana (at the Copa) H36877(fb)    
Copacabana (at the copa) H16473    
Copacabana (at the copa) H16307    
Copacabana (at the copa) H20499    
Copacabana (at the copa) H20511    
Cope sent a letter frae Dunbar (Johnnie Cope) 38779 Skirven, Adam cf301
Copenhagen 116509    
Copenhagen 27416 Davis, Walter cf217, fb9
Copias H11139    
Coppelia (ballet in 3 acts in bound book) 55585    
Coppelia (Delibes) 45091    
Coppelia (march) 103245(p)    
Copper kettle (he took a) 53830    
Copper kettle (he took a) 99438    
Copperhead road H34386 Earle, Steve CF H1164
Coppersmith, The 60705    
Cops of the world H12561    
Coquette 106596    
Coquette 115246(o)    
Coquette H36878(fb)    
Coquette 45762    
Coquette 53054(ov)    
Coquette 95795(s)    
Coquette 87061    
Coquette 10298(s)    
Coquette H5477    
Coquette 54728    
Coquette 57406    
Coquette 16285   cf1075, fb1
Coquette H15446    
Coquette 94240    
Coquette 83808    
Coquette 105550    
Coquette 109665    
Coquette 14970 Kahn, Gus cf136
Coquette 20009   cf120, fb4
Coquette 49402(c)    
Coquette 114800    
Coquette 26140 Kahn, Gus cf203
Coquette 22238 Lombard cf88, fb6
Coquette (copy) H10298(s)(fb)    
Coquette polka 102876(s)(a)    
Co-quette waltz 23192 Berlin, Irving cf119, fb7
Co-quette waltz 21126 Berlin, Irving cf129, fb5
Coquette, La 18082 Borowski, Felix cf1088
Coquettrie 17934 Wachs, Paul cf1086
Coquettrie 18083 Wachs, Paul cf1088
Coquettry (Paul Wachs) 114054(p)    
Coqui, El H11147    
Cora dean 85074    
Coral reef H35003 Hefti, Neal CF H1198
Coral sea 15531    
Coral sea 15531 Brown, Herb cf168
Coral sea, The 54624    
Coral sea, The 49367(u)    
Corazon 99565    
Corazon H13880    
Corazon 102537(o)    
Corazon 103625    
Corazon H27304 King, Carole CF H 730
Corazon 107952    
Corazon 73382    
Corazon 89568    
Corazon herido (my wounded heart) 70747    
Corazon no llores 88744    
Corazones partidos (divided hearts) 70739    
Corcoran cadets 30523 Sousa, John Philip cf87
Corcoran cadets (Sousa) 45092    
Corcoran cadets march 30525 Sousa, John Philip cf87
Cordalia Malone 118036    
Corey's coming H33839 Chapin, Harry CF H1129
Coriemonie's rant 88086(p)    
Corina, Corinna 75959    
Corina, Corinna 115548    
Corinna H12996(fb)    
Corinna H12346    
Corinna 38266   cf283
Corinna : Corrina corrina 73011    
Corinna : Corrina corrina 48273(fb)    
Corinna blues 58959    
Corinna blues 101840    
Cork leg, the 29947 Latham cf86
Corn flakes 86039    
Corn liquor 110390    
Cornbelt symphony 17800 Simons, Nev s
Cornell 112854    
Corner of the sky 88374    
Cornerstone (let love be your foundation) H28254 Loggins, Dave & Schlitz, Don CF H 786
Cornet man 42301 Styne, Jule cf349
Cornflower blue H32108 Wolf, Kate CF H1035
Cornhusker, The (U.of Nebraska) 99750    
Cornhusker, The (University of Nebraska) 41277 Stevens, Robert W. cf231
Cornish may song 111566    
Cornish rhapsody, (theme from the) 40092 Bath, Hubert cf321
Cornish rhapsody, Theme from) 48749    
Cornish rhapsody, Theme from) 48640(fb)    
Cornstalk fiddle 38341    
Cornstalk in the storm 38742   cf300
Cornwallis country dance 33226   cf251
Coronado nights 105998    
Coronation march (Meyerbeer) 109899    
Coronation march (Meyerbeer) 45093    
Coronation waltz 99186(s)    
Corporal Clegg H21125    
Corps, The (United States Miltary Academy) 41278 Shipman, Herbert cf231
Corrido de cananea H30684 Fuentes, Ruben CF H 944
Corridor music H27748 McCartney, Paul CF H 752
Corrina, Corrina 107734    
Corrina, Corrina 98277    
Corrina, Corrina 53922    
Corrina, corrina H15694(fb)    
Corrina, Corrina H32048 Hopkins, Sam CF H1031
Cortege du Sardar 59053    
Cortege du Sardar 56668    
Cortez the killer H24179 Young, Neil CF H 559
Cortez the killer H24245 Young, Neil CF H 562
Cory, Cory 24525 Reynolds, Nick cf219, fb8
Cory, cory 26298 Splittard, Jack cf213
Cosas que tiene la vida, Las H26950 Daniel, Danny CF H 706
Cose, cose, cose 76274    
Cosher Bailey's engine H12289    
Cosher Bailey's engine 103924    
Cosi cosa 88395    
Cosmic cowboy 72057    
Cosmic messenger H21278    
Cosmic ray H18166    
Cosmic sea 104453    
Cosmics H25011 Carmichael, Hoagy CF H 598
Cossack rider, The 109666    
Cossack, The (Kozak) 106609    
Cossack, The (Kozak) 41767 Moniuszko, Stanisla cf236
Cossack's lullaby 109667    
Cost of love H20711    
Costafine town 81533    
Cottage by the moon, A 95623    
Cottage by the moon, A 95623A    
Cottage for Sale, A 15676 Robinson, Willard cf1074
Cottage for sale, A 20010 Robison, W. cf120, fb4
Cottage for sale, A 22239 Robison, W. cf88, fb6
Cottage for Sale, A 16273   cf1075, fb1
Cottage for sale, A (spl.arr.) 92939    
Cottage in the country, A (that's the thing) H34296 Donaldson, Walter CF H1160
Cotton belt boogie 96961    
Cotton bolls-two step 72146(p)    
Cotton candy H5307(fb)    
Cotton candy 42044 Damon, Russ cf343
Cotton candy 38574 Damon, Russ cf297
Cotton candy 14695 Damon, Russ cf148
Cotton candy 73943    
Cotton candy 71805    
Cotton dress 53831    
Cotton eyed Joe 24531   cf219, fb8
Cotton fields 88711    
Cotton fields 102125(fb)    
Cotton fields 56038    
Cotton fields 37335 Ledbetter, Huddie cf288
Cotton fields 109042    
Cotton fields H2753(fb)    
Cotton Jenny H35409 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Cotton Jenny 71989    
Cotton Jenny H20179    
Cotton Jenny 60461    
Cotton mill girls 24520 West, Hedy cf219, fb8
Cotton mill girls H12241    
Cotton mill man 42624 Langston, Joe cf240
Cotton mouth 115823    
Cotton-eyed Joe 89125    
Cotton-eyed Joe 108486    
Cotton-eyed Joe 88641    
Cotton-eyed Joe 103925    
Coucou, Le 52574(p)    
Could be 21127   cf129, fb5
Could be 23193   cf119, fb7
Could I 75804    
Could I 83616    
Could I 36633 Tosti, Paolo s
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H19165    
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H33146 Holyfield, Wayland & House, B CF H1097
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H33209 Holyfield, Wayland & House, B CF H1100
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H23388 Holyfield, Wayland & House,Bob CF H 525
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H23473 Holyfield, Wayland & House,Bob CF H 527
Could I have this dance (from Urban cowboy) H20726    
Could I leave you H3702?    
Could I? I certainly could H11641(fb)    
Could it be forever H16668    
Could it be I'm falling in love 68392    
Could it be I'm falling in love 72559    
Could it be I'm falling in love 100346    
Could it be I'm falling in love 76149    
Could it be I'm falling in love (The Spinners) H22700    
Could it be magic H10153    
Could it be magic H23820 Manilow, Barry & Anderson, A CF H 549
Could it be magic H13986    
Could it be magic H2754(fb)    
Could it be magic/Mandy H20502    
Could it be magic? 103505    
Could it be magic? 99700    
Could it be magic? 103626    
Could it be magic? 104512    
Could it be magic? H20458    
Could it be magic? 99566    
Could it be magic? H20512    
Could it be magic? 102126(fb)    
Could It Be You 15677 Porter, Cole cf1074
Could it be you 23194 Porter, Cole cf119, fb7
Could it be you 89260    
Could it be you 21128 Porter, Cole cf129, fb5
Could this be love H31542 Paich, David & Williams, J CF H1000
Could this be magic H31727 Van Halen, Edward [et al] CF H1014
Could this be magic? H23544 Van Halen, Edward [et al] CF H 532
Could we be magic like you (from Fame) H26222 Curreri, Lee CF H 662
Could you be loved H20555    
Could you believe in a dream H19697    
Could you use me (from Girl crazy) H34681 Gershwin, George CF H1185
Could you use me (from Girl crazy) H11642(fb)    
Couldn't hear nobody pray 54850    
Couldn't hear nobody pray H10726    
Couldn't love have picked a better place to die H21584    
Couldn't we ride (from The great muppet caper) H26646 Raposo, Joe CF H 689
Could've been somebody else H30557 Rabbitt, Eddie & Stevens, Even CF H 933
Coulter's candy 115559    
Count Every Star 17371 Coquatrix, Bruno cf1077, fb3
Count every star 76610    
Count every star 76413    
Count every star 14604 Gallop, Sammy cf146
Count every star 84026    
Count every star H5114(fb)    
Count every star 21129   cf129, fb5
Count every star 14696 Gallop, Sammy cf148
Count every star 98468    
Count every star 14838 Gallop, Sammy cf139
Count every star H9227    
Count every star 42703 Gallop, Sammy cf242
Count every star 41398 Gallop, Sammy cf232
Count every star H17496    
Count every star 23195   cf119, fb7
Count of Luxembourg, The (Selections from--Lehar--Le comte de * 55581    
Count on me H13881    
Count on me H31070 Reid, Don CF H 975
Count on me H14094    
Count the days 115439    
Count your blessing instead of sheep 98883    
Count your blessing instead of sheep 106174    
Count your blessings 23196 Berlin, Irving cf119, fb7
Count Your Blessings 15678 Porter, Cole cf1074
Count your blessings 28930 Excell, Edwin O. cf115
Count your blessings 21130 Berlin, Irving cf129, fb5
Countdown 37930 Brubeck, Dave cf293
Countdown H9226    
Countdown 42534 Brubeck, Dave cf355
Countdown H22215    
Countdown 26110 Brubeck, Dave cf188
Countdown 59587    
Countdown H22277    
Countdown to zero H32843 Wetton, John & Downes, G CF H1079
Countersigns, The 43716    
Countersigns, The 47696    
Counting down my tears H19414    
Counting every minute 34781    
Counting every minute H34781 Jones, Mick & Gramm, Lou CF H1188
Counting my memories H22818 Reid, Kim CF H 497
Counting ten 112461    
Country 59752    
Country anthem 104748    
Country blues 99059    
Country blues 41604 MacDermot, Galt cf233
Country blues H12456    
Country boy (you got your feet in L.A.) 44777(fb)    
Country boy (you got your feet in L.A.) 103506    
Country boy (you got your feet in L.A.) H13987    
Country boy can survive, A H23761 Williams, Hank Jr CF H 544
Country boy's dream 110784    
Country bumpkin H2756(fb)    
Country bumpkin 85567    
Country bumpkin 102128(fb)    
Country bumpkin H32892 Wayne, Don CF H1083
Country bumpkin H28990 Wayne, Don CF H 837
Country bumpkin 85459    
Country bumpkin H11439    
Country club 87312(p)    
Country comfort H35094 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H1205
Country comfort 81592    
Country comfort H29710 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 879
Country comfort 71990    
Country comfort H27124 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 718
Country D.J. 86833    
Country D.J. H2757(fb)    
Country D.J. 102129(fb)    
Country dance (Aubert) 114060    
Country dance (Dittersdorf) 114082    
Country dance (from Bartered bride--Smetana) 45094    
Country dance, A (Irish) 88041(p)    
Country doctor 96207(s)    
Country fair (from So dear to my heart) H6341(fb)    
Country farm blues 107617    
Country gardens 52575(p)    
Country gardens 89979    
Country gardens 48466(fb)    
Country gardens 19306(s)(p)    
Country gardens 17877   cf1084
Country gardens 109668    
Country gardens 17848   cf1083
Country gardens 14178   s
Country gardens 44321    
Country gardens 60662    
Country gardens H15695(fb)    
Country Gardens 15005   cf142
Country gardens 93913    
Country gardens 15055   cf134
Country gardens 14949 Old English Country Dance cf149
Country Gardens 24368 traditional cf170
Country gardens H7816(p)    
Country gardens 38199   s
Country gardens 14194   s
Country gardens (speed) 90271    
Country gardens (traditional) 45095    
Country gentleman H35625 Mellencamp, John CF H1232
Country girl H2758(fb)    
Country girl H11643(fb)    
Country girl 85568    
Country girl 75904    
Country girl H3529    
Country girl 75863    
Country girl H33271 Dio, Ronnie James [et al} CF H1102
Country girl 102130(fb)    
Country girl H20969    
Country girl (from Norwood) H6342(fb)    
Country girl in Paris, A H34207 Denver, John CF H1154
Country honk 86049    
Country house (from Follies, 1987) H36245 Sondheim, Stephen CF H1282
Country love H18540    
Country lullaby 85460    
Country minuet (Haydn) 70069    
Country music 105912    
Country music holiday (from Country music holiday) H6343(fb)    
Country Musician, The (Der Land Musikant) 208 Patek, Rudy s
Country pie 115919    
Country road H31342 Taylor, James CF H 991
Country road 74341    
Country road 107425    
Country road 73645    
Country road 16913 Taylor, James cf1076, fb2
Country road H16827    
Country side of life H24394 Hirsch, Maurice R. CF H 572
Country side of life H2990(fb)    
Country song H4094(bn)    
Country song H21325    
Country song H4068(bn)    
Country state of mind H32008 William, Hank Jr. & Wade, R CF H1029
Country sunshine H9697    
Country sunshine 102131(fb)    
Country sunshine 71932    
Country sunshine 76942(fb)    
Country sunshine 85685    
Country sunshine H2759(fb)    
Country waltz (Haydn) 70070    
Country wedding symphony 2nd mvmt (Carl Goldmark) 113807(p)    
Countryfied H23730 Williams, Hank Jr CF H 543
Countryfied 91554    
Country's call, The 111567    
County fair 109504    
County jail, The H7508    
Coupe de ville H36591   CF H1304
Cour di natale (the heart of Christmas) 48062(fb)    
Courage high 112952    
Courante 43329 Handel, George Frideric cf388
Courante and air (from Handel's 14th suite) 113751    
Court and spark (Joni Mitchell) 114665    
Court of the crimson king, The 116090    
Courtin' time 95794(s)    
Courting blues H7386(fb)    
Courtnay's complaint H3703?    
Courtroom, The 59165    
Courtship (basketball theme from [Olympics 1984]) H26925 James, Bob CF H 705
Cousin Jedediah 88869    
Cousin Jedediah H10727    
Cousin Kevin 76611    
Cousin Mary's letters to Cousin Henry 118478    
Cousins (theme from the Patty Duke show) 108823    
Cousins (theme from the Patty Duke show) 38683   cf298
Covenant woman H18679    
Coventry carol H16115    
Coventry carol 69818    
Coventry carol 68193    
Coventry carol 32326   cf224
Coventry carol 69944    
Coventry carol 48971    
Coventry carol 104091    
Coventry carol 46342    
Coventry carol 24804   cf219, fb8
Coventry carol 43881    
Coventry carol, The H36879(fb)    
Coventry carol, the 29597 traditional cf115
Coventry carol, The H10466    
Cover girl H35808   CF H1247
Cover me H31007 Springsteen, Bruce CF H 970
Covered wagon trail 111254    
Covered wagon, The 111255    
Cow bells and coffee beans H29190 Mancini, Henry CF H 852
Cow bells and coffee beans H20347    
Cow cow boogie 21131 Raye cf129, fb5
Coward of the county H32893 Bowling, Roger & Wheeler, B.E CF H1083
Coward of the county H20673    
Coward till the end H29040 Lennon, Julian & Clayton, J CF H 840
Cowboy and the lady, The H28991 Goldsboro, Bobby CF H 837
Cowboy and the lady, The (from The cowboy and the lady) H32315 Newman, Lionel CF H1050
Cowboy camp meetin' 86591    
Cowboy in the continental suit, The H21855    
Cowboy Jack 45852    
Cowboy Jack 30027 traditional cf86
Cowboy Jack 15430   cf166
Cowboy lay out on the prairie, A 110329    
Cowboy lullaby H12998(fb)    
Cowboy or racing music 105927    
Cowboy rides away, The H31179 Throckmorton, Sonny & Kelly, C CF H 980
Cowboy rides away, The H31154 Throckmorton, Sonny & Kelly, C CF H 979
Cowboy serenade, The 397 Hall, Rich s
Cowboy, The H7509    
Cowboy, The H12997(fb)    
Cowboy, The 98278    
Cowboys 87983(p)    
Cowboys are cowboys 45734    
Cowboys dance song 47092(a)    
Cowboy's day, A 45729    
Cowboy's delight 45732    
Cowboy's dream 47655    
Cowboy's dream 75603    
Cowboy's dream 84452    
Cowboy's dream, The 24513   cf219, fb8
Cowboy's dream, The H7510    
Cowboy's farewell 110337    
Cowboy's good-bye, The 111256    
Cowboy's heaven 56731    
Cowboy's lament H12999(fb)    
Cowboy's lament, The 33227   cf251
Cowboy's lament, The 110338    
Cowboy's lament, The H7511    
Cowboy's lament, The 47090(a)    
Cowboy's Lament, The 24835   cf219, fb8
Cowboy's lament, The 84453    
Cowboy's lament, The 106461    
Cowboy's life H13000(fb)    
Cowboy's meditation 30028 traditional cf86
Cowboy's meditation, The 84454    
Cowboy's prayer, A 26685   cf212
Cowboys to girls 102500    
Cowboys to girls 102500A    
Cowboys to girls (The intruders) H22701    
Cowboy's ways, A H28178 Parton, Dolly CF H 780
Cowboy's work is never done, A 56916    
Cowboy's Xmas ball, The 110339    
Cowboys, Theme from the (from The cowboys) H32022 Williams, John CF H1030
Cow-cow boogie 87153    
Cow-cow boogie 67264    
Cow-cow boogie 102850(s)    
Cow-cow boogie 53531    
Cow-cow boogie 23197 Raye cf119, fb7
Cow-cow boogie 116399    
Cowgirl in the sand H11644(fb)    
Cowgirl in the sand H24150 Young, Neil CF H 558
Cowgirl Pat 60121    
Cowpoke 58287    
Cowpuncher's blues 111257    
Coxie's march to the white house (old) 85408    
Coyote H27925 Mitchell, Joni CF H 762
Crab dance 107083    
Crab dance H22939 Stevens, Cat CF H 502
Crabfish, The H582?    
Crabs walk sideways 24863 Barry, J. cf219, fb8
Crabwalk H26168 Watt, Ben CF H 659
Crackerbox palace H19209    
Crackers H29266 Fleming, Kye & Morgan, Dennis CF H 853
Crackin' up H34254 McDaniel, Ellas CF H1157
Crackity Jones H35959   CF H1261
Cracklin' Rosie H19499    
Cracklin' Rosie 56288    
Cracklin' Rosie 86111    
Cracklin' Rosie 98469    
Cracklin' Rosie H16916    
Cracklin' Rosie 87468    
Cracklin' Rosie H25866 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Cracklin' Rosie 16915   cf1076, fb2
Cracklin' Rosie 53766    
Cracklin' Rosie 109084    
Cracklin' Rosie 103137(o)    
Cracks in the pavement (, I'm looking for) H26038 Duran, Duran CF H 650
Cradle hymn 114872(ov)    
Cradle song 46995    
Cradle song 18084 Hauser, Miska cf1088
Cradle song 17935 Hauser, M. cf1086
Cradle song (Chopin) 104937(s)    
Cradle song (Chopin) 105424    
Cradle song (Heller) 114221    
Cradle song (Ilyinsky) 18106    
Cradle song (Mendelssohn) 117374    
Cradle song (Mozart) 106072    
Cradle song (op.124, no. 6) 43419 Scumann, Robert cf390
Cradle song (Schubert) 106138    
Cradle song (Schubert) 10584?    
Cradle song (Schubert) 111380    
Cradle song (von Weber) 116983    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied) 106107    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 89980    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 96998    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 110020    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 54080    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 88870    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 93574    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 94014    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 99307    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 117315    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 85909    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 109669    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms) 92082    
Cradle song (Wiegenlied--Brahms--3 part) 109596(s)    
Cradle song of the blessed virgin, A 69819    
Cradled all lowly 109669    
Cradles, The 106114    
Cradle-Song (Wiegland) (op.49, no.4) 43332 Brahms, Johannes cf388
Crambambuli 111220    
Crambambuli 54942    
Cramignon (poor fly-walloon) 112302    
Crank call H26858 Idol, Billy & Stevens, Steve CF H 701
Crank me up H33584 Bullet boys & Morris, Grant CF H1119
Crash and burn H33055 Peterson, Vicki & Sweet, R CF H1091
Crash on the levee (down in the flood) 115984    
Crave, The H20862(p)    
Craving 118163    
Crawdad 88642    
Crawdad 89126    
Crawdad H11140    
Crawdad song 24505   cf219, fb8
Crawdad song, The H13001(fb)    
Crawdad song, The H36880(fb)    
Crawdad song, The 26601   cf212
Crawdad song, The 75604    
Crawdad song, The 92295    
Crawdad song, The 48034(fb)    
Crawdad song, The 53923    
Crawdad song, The 73173    
Crawdad song, The 48467(fb)    
Crawfish 74284(g)    
Crawling to the U.S.A. H18450    
Crazy 72358    
Crazy 72357    
Crazy H31244 Davies, Rick & Hodgson, Roger CF H 986
Crazy H25841 Diamond, Neil [et al] CF H 641
Crazy H35203 Nelson, Willie CF H1210
Crazy H23790 Wolf, Peter & Jonzun, Michael CF H 547
Crazy H29563 Nelson, Willie CF H 875
Crazy about ya, baby H3704?    
Crazy about ya, baby 92877    
Crazy arms 86858    
Crazy arms 72358    
Crazy arms 58174    
Crazy bone rag H5068(s)(a)    
Crazy 'cause I love you 86592    
Crazy chords (spl.arr.) 95465(s)    
Crazy country hop H25276 Oris, J. CF H 612
Crazy crazy H4173(s)(fb)    
Crazy face H28024 Van Morrison CF H 767
Crazy fingers H26634 Garcia, Jerome & Hunter,Robert CF H 688
Crazy for you (from Vision quest) H31729 Lind, Jon & Bettis, John CF H1015
Crazy for your love H34527 Pennington, J.P. & Lemaire, S CF H1173
Crazy game of love, The 93711    
Crazy he calls me H30709 Sigman, Carl CF H 945
Crazy heart 49204(a)    
Crazy heart of mine 48036(fb)    
Crazy horse 67340    
Crazy horses 76612    
Crazy horses 67656    
Crazy in the heart H31947 Wilder, Alec CF H1026
Crazy in the night (barking at airplanes) H33729 Carnes, Kim CF H1124
Crazy little thing called love H21650    
Crazy little thing called love H29863 Mercury, Freddie CF H 888
Crazy little thing called love H30502 Mercury, Freddie CF H 929
Crazy love H32403 Russell, Graham CF H1055
Crazy love H28004 Van Morrison CF H 766
Crazy love H28025 Van Morrison CF H 767
Crazy love 15188 Cahn, Sammy cf155
Crazy love H16742    
Crazy love, vol.II H30840 Simon, Paul CF H 957
Crazy mama H22012    
Crazy mama H18125    
Crazy mama H22023    
Crazy oak cakewalk 83941    
Crazy oak cakewalk 91692    
Crazy on you 103507    
Crazy on you H19356    
Crazy on you H28715 Wilson, Ann & Wilson, Nancy CF H 818
Crazy over you H36452   CF H1296
Crazy rhythm 20011 Meyer cf120, fb4
Crazy rhythm 89326    
Crazy Rhythm 16471   cf1075, fb1
Crazy rhythm H2677    
Crazy rhythm 22240 Meyer cf88, fb6
Crazy rhythm (from Here's how) H11645(fb)    
Crazy she calls me 74198    
Crazy she calls me 85686    
Crazy songs and looney tunes 108526    
Crazy train H30041 Ozbourne, Ozzy [et al] CF H 904
Crazy words--crazy tune H7624(sax)    
Crazy words--crazy tune (vo-do-de-o) H11646(fb)    
Crazy words--crazy tune (vo-do-de-o) H7601(p)    
Crazy world (from Victor/Victoria) H29191 Mancini, Henry CF H 852
Crazy world (from Victor/Victoria) H23548 Mancini, Henry CF H 533
Crazy, crazy nights H35180 Stanley, Paul & Mitchell, Adam CF H1208
Crazy? (a suitable case for treatment) H19378    
Crea mi amor 40093 Lake, Sol cf321
Crea mi amor 74285(g)    
Creaking old mill on the creek 353 Lewis, Al s
Creation dream H34007 Cockburn, Bruce CF H1142
Credimi (believe in me) 41720    
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, BEST OF (incl.fake bk arr.) H34101-118 BOOK CF H1147
Creeper, The H27953 Holland, Steve [et al] CF H 763
Creeper, The 24126 Ellington, Duke cf175
Creepin' H23858 Wonder, Stevie CF H 551
Creepin' 116016    
Creepin' in 41605 Silver, Horace cf233
Creepy feeling H20857(p)    
Creeque alley 42334 Phillips, John cf352
Creeque alley 37478 Phillips, John cf290
Creeque alley 57059    
Creole bell 110538    
Creole belle 103852    
Creole belles 85389    
Creole belles 118304    
Creole love song 117246    
Creole, La 118495    
Crepuscule (twilight, op. 42--Francis Thome) 114030(p)    
Crescent noon H25075 Carpenter, Richard CF H 600
Cresendo 84712(p)    
Cresendo 18017 Lasson, Per cf1087
Cri du coeur H21095    
Cri du coeur 70710    
Cricket and the bull frog 117595(sqd)    
Crickets in the grass 95793(s)    
Cries and whispers H28072 Davis, Martha [et al] CF H 770
Cries in the night H31854 Lawless, B. CF H1020
Crime I didn't do, The 56722    
Crime of passion H36453   CF H1296
Crime of Thomas Dula 53832    
Crimes of passion H36173   CF H1277
Criminal cried, The 32436 Sullivan, Arthur S. cf225
Criminal cried, the 30205 Sullivan, Arthur cf86
Criminal cried, The (G.&S.) 98002    
Criminal cried, The (G.&S.) 81878    
Criminal kind, The H21091    
Crimson and clover H28786 James, Tommy & Lucia, Peter CF H 824
Crimson and clover H33171 James, Tommy & Lucia, Peter CF H1098
Crimson and clover 42975 James, Tommy cf384
Crimson and clover H19806    
Crimson and clover 76027    
Crimson and clover 74495    
Crimson and clover 74199    
Crimson and clover 42994 James, Tommy cf385
Crimson and clover 87224    
Crimson and clover (Tommy James & the Shendells) H22606    
Crimson ship 72709    
Crinoline days 96241A(s)    
Crinoline days 118927    
Crinoline days 96241(s)    
Cripple creek H13002(fb)    
Cripple creek H28205 Dillard, Douglas; arr. CF H 782
Cripple creek 89127    
Cripple creek 117592(sqd)    
Cripple creek 53924    
Cripple creek 73174    
Crippled crow (from A star is born) 102955    
Crippled inside H27509 Lennon, John CF H 739
Critical mass H17291    
Critical times H30487 Charles, Jack CF H 928
Criticize H35881   CF H1255
Critic's choice H167    
Croce di oro (cross of gold) 92829    
Crocodile rock 73456    
Crocodile rock H27125 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 718
Crocodile rock 68315    
Crocodile rock H35095 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H1205
Crocodile rock H14210    
Crocodile rock 102915(s)    
Crocodile song, The 33228   cf251
Crocodiles H34428 Sergeant, Will [et al] CF H1166
Crooked cross, The 107862    
Crooked cross, The H12347    
Crooked little man 24865 Hickey, Ersel cf219, fb8
Crooked little man 37931 Hickey, Ersel cf293
Crooked little man 114995    
Crooked little man 37479 Hickey, Erse L. cf290
Crooked little man 42045 Hickey, Ersel cf343
Crooked little man 38575 Bowers, Bob cf297
Crooning 46001(s)    
Crooning 95792(s)    
Crooning 95792A(s)    
Croon-time 36583 Johnson, Chas. L. s
Croppy boy, The H12242    
Cross country boy H24491 Rodgers, Paul CF H 580
Cross of gold (croce di oro) 92829    
Cross over the bridge 98802    
Cross over the bridge H3705?    
Cross over the bridge H9819    
Cross roads (at the)(camiono de mi destino) 101807    
Cross roads (at the)(camiono de mi destino) 108546    
Cross roads (at the)(camiono de mi destino) 17789 Lecuona, Ernesto s
Cross roads (at the)(camiono de mi destino) 43023 Coats, R. Roy cf386
Cross the brazos at Waco 86876    
Cross the brazos at Waco 72359    
Cross the great divide 104898(s)    
Cross the great divide (I'll wait for you) H12702(s)    
Cross tie walker 46245    
Cross your heart 22241 Gensler, L. E. cf88, fb6
Cross your heart 20012 Gensler, L. E. cf120, fb4
Cross your heart (from Queen high) H11647(fb)    
Cross, The 105331(s)    
Cross, The H30484 Prince CF H 927
Crosscut saw H33994 Ford, R.G. CF H1141
Crosscut saw H25277 Ford, R.G CF H 612
Crossed old Jordan's stream 100098    
Crossfire H30815 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 955
Crossfire H30786 Schenker, Rudolf CF H 953
Crossing the bar 111162    
Crossing the bar 57700    
Crossing the bar 39143 Tyrrell, Erla Fink s
Crossing the bar 28932 Barnby, Sir Joseph cf115
Crossing the bar 96048(s)    
Crossing the bar 84573(s)    
Crossing the bar 109670    
Crossing the border H29615 Kristofferson, Kris CF H 876
Crossing the border H30968 Kristofferson, Kris CF H 967
Crossing the stile 104897(s)    
Crossing, The (from Big river) H33189 Miller, Roger CF H1099
Crossover (from Grease) H28548ff Jacobs, Jim & Casey, Warren CF H 806
Crossover to greased lightning (from Grease) H28548h Jacobs, Jim & Casey, Warren CF H 806
Crossover--last dance--out of high schoolhop (from Grease) H28548v Jacobs, Jim & Casey, Warren CF H 806
Crossroad blues 107614    
Crossroads H33995 Clapton, Eric CF H1141
Crossroads H35410 Lightfoot, Gordon CF H1216
Crosstown traffic 106930    
Crossword puzzle H31052 Shire, David CF H 974
Crow H28439 Fogelberg, Daniel CF H 798
Crow Jane 107620    
Crow on the cradle, The 99502    
Crow on the cradle, The H11169    
Crow song 18284   cf1095
Crow song 87687    
Crow, black chicken 100099    
Crow, The 97248    
Crowd, The H30235 Orbison, Roy & Melson, Joe CF H 901
Crown him with many crowns 28933 Elvey, George J. cf115
Crown him with many crowns 87686    
Crown him with many crowns 114846(o)    
Crowning the snow-maiden 112462    
Cruche a l'Eau, La 1634.1 Froment, Jean  
Crucifixion 54842    
Crucifixion 60558    
Crucifixus 29652 Faure, J. cf115
Cruel mother 99517    
Cruel mother, The H12508    
Cruel mother, The H517    
Cruel war is raging, The H12348    
Cruel war is raging, The 44778(fb)    
Cruel war, The H30104 Stookey, Paul & Yarrow, Peter CF H 910
Cruel war, The 73175    
Cruel war, The 53833    
Cruel war, The H13003(fb)    
Cruel war, The H11648(fb)    
Cruel war, The 68316    
Cruel war, The 103926    
Cruel war, The 101772    
Cruel youth, The H13004(fb)    
Cruise of the bigaler, The 26514   cf212
Cruiser H25171 Ocasek, Ric CF H 605
Cruiser H33741 Ocasek, Ric CF H1125
Cruisin' H17179    
Cruisin' H29835 Nugent, Ted CF H 887
Cruisin' H21909    
Cruisin' H32457 Cook, Jeff [et al] CF H1060
Cruisin' with the deuce H30488 Ross, Marv CF H 928
Cruising down the river 93374    
Cruising down the river 20013   cf120, fb4
Cruising down the river 42046 Beadell, Eily cf343
Cruising down the river H5308(fb)    
Cruising down the river 32568 Beadell, Eily s
Cruising down the river 92296    
Cruising down the river 37932 Beadell, Eily cf293
Cruising down the river 116621    
Cruising down the river 106243    
Cruising down the river H4223    
Cruising down the river H15696(fb)    
Cruising down the river 71806    
Cruising down the river 57102    
Cruising down the river 92814    
Cruising down the river H9820    
Cruising down the river 67172    
Cruising down the river 80438    
Cruising down the river 92025    
Cruising down the river 98034    
Cruising down the river 74396    
Cruising down the river (on a Sunday afternoon) H9922    
Cruising down the river (On a Sunday afternoon) 32651 Beadell, Eily cf239
Cruising down the river (on a Sunday afternoon) 37390 Beadell, Eily cf289
Cruiskeekn law, The 103927    
Cruiskeekn law, The 46907    
Cruiskeen 87984(p)    
Cruiskeen Lawn, the 30313 traditional cf86
Crumblin' down H25542 Mellencamp, John Cougar &Green CF H 620
Crumblin' down H35636 Mellencamp, John & Green, G CF H1233
Crumblin' down H25558 Mellencamp, John Cougar &Green CF H 622
Crunchy granola suite H25867 Diamond, Neil CF H 642
Crunge, The 114583    
Crunge, The 76113    
CRUSADERS H28114-121 BOOK CF H 774
Crusaders hymn 96999    
Crusaders hymn 18285    
Crusaders march, the 30524 Sousa, John Philip cf87
Crush collision march, The 91693    
Crush collision march, The 83942    
Crush on you H23964 Wonder, Stevie CF H 554
Crush on you H22770    
Crush on you H22747    
Cry H29543 Kohlman, Churchill CF H 873
Cry H36107   CF H1273
Cry 20014   cf120, fb4
Cry 49199(a)    
Cry 49187(a)    
Cry 67298    
Cry H29659 Kohlman, Churchill CF H 877
Cry 84027    
Cry 92688    
Cry 27977   cf220, fb10
Cry 17815 Kohlman, Churchill s
Cry H26112 Musker, Frank & Murphy, Garth CF H 654
Cry baby (la llorona) 48035(fb)    
Cry baby (la llorona) 54806    
Cry baby cry H17902    
Cry baby cry 96789    
Cry for me H27283 Rew, Kimberley CF H 729
Cry for the bad man H29125 Zant, Ronnie van [et al] CF H 846
Cry if you want H23683 Townshend, Pete CF H 541
Cry like a baby 41896 Penn, Dan cf346
Cry like a baby 67471    
Cry Like the Wind 15679 Styne, Jule cf1074
Cry me a river H36881(fb)    
Cry me a river H16422    
Cry me a river 23199 Hamilton, Arthur cf119, fb7
Cry me a river H12664(s)    
Cry me a river 21133 Hamilton, Arthur cf129, fb5
Cry me a river 86442    
Cry me a river H16828    
Cry myself to sleep H28909 Kennerley, Paul CF H 834
Cry of the gypsy H34274 Dokken, Don [et al] CF H1159
Cry of the wild goose H9228    
Cry of the wild goose, the 24867 Gilkyson, T. cf219, fb8
Cry of the wild goose, The H5115(fb)    
Cry of the wild goose, The 41399 Gilkyson, Terry cf232
Cry on my shoulder H36008   CF H1265
Cry to heaven H28811 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 826
Cry to me H34957 Wilson, Ann & Wilson, Nancy CF H1197
Cry tough H35974   CF H1262
Cry wolf H35844   CF H1250
Cryderville jail H11021    
CRYER & FORD H25680-689 BOOK CF H 629
Cryin' eyes H32235 Young, Neil CF H1043
Cryin' for my baby 110104    
Cryin' for the Carolines H11649(fb)    
Cryin' for the carolines 104899(s)    
Cryin' for the carolines 71233    
Cryin' for the carolines 24180 Warren, Harry s
Cryin' for the carolines 109351(s)    
Cryin' heart blues H9078    
Cryin' heart blues 86593    
Cryin' in the chapel H17025    
Cryin' in the rain H17411    
Cryin' through the night H32159 Wonder, Stevie CF H1036
Crying H17682    
Crying H29338 Orbison, Roy & Melson, Joe CF H 856
Crying H30236 Orbison, Roy & Melson, Joe CF H 901
Crying again H29906 Vanhoy, Rafe & Cook, Don CF H 891
Crying eyes H18126    
Crying for you 115459    
Crying holy H11197    
Crying in the chapel H2991(fb)    
Crying in the chapel 98767    
Crying in the chapel H21383    
Crying in the chapel 43947    
Crying in the chapel 74496    
Crying in the chapel 53411    
Crying in the chapel 23198   cf119, fb7
Crying in the chapel H36882(fb)    
Crying in the chapel 119138    
Crying in the chapel 21132   cf129, fb5
Crying in the Chapel 17477 Glenn, Artie cf1077, fb3
Crying in the chapel 57749    
Crying in the rain H19992    
Crying in the rain H31932 Coverdale, David CF H1024
Crying in the rain H31898 Coverdale, David CF H1023
Crying in the rain H36560   CF H1301
Crying in the rain H27305 King, Carole & Greenfield, H CF H 730
Crying in the rain 56039    
Crying in the rain H34496 King, Carole & Greenfield, H CF H1171
Crying in the rain 38470 Greenfield, Howard cf296
Crying my heart out over you H22544    
Crying myself to sleep 71130    
Crying overtime H35882   CF H1255
Crying shame H32109 Wolf, Kate CF H1035
Crying time H2760(fb)    
Crying time 102132(fb)    
Crying time H18167    
Crying time 76943(fb)    
Crying time 110391    
Crying time H33875 Owens, Buck CF H1131
Crying, waiting, hoping (from La bamba) H33030 Holly, Buddy CF H1089
Crystal H27163 John, Elton & Taupin, Bernie CF H 719
Crystal H19024    
Crystal ball H31226 Shaw, Tommy CF H 984
Crystal blue persuasion 42992 James, Tommy cf348
Crystal blue persuasion H28787 James, Tommy [et al] CF H 824
Crystal blue persuasion (Tommy James & the Shondells) H22607    
Crystal chandelier 72229    
Crystal fountain, The 114867(ov)    
Crystal illusions 75752    
Crystal lullaby H25076 Carpenter, Richard CF H 600
Crystal ship, The H25960 Doors, The CF H 647
Crystal silence H18379